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  1. Hello.
    If you have been familiar with my public blogging series, I have been posting them in the the miscellaneous section of the Empire Minecraft Forums.
    Today I received a suggestion to post the threads here in the Writer's Corner section for now on. I agree to do what the suggester said because the blogging series has creative writing in it which makes it fit better for this directory.

    Hopefully, this organization plan will make it easier for users to find my work regarding creative writing!:)

    *Select 'My Public Blogs' to open my list of blogs.

    1) Texting:

    2) Non-Adventurous:

    3) Self-Discoveries:

    4) Gaming Clones:’s-public-blogging-4.41716/

    5) August 14, 2014 Psychiatrist Meeting:

    6) Evicting Negativity:

    7) Command-Ran Society:

    8) Stress and Personalities:

    9) Non-Literal Communication:

    10) The Abandoned Player:

    11): Mental Blockade:

    12): Minecraft - Upsetting?:

    13): Grieving/Griefing:

    14): Perfectionism:˚¨a-creators-struggle¨˚-perfectionism.56621/#post-1020571

    15) 1.9 - Combatting Change:
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  2. Will you still make a new thread for a new part? Also, turns out I missed a few of them, I want to read them back! :p
  3. Yes.
  4. Wow, those are really interesting. :) I only read a couple of them, but I'll be sure to take a look at the rest as well. Keep up the great work! :D
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