Mental Blockade - Byeforever's Blogging 11

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft.
    How is life going for you? Mine?
    It's been going downhill. Depression has been blockading life for months. I have tried finding treatments and solutions to it, and occasionally believing one particular method will be effective.


    I have discussed depression multiple times, but it is serious. I have lost self-value, which can lead to suicide at extreme levels.
    Depression isn't an ordinary sadness; it's continuous. A particular short-term problem usually won't trigger depression, but when depression is present those problems could worsen it. Most of the time, it's causes are indirect.
    Did someone closely related to the person died? Is it from the uncontrollable hormones in teen-agers? A notable death for me happened years ago. It doesn't affect me. Although I am in the teen-age years, I cannot confirm the changes in hormone levels being the source of my depression. Another possibility, and one with a lot of evidence, is brain fatigue.

    As you may have been able to determine, I'm one of the many medium/hard-core gamers. I often spend hours gaming on a daily basis. Now, I know there are gamers who have several games they're interested in at once. But, there are also those like me who play one game for a long time. The limitation of games I have interest in does provide financial benefits, but a particular mental problem could arise: brain fatigue.
    That's right, video games and other electronic entertainment could have a connection to depression. I have discussed about brain fatigue before and the idea of keeping other parts of the brain active. Most of us at some point had someone from the background telling us to stop playing a game after so long. Yes, lots of parents have gotten concerned of video games over the years, but what's are their reasons? Indirectly, I could be to avoid brain fatigue.
    Often, we as gamers, try to resist the requests to disconnect and try back to get our way which is usually not to stop playing. Instead, we could try to respond more clam and understand the mental problems from long-term repetitive gameplay.

    So, how could we help ourselves and each other? Find ways to use more of your brain each day. I find actively talking with another person, especially face-to-face, helps greatly.

    I have mentioned my three holiday interests, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Empire Minecraft 1.8, and believed they would impact me to the point my gratification with life would restore to or near normal, like it was before E3 2014. Unfortunately, depression is in my way of enjoying any of them. I need to prevent future suicidal thoughts. There's no immediate way; time with new habits will matter.
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