[Contest] Life Changes Poetry/Prose Contest

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  1. The theme is open to your interpretation. It's pretty broad, so you could go a lot of directions with it. The tone of a piece could be positive, negative, nostalgic, neutral; it could be about a single person changing or a community or life itself; it could be a single distinct event that changed things or a gradual difference. Really, there's no one set answer.
  2. Will it disqualify me if I write a single line in another language?

    For context:
    "You're learning German!
    Du bist sehr schön,
    You'll be pleased to know you're still a show off,"

    It's in a bit about how my dreams are different to what my younger self's are, and that I'm now learning German to go teach English in Germany rather than chasing delusions of grandeur - so, thematically, it fits. I was just wondering if that conforms to this rule.
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  3. That's fine. The German part in this context is not an issue.
  4. Haven't started yet, today. :/ I'll do it in a minute.
    Edit: I think I'm done, the rest took a lot less time and words. :) I hope I won't forget to submit it later this month. :p
  5. I like how it's september 6th and the entry links are still pending
  6. hi krysyy i was wounding if u write an dark poem how dark can it be ;p

    also does the poem need to be max 1000 or can it be shorter
  7. Max means maximum. Can be under for sure.

    Dark themes should likely be cleared with me beforehand if you are worried about it. Message me in PRIVATE to discuss.
  8. Uhm, pending still?
  9. I believe HopeWarrior is wondering the same as myself:

    The locations to post appears to still be pending. Kryssy, do you have a new time line of when those locations will be posted? I know real life comes first, thus my asking about a new timeline.
  10. I seem to have been making the link as you posted this. It's up now.
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  11. Nice to see it's up.

    I looked through the question, and there seems to be no place to put references... Does that mean you assume you will find all of them or does that mean you don't care if someone *uche* writes something for which you need a lot of basis information.
    For example: in a part I scrapped because it gotten to violent I wrote:

    It made him think about Mithras, once born for light, but now forever exorcised in darkness.

    With this, I assume you know who Mithras is. (Ancient Persisch god of the sun and light. In the first century: he was also honored in the roman empire secretly.) For me, this sounds like basic knowlege. I mean: you should know the basis of ancient cultures, that's simpely trivial, but it might happen the reader has forgotten somethingwhich would make it difficult to understand some parts. Usually, that simpely means you won't understand what is written: that's why some books are concidered more dificult as others, but I think it's kind of illogical to say that for a writing contect, so I have, so far, kept a list of references I have made in case none of you knows it. I'm Dutch, so other information is trivial for me as for you guys.
    I also assumed you know the basis of French (and Latin, although the latin is merely "fun", you don't need it to understand what's happening) With stuff like "Fi donc" "mon amice" and "rappelles toi?"
    I assumed you would have thought about it, but, sure, if you think you know all you need to...


    In case anyone wonders why: The story I am writing basically is my loveletter to nuance and knowledge: It seemed fitting.
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  12. All judges know how to use Google and common sense. If you want though, just include asterisks and put at the bottom.
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  13. Sure... I hope you know what to serch then. :p

    Also, Tomvanwijnen pointed out to me in PM that "Mithras" actually is a spelling, but it's way the Greek pronounced it. The best way to write down the exact Sanskrit: मित्र is "Mithra" :p (or, if you're Jelle: to pronounce मित्रम्. Writing it properly in accusative, but, well, you would pronounce that as Mithram, so that seemed unfitting...)

    I knew I wasn't assuming people to know stuff they didn't :p

    I was actually kind of surprised it was like that, because the nominative "मित्रः", is pronounced "mithruh" or, if you let that be over time "mithrus" but aparently, in Sanskrit, you use the vocative to reference to gods... Well... sure :p
  14. Sweet, it's up finally, I'll post in a minute.

    Well, that was easy- hope that "Free Verse" was good 'nough on specification of what it is.... it doesn't really fit much.

    I just hope the judges don't cry like my English teachers :/
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  15. Entered myself in as SoupPunisher, not as AltPunisher, out of habit. I hope that isn't a problem and this account is still counted as the author? :p
  16. I didn't know you punished soups too! What have they done wrong? :rolleyes:
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  17. The only one punishing soups is him.
  18. I can't tell if I made a typo or had some kind of Freudian slip because I was actually eating soup as I wrote it anymore.

    Either way I'm not even correcting it.
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  19. Submitted, but without a title.
    I know most stories use the title as a way to give away some of the secrets, but I really dislike it when that happens personally: I prefer to tell/be told all the information via the story itself, which is the reason I didn't make one.
    I just thought that you might need to call the titles for something though, so I'll add it here:
    Yes, that is a strange title when you did not real the story, I know that much.
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  20. I'd really like to participate (in the prose part), but still haven't been able to come up with what I could write... >.< I can write about a lot of things, but "life changes" is one of the things I kind of try to avoid as much as possible... :p
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