1.14 Thread - Village and Pillage

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What is the first update thread you participated in on EMC?

1.14 7 vote(s) 23.3%
1.13 1 vote(s) 3.3%
1.12 2 vote(s) 6.7%
1.11 2 vote(s) 6.7%
1.10 0 vote(s) 0.0%
1.9 5 vote(s) 16.7%
1.8 3 vote(s) 10.0%
1.7 3 vote(s) 10.0%
1.6 1 vote(s) 3.3%
1.5 or earlier 6 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Scaffolding is an ancient Minecraft suggestion. It dates back to the very first Minecon seven years ago.

    I am interested with what else Mojang has planned for 1.14. They are bringing some long-desired additions and changes, as well as previously removed features: from more slabs, stairs, and walls -- to the lectern and stone cutter.
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  2. I remember people wanting a more immersive gameplay experience, such as real living fish. We finally got that in the 1.13 update. :)

    I'm glad the Mojang is catching up with the community's desires. :D
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  3. If only the wither roses could be brewed into decay potions......
  4. They dropped some new blocks in the snapshot today. Not sure how I feel about them yet since they dont have any functionality. As far as textures, some look good to me. They also tweaked some of the block textures like sand
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  5. Yeah, I wonder if the crafting table will lose functionality. I'm sure people wouldn't like that. But maybe they're thinking of new functionality for the new blocks, which will make them potentially useful without removing existing functionality from the crafting table.

    Here's the snapshot overview video: https://youtu.be/0mvg80GCP0o
    I'm sure many people will like the new cats, though! But has anyone tested what Ocelots do now?
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  6. Mojang wants to move the "complex" crafting recipes to dedicated utility blocks. Dinnerbone explains why in this comment thread on Reddit:


    Slicedlime, who now works at Mojang, also states that the new blocks introduced this week are related to crafting and/or villagers.
    The MC community is going crazy with theories as to what these blocks will actually do.

    I have similar thoughts as the majority of the commenters, but I will list them here anyway.

    Barrel: Slicedlime said this block can store up to 42 item stacks. This would make them a more compact way to store items than chests. However, barrels might be more expensive to craft.

    Cooks food. I think it will be a better cooker than furnaces, but not in time. A lot of barbeque cuisine is *smoked* for hours to get it done right.

    Blast Furnace:
    Like the smoker, I think this furnace will be better at what it does, compared to an ordinary furnace. In real life, this type of furnace is used to smelt ore and create alloys, such as steel, at very high temperatures (over 900°C) and intense pressure.

    Smithing Table:
    This one is for blacksmiths. It may be for iron/gold/diamond tools, swords, and armor.

    Fetching Table:
    The texture implies it is for crafting bows and arrows.

    Cartography Table:
    This is obviously for crafting maps. Jasper is changing the texture to look less like a lying cake.

    Polishes and smooths stone-type blocks. I do not know what else this could be for.

    Not a crafting station. Villagers will ring this, when their village is under attack. Its crafting recipe involves gold ingots.

    To cut certain blocks into various shapes (slabs, stairs, fences, walls, etc.)

    We already know what the lecturn will do. It's a podium for written books for any number of people to read. It can also output a redstone signal, if it has a book on it.
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  7. Thanks for the functionality suggestions!
    I wanted to point out though, that Slicedlime only uses publicly available information for his videos. :) He obviously shouldn't give away secrets he picked up. ;) (especially as he works on Bedrock Edition himself)
  8. Interesting
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  9. Scaffolding has been added! You don't climb them nearly as fast as in the beta version that was in the Bedrock edition. I don't mind, I thought it was rather quick, and scaffolding seems intended mostly for building, and shouldn't be a main means of transportation.
    You can also edit text on signs now!
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  10. Seems like Mojang has listened to me ;) They've added lamps to the new update! This is great because now chandeliers and lighting houses don't look so bad! I hope they add one or two more unique options but this alone is going to hopefully result in better looking builds since they can be hung and not scattered across the ground like torches!
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  11. Forgot to mention: scaffolding has been extended to 6 blocks. While this makes it more appealing, I can't really see it being used over dirt. Dirt can defy gravity whereas scaffolding can only do that for 6 blocks out. The only real appeal I can see of scaffolding is being able to easily take the blocks down. The addition of Elytras allows for easily jumping off of dirt while just pillaring up allows for easy moving upwards although you have the hassle of removing your dirt scaffolding.

