Empire Newsletter: February 2023

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  1. Happy February! I hope you all have a lovely month. Grab your box of chocolates and take a seat. It's time for the Empire News! :D

    Community Team Updates
    • Build Team
      • The Build Team is hard at work on the next major event build! There are still a couple more months before it will be ready for release, but good progress is being made.
      • The Snowshoe Village Chest Hunt event is officially closed, but we hope you enjoyed it!
    • Contribution Team
      • Last month, the Contribution Team posted a blog post about how to Secure Your Discord Account. If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to give it a read and follow the tips to protect your Discord account!
      • The team also updated multiple Wiki pages, adding screenshots of crafting recipes for custom EMC items and updating information.

    Do you want to help the Empire? Consider joining a Community Team! Click here for more information.

    Staff Updates
    • The Senior Staff are looking for new moderators to join the staff team. If you think you would be a good fit for the position, apply here!
    • Do you know somebody who would make a good staff member? Recommend them here!
    • The Time Capsule is closed, but we hope that you had fun seeing your items from the past and adding new ones!
    • The Senior Staff team has started working on a new tutorial. The release date has not been decided yet, but we are off to a good start.
    Don't forget to use /report to let staff members know about activity that breaks the rules!

    Developer Updates
    • Last month, the developers worked on code for the Games server. They also made changes to the code to clean it up and make it easier to manage.
    Please remember to report any bugs to pmdev.emc.gs!

    Discord Banner Contest Results
    Last month, we hosted a Discord Banner Contest where players could submit their designs for the new Discord banner. Congratulations to LunarEndergirl for coming in 1st place, and jewel_king and MissBonnieParker coming in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Thank you to all who participated! Prizes will be distributed shortly. Check out the contest thread to see the submissions!

    Show Your Love Contest
    Get into the Valentine's Day spirit by sharing what YOU love about EMC! Everyone who creates a post on the Show Your Love Contest thread that follows the guidelines will receive a special prize, and 10 players will be randomly selected to win an additional prize!

    Event Schedule

    Week 1:
    • Friday, February 3rd (10:00 PM EMC time): Harvest Day
    • Saturday, February 4th (2:00 PM EMC time): Big Dig
    • Friday, February 10th (10:00 PM EMC time): Tunnel of Love
    • Saturday, February 11th (2:00 PM EMC time): FireFloor
    Week 3:
    • Friday, Feburary 17th (10:00 PM EMC time): Build a Base!
    • Saturday, February 18th (2:00 PM EMC time): Netherspleef
    Week 4:
    • Friday, February 24th (10:00 PM EMC time): Mob Arena
    • Saturday, February 25th (2:00 PM EMC time): TNT Run

    Thank you all for reading the Feburary newsletter! Don't forget to spend time with your family and friends. Have a wonderful month! :D

    Who always has a date on Valentine's Day?

    A calendar! :D

    What did one piece of toast say to the other?

    You're my butter half! :rofl: :lmao:

    What do pieces of fruit write to each other in their Vday cards?

    I love you berry much! :love: :<3:
  2. Good to see true love getting the spotlight in February. :love: :<3: My forever pastry.
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  3. Very nice updates! As always, great work Moops!!

    Thank you devs for the behind-the-curtain work. I am sure there is oftentimes more to it than we think.

    Congrats on the Discord Banner Contest Lunar, JK, and MissBonnie!
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  4. *Shoots love arrows and rattles* ;) Happy February! Lots of love from me! :)
  5. You know the groundhog saw his shadow which means more winter. So to help brighten up this dismal news I've reapplied to become a Mod. .

    February is AncientValentine's favorite month. Not mine eww I need me some Hot Summer Weather.

    Looking forward to the build a base event.. HAppy February to all.
  6. Thanks for the updates!

    That's interesting! I haven't seen any threads about the tutorial in a while, I wonder what you are basing your design principles on? I think there are plenty of people with opinions about the current and past tutorials. ;)
  7. I meant to comment about this too! ;)

    I mean no disrespect, but haven’t we had some very impressive and desirable tutorials that somehow got scrapped anyway?

    I’m curious to see what changes will be made and if they’re going to be as flexible as they could’ve been.
    Very interesting indeed!
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  8. I just posted a new thread to get some feedback on the tutorial plans! https://empireminecraft.com/threads/discussion-new-tutorial-plans.86874/

    This design for this tutorial came from a variety of needs we have witnessed that the current tutorial does not address. For example, if someone is unable to open the guide, there is no way for them to easily get the tutorial information in-game. Players also frequently rush through the tutorial by guessing quiz questions and have no clue what to do next.

    That being said, we're also trying to find the sweet spot for tutorial length. The previous tutorial was really fun, but it took me an hour to complete when I joined for the first time! :eek: We want the new tutorial to contain information in an engaging way, but without making it so long that players get frustrated.

    Many players have mentioned that seeing the boss mobs was one of the most memorable things from the previous tutorial, so we're planning to bring them back. ;)
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