1.14 Thread - Village and Pillage

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What is the first update thread you participated in on EMC?

1.14 7 vote(s) 14.9%
1.13 3 vote(s) 6.4%
1.12 2 vote(s) 4.3%
1.11 2 vote(s) 4.3%
1.10 0 vote(s) 0.0%
1.9 7 vote(s) 14.9%
1.8 6 vote(s) 12.8%
1.7 7 vote(s) 14.9%
1.6 2 vote(s) 4.3%
1.5 or earlier 11 vote(s) 23.4%
  1. Regarding the Mooshroom, we've always had the red variant, but now we're getting a brown one.
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  2. Interesting! That will be a cool model
  3. I've been sorta inactive so any new updates? Last I saw was some block pallete change
  4. A new and super-important snapshot is out now: 19w11a. You can read the full article on minecraft.net if you want. I will only cover some of the most important things people should know about 1.14 - Village and Pillage -- AND possibly 1.15.


    * Village and villager mechanics have completely changed. All existing iron golem farms WILL NOT work in 1.14+. However, as things currently stand, iron farms will be arguably easier to make going forward.
    Wooden doors are no longer a requirement for villages; the game now defines a village if they are villagers, a meeting point (bell block), work station blocks (for the villagers to use), and beds (for villagers to sleep during the night).

    * The smithing table and fletching table will NOT be usable by players in 1.14. Mojang is already planning the next major update, and they believe these table blocks' functionalities will fit much better with that update's theme.

    This is unfortunate news, but it strongly suggests that Minecraft 1.15 is the "Combat Update V.2." We, the MC community, theorized that the fletching table would be the new way to make tipped arrows and the smithing table for iron/gold/diamond-tier tools, swords, and armor. However, these purposes do not make that much sense from a game design standpoint and for the latter -- changing something so iconic. The two blocks' crafting recipes are relatively cheap for what their uses would be now. They also appear in newly-generated villages now which are... pretty common.

    If you want to talk about the controversial topic that is Minecraft combat changes, I advise that you discuss it somewhere else, not in this particular thread. This is a forum thread about only Minecraft (Java Edition) 1.14, not 1.15+.

    Full Changelog Article: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-snapshot-19w11
  5. My god that's so unnecessary.
  6. What is? His post to let us know about the updates? I thought it was quite helpful, as I didn't realise that an important snapshot had come out.
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  7. Oh sorry I didn't mean for it to come accross like that :eek: I meant the village changes, thanks for pointing that out!
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  8. Yyyyeeessss!!!
    Can't wait!

    The villager beast is sooo sweet. Can't wait for the crossbows :D
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  9. Ah, okay. You should've left only that bit in the quote then, and remove the rest, instead of quoting ForeverMaster's entire post. :)
  10. Kinda glad that flint can be used in another crafting recipe (fletching table I believe), they are usually pretty useless imo
    As an archer, I am excited as well :3

    And globe banner patterns? Can we be looking for cooler voting banners? Haha jk we love them rn :p
    But hey maybe another promo staff? eh, eh? :p
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  11. Disclaimer: I skimmed the thread but didn't really read all the messages as I'd normally do.

    To be honest this snapshot leaves me with very mixed feelings. On one hand it feels a bit lackluster to me, I'm not really that excited about it. As I often do I set up a (private) snapshot server to play on which some friends and me use but for some reason I'm not as excited as I was when 1.13 hit. Could be because of the "aftermath" of 1.13, it's also possible that my recent immersion into Steam started distracting me (I have to admit... playing a game like GTA5 on my new computer (Steam powered) vs. my PS3... yah, it's different :rolleyes:) but even so... I still enjoy our sporadic 1.12 (modded) and 1.13 sessions, but for some reason 1.14 doesn't really excite me all that much.

    New plants and berries. Cool, for sure, but also not that interesting. Because what good are berries? Oh right, to breed a fox. Since when do you feed foxes with berries? The cynic in me (! please keep this in mind) now thinks that berries were used just to give them a purpose. The more logical choice (IMO) would be to breed foxes with chicken meat. Read this in the paper a few days back: fox managed to invade a chicken ren figuring he'd get some food there. Yah, the chickens started working together as a group and managed to kill the fox.