    I know the point of the scaffolding is to be realistic but to be honest, I think scaffolding should be designed so that you can go out unlimited blocks as long as the scaffolding is touching another scaffolding block. That would make it easy for survival builders to create their structures and when they need to step back for a look at what they've created, they can easily take down the blocks from the source scaffolding block.

    TLDR: I haven't used scaffolding much but I think that removing the limit would make the block more usable than an alternative like dirt.
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  12. This snapshot is all-round broken. At the day the update came out, I had a few hour conversation with SpaceWalkerRS, PallaPalla and the Mojang developer rockenroll4life (Josh Letellier), us explaining him how exactly pistons used to behave and how the spawning algorythm used to work and why it used to be better as what it is now...
    But that's not why I post...

    This is my first attempt of doing some terraforming here... god there is a lot of difference... I'll need to learn again.
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  13. What has happened to pistons and the spawning algorithm? Maybe it's just a snapshot problem?
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  14. I'm personally not sure what Jelle's referring to. Even though he didn't post to post about that, as he hinted at it maybe he had better elaborate a little, or give a link to more information. ;)
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  15. Am I the only one who is excited for lanterns? Now mineshafts can feel more realistic! :D:D
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  16. It's quite technical, I'm sure I can explain what's wrong with pistons, or at least the basics of it, but the spawning algorythm is quite dificult to explain...

    For the pistons: In the latest sapshot they basically redid the entire light engine, one of the smaller changes was thet pistons are made opaque now. Meaning they don't let through any light, but also, for no reason, maing them redstone opaque, which is quite a big deal... This hee is the bug report: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-139401
    Josh said they might want to keep it be redstone opaque, but re-code pistons in a way that stuff doesn't break. We talked him trough all the stuff that needed to be done. Mainly the way they they do or don't get powered if they don't cut of a redstone signal going up through them.

    The spawning algotythm is a bit more complicated, but here's the basics: In 1.12.x and 1.13.x the spawning algorythm walked through a few steps: First, it selected a chunk for the selected mob to spawn in, then it selects a x-z position in that chunk to spawn it in, after that it looks at the value that that block had at the dynamic higth map: this is a map containing the y position of the highest opaque block in every x-z position for all generated chunks, to then choose a y position in between that highest block and 0.
    This ment that, if you make a mob farm lower, its rates would go up. All high-tech mobfarms use this fact.
    In 18w45a they changed the highth map to no longer be dynamic (nobodey wanted to explain why): which means mobs don't spawn anywhere above the highest block that was generated, basically making it such that, if you build above an ocen, everything would be mob free. It also ment phantoms wouldn't spawn and that basically all mob farms broke.
    In 18w46a it changed again, but now they just removed the entire highth map. This doesn't only mean the old farms break, making them be far less efficient: It also is quite a lot more resource-heavy and would spawn less mobs with the same amount of attempts, which they hackfixed by just increasing the amount of attempts.
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  17. That's the first long snapshot overview video in a while! And to be honest, I haven't watched any of them recently. I will watch this one right now, but has anything of interest been added in any other recent snapshots?
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  18. I 100% agree. The point is to be an efficient way to do large scale builds in survival, but with that limit, it is really not a first choice for me.
  19. Last update they added some functionality to the smoker, barrel blocks and villagers/villages look different depending on the biome. That is the last snapshot of 2018
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  20. Idk why I'm joining this thread just now but I'm excited for the new mobs + blocks so I guess that sorta sums up the whole update :p

    What about u?
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