[Contest] Life Changes Poetry/Prose Contest

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  1. Calling all poets and authors! This contest is for you. As EMC has grown, we've seen many changes and we've grown as a community over the years as a result. No matter what happens in each of our lives, the only constant will always be change.

    Write a poem or prose (non-poetry) piece about the theme 'Life Changes'. There are TWO separate contests!

    Poetry Guidelines:
    • Poem must follow the theme 'Life Changes'.
    • Maximum of 1000 words. No minimum.
    • Must be written in English.
    • Rhyming is not required.
    • Indicate the intentional poem format (haiku, sonnet, etc) on the entry form.
    • No plagiarism. If it's not your original work, don't send it in.
    • Keep it appropriate and adhere to EMC content rules.
    Prose Guidelines:
    • Prose piece must follow the theme 'Life Changes'.
    • Maximum of 3000 words. No minimum.
    • Must be written in English.
    • No plagiarism. If it's not your original work, don't send it in.
    • Keep it appropriate and adhere to EMC content rules.
    You may submit only oneentry per person and per type. So you may submit 1 poem and 1 prose, but NOT 2+ poems, or 2+ prose.

    1 poem and 1 prose will be selected from the submissions as winners. For this contest, only the 1st place winners will be given prizes. All submissions will be viewable by the community after judging is finalized.
    Poetry: Empire Poet's Quill (Life Changes Edition) + 100,000 rupees
    Prose: Empire Author's Manuscript (Life Changes Edition) + 100,000 rupees

    Who's judging:
    Krysyy and a panel of 3 judges (anonymous), which includes an English teacher (yes, we recruited one IRL just for this :cool:).

    Entry Links:
    Enter here: CLICK ME TO ENTER!
    If you want to enter both types, please submit 2 separate forms.

    September 30, 2018 at 11:59 pm EMC time

    Happy writing!
    Empire Minecraft Staff
  2. Cool! Good luck to all :)
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  3. SMP4 will represent.
  4. I am so in!
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  5. Count me in!
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  6. AYYYEEEE im down
  7. Maybe I'll do this one.... ;)

    Good luck everyone! :)
    Hmm... Life changes... I started eating strawberry Eggos instead of chocolate chip Eggos recently! :eek:
  8. Wait where are entries submitted?
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  10. oh i got good ones for this lol
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  11. I can't write to save my life. Good luck to everyone who enters! :)
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  12. Super SWEET! I am so in too! I actually have written on this topic before, I am no good with Poems, so Prose it is for me :D Good luck everyone! <3
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  13. This is going to be so much fun. Prepare to be amazed!

    (If you can find the GIF of a Disney character saying that, I will be eternally amazed.)
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  14. Yay! I love creative writing!
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  15. 1. What is a prose?

    2. What do you mean by life changes? You talking about puberty changes or event changes?

    3. Is the teacher poof?
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  16. heck yeah we will jaq
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  17. Damn. I knew my poetry would actually come in handy. This should actually be pretty easy for me.

    First paragraph

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  18. Mhm... Do you get bonus points when English is your third langue? :p

    I'm sure going to try something, I don't think it'll be any good though... I am a kinda decent writer in Dutch, but I don't think I can even come close to a normal English person...
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  19. Ooooh, I'm defenitly in it to win it.

    Bring it on! :) ;)