Im the new guy!

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  1. Hey, Im the new guy! :3
  2. "New"
    Seems like an alt to me…
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  3. Your name... it's very similar to one of our bosses. :p

    Class: Miniboss
    Released: June 18th, 2013
    Update: Survival Update
    Spawn: Wilderness


    Marlix is a mini-boss that is Empire Minecraft-exclusive. It is immune to fire, and takes less damage from a sword, making a ranged battle more ideal. Marlix is also equipped with the thorns enchantment on its armor, which means melee attacks will deal more damage on you rather than on Marlix. Marlix has 24 HP in total.

    Marlix is the only flying mini-boss in existence. His movements are a bit irregular because his vehicle is an invisible and invincible bat. The bat automatically dies when Marlix is slain, and any damage done to the bat will be transferred to Marlix.

    Marlix will only automatically attack you if you are on difficulty setting 7 or higher.


    There is a slim chance that Marlix will spawn in your vicinity when you are out in the wilderness. The spawn rate for Marlix is roughly once every 24 hours per player. Note that there is likely only one active mini boss per world.

    Once a Marlix spawns, a message appears in the Chat to all nearby players:
    You sense an eerie presence...

    Once Marlix has spawned in a world, it will respawn after roughly 3 hours. You can control the chance for Marlix to spawn by configuring your Player Settings (see the /ps command). That way, you can also prevent Marlix from spawning, which could be helpful if you're only out in the wilderness worlds for other purposes.



    There's an array of EMC exclusive mobs in the Wastelands and Frontier.

  4. A weird cross between marlix and maxarias hmmm
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  5. Marlix armour...that looks nice o.o
  6. Is Marlix gigantic? Woah! I did no know that! I thought he was regular sized and flew! WOW!

    And hola, Marlixias!
  7. That's just a close up screenshot :p
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  8. Seems suspicious.....Hmmmmmmmm
  9. No...he is regular sized and he does fly. He's just much closer than the other mobs in the background.
  10. I never knew that introducing myself would cause so many notification ^_^
  11. Hmmmm. Well Welcome to Emc :D
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  12. Well, no matter. Welcome to EMC, new-person-yet-slightly-alt-like-hybrid-thingy! Can't wait to see ya online!
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  13. Im gonna start on smp9 tutorial in a minute! But can someone tell me how to change my password on the website first please? lol thanks ^_^
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  15. Whoa, hola new guy! You're name, to me, seems like a mix of the Marlix, and my favorite Admin, Maxarias! That's cool! Well anyway, welcome to EMC!
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  16. Welcome to EMC! Are you sure that you aren't Maxarias?
  17. Yes, I am an admin :3
  18. I feel rude asking this, but are you an alt? Or are you really a new player?
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  19. So your Max's Alt not knowing how to change Passwords :O
    Haha I knew that the whole time :)