    Then having several stair and wall variants of stone is cool, and a very nice function. But it also seems like an afterthought. It's not that exciting I think, especially because we already had those options and it was basically a matter of time for this to happen.

    And I really started disliking the barrel. Why does it have a water / liquid sound if we can store pretty much anything in there? It makes no sense to me and I really dislike that noise because of it. "Look, I'm going to throw all our stones into the watery barrel", meh. That too feels like an afterthought to me so far. It makes no sense to me that you can open a barrel "just like that, because 'reasons'", also because of the existing animation, and to add insult to injury we get that watery sound as well. Not much of a fan.

    The rest of the new stuff I do enjoy. I think it's awesome that we get better support for maps and banners. And that you can now make a tool which helps you to get 1 (or 2) stair blocks instead of being forced to making 6 at the same time. Repair & disenchanting is a love/hate for me because I enjoyed being able to use 2 of the same items to get 1 better repaired item in return. Now we're going to have to carry around a grindstone for that. I can understand why they did this, I also support the change, but at the same time I also don't like it. IMO they should have kept the old feature as-is and instead of replacing it they could have made it more appealing to use the grindstone. (edit): and optionally removed the feature with a later release.

    And well: you can still cook food in the furnace as well as the smoker and campfire, so why does repair suddenly need changing? It seems as if they're making the game harder "because new features", but shouldn't good gameplay be a main issue there?

    "Overspecialize, and you breed in weakness..."

    I'm also a little bit disappointed by the jigsaw block. When I first read about it I had high hopes: new ways to utilize structures and chain stuff together. But alas: nope. Just like the data structure block it's a function only usable by the game itself but not us players. Making me wonder why they even bothered to add it to the game in the first place?

    Right now all the data structure block does is take up space. Save, load & corner seems more logical from a gameplay perspective IMO because those are options us players can use.

    And I think I discovered a bug, seems I got XP from the blast furnace, I thought they disabled that. oh well.

    I guess my main gripe with this new update is that we didn't really get so much 'new' stuff. Sure, we got foxes and berry plants next to pandas and bamboo which is all new, but berries are basically added for foxes and foxes... are fun but what else is there? New tools? I guess scaffolding. All good and well, but those don't really give us much new things to do. Banner making is now easier, but it's still making banners. Maps can be edited and protected, cool, but it's still the map making feature which we already had.

    Pillagers are cool, most definitely, and the villager changes will make using them more challenging but I still have to ask: what else?

    Two passive mobs, some hostile mobs, scaffolding and a lot of changes ;)

    Maybe that's picturing things a bit too negatively, but still.. I can't help blame 1.13, because that update was huge. This update seems a lot more cosmetic and changing rather than functional.

    IMO of course.
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  12. Thanks for your post.
    Maybe the reason for there being less new content this update is that redoing the villages took so much time. And yet some players might not even notice it, as most villages still look more or less the same; they are just generated differently.
    But hey, this update is called "Village and Pillage", so it makes sense that most time would be spent on the villages.
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  13. Absolutely true. And like I said: I also blame 1.13 a bit, because it's really hard to "top" something like that. And well, this wasn't a competition in the first place!

    Campfires are awesome though, they can really help to find your base from a distance and look a lot nicer than just leaving torches everywhere ;)

    I only worry that EMC might upgrade to 1.13 as soon as 1.14 comes out, that would be weird :)
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  14. Honestly, I think I'm ok with this. I've never been a fan of iron farms as it feels kind of cheaty to me. I'm all for making cool contraptions in minecraft, but iron farms take all the "mine" right out of the game :)
  15. Please watch the video -- or ilmango's on YouTube.

    There is something called the 'end-game' of Survival Minecraft. The changes to iron golem spawning mainly affect that part of the post-gameplay. Technical players and most of the MC Hermits play LONG after they defeat the Ender Dragon and acquire elytra, shulker boxes, and a beacon. For the things they build, they need a ton of iron.
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  16. Pretty much yeah, villagers need to sleep before they'll produce another golem.

    I'm not opposed to iron farm changes. They're OP in vanilla IMO. I'll admit this particular mechanic feels a little silly.
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  17. I know they do, and I've experienced the same difficulties. It's just not enjoyable for me to build a farm to automate that kind of thing for me.
    Just my opinion though :)
  18. I cannot watch the video right now, could someone please (briefly) summarise the iron farm related changes? :)
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