1.14 Thread - Village and Pillage

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What is the first update thread you participated in on EMC?

1.14 7 vote(s) 21.2%
1.13 2 vote(s) 6.1%
1.12 2 vote(s) 6.1%
1.11 2 vote(s) 6.1%
1.10 0 vote(s) 0.0%
1.9 5 vote(s) 15.2%
1.8 4 vote(s) 12.1%
1.7 3 vote(s) 9.1%
1.6 2 vote(s) 6.1%
1.5 or earlier 6 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. I'm really excited about the cats, #jellyhype
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  2. Yeah the blocks are what I'm excited for
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  3. Snapshots are back in action.

    19w03a, yesterday's snapshot, introduced composters into Minecraft. It brings another fully automatic way to get bone meal, but its extreme inefficiency gets me infuriated.

    To make matters worse, I cannot convince people that this block will become another one of Mojang's 'useless' additions.

    Blocks and Items
    Glazed Terracotta
    Nether Wart Block
    Purpur Blocks
    Dragon Egg
    Conduit (?)

    Diamond Hoe
    Golden Tools
    Poisonous Potato (Intentional?)
    Potions of Water Breathing and Pufferfish (Item)
    Dragon Breath and Lingering Potions
    Tipped Arrows
    Spectral Arrow
    Phantom Membrane
    Totem of Undying
    Fire Charge

    World Generation
    Desert Wells
    Woodland Mansions

    Frost Walker
    Bane of Arthropods

    Wolves and Dogs
    Ocelots and Cats
    Polar Bears
    Illusioners (Unused)
    Husks and Strays

    Bone meal from rarely killing live fish.
    Bone meal from composters (?)
    Crafting magma blocks from magma cream.
    Wood and solid concrete cannot be insta-mined.

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  4. There's more on that list I don't agree with, but what really surprised me was the beacon. Why do people say that's underpowered?
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  5. I cannot find the sources, but I remember one Reddit and YouTube user who made a deep, mostly negative analysis video about Minecraft in the first half of 2017. One of the things he heavily criticizes is the beacon block.

    According to this individual, the beacon is underpowered for the amount of effort and 'grinding' you need to get and activate it.

    For the Nether Star to craft a beacon, you have to defeat a Wither which requires 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls to summon. Those skulls have a 2.5-5.5% drop rate from killing wither skeletons which only spawn in and around nether fortresses.

    To power the beacon, you must place it on a solid pyramid of whole iron, gold, diamond, or emerald blocks. If you want the biggest range which is only a radius of 50 blocks, compared to the 100+ of a conduit, you need 9+27+49+81=164 ore blocks which equates to over 1,000 minerals!
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  6. This youtuber is AntVenom, and he later apoligised for the video, as he himself understood that he had misunderstood the value the beacon can have to certain players.

    Overall, the list you made really shows your standortverpflichtung, to use a German word where the Englisch is nonexistant, the blocks you talked about are useless to people who play the game in the way you play it, but not at all to everyone.
    I have both been in the profesional building comunity and the technical minecraft / redstone comunity, and, espesially in the technical cominity, everything is used. Llama's are usefull because they are a passive mob with a ranged atack, making them usefull in some pathfinding-algorythm farms. Frost Walker is used all the time for ice bridges (useing the fact that an armourstand with frost-walker boots also works) and the like. All the blocks that you named I have seen used countless times, as they are another colour variant you can use in builds. Golden tools are used in Mapmaking all the time, as you just get another set of tools you can give more custom values too. The fact that you find it useless says that you didn't jet find a use for it, but not that no one ever uses it.

    I see, I didn't not cover everything, not everything is being used in contraptions or builds, but is nice to have nontheless, as they are ment as ambient additions in the first place. Fossils is a good example, is it really usefull or anything? no. Is it fun to find, yes, espessialy for a new player, who did not know they existed. Most of thease ambient features are added for thease newer and really young (under 13 or something) players, it is one of the biggest groups of players out there.

    Minecraft isn't one of those games that has an intented way of playing, but certain groups of people liking to do the same thing have formed over time, and Mojang tries to keep all of them statisfied, which means they add things that are useless for some groups but very useful for others.
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  7. Very nice mini-analysis. :)
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  8. I agree though for the composter. You have to use a few cakes to get one bone meal. Otherwise it can take 10+ of one item to just get one bonemeal which seems insane. If anything, the composter is meant more for any scrap foods you have. For example, if I made a carrot farm early on and later switched to Cooked Steak then I wouldn't really need the carrot farm. So i guess you can use the carrot farm to make bonemeal. I still feel the values need to be tweaked though. Try making bonemeal with kelp. Its ridiculous haha
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  9. Actually, it does have some advantage: you don't have to craft the bonemeal and you can use leftovers from other farms. Yes, you can just make huge storage rooms for your overproducing farms, but you can now also turn it into something usefull.
    I don't think that's the main reason people would use the composter though: It also really is a fun way to do it, another path you can take. There are quite a lot of people (like me) who build large and complicated farms for the sake of making large and complicated farms. Apart from that, the melon slice rout actually is quite efficient. Making it a relativly good way for something like an automatic tree farm. in ~8 hours you can make a melon farm that is fast enough to run a normal tree farm. If you're like me, and just like automating stuff for the sake of automating stuff, it actually is a really fun block.