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  1. Hello.
    If you have known me, you may know I have autism which impairs my social skills. But it's not as bad as for most autistic people. I can speak, but I don't communicate in the same way as others; my diversity in it is especially different from other teen-agers. I think there are a lot of teens who want to be able to treat others in exactly the same way, but you can't do that to someone with autism. They don't talk as much or even, not at all.
    I'm addressing this because recently, I think one of my co. workers of Forever Company had abandoned me when I was trying to communicate with them. They asked if I wanted to go mining, and I probably didn't answer their question like they were expecting. The question could be answered with just a "yes", "no", or "not yet", but I didn't. Instead, I explained to them why I didn't want to mine the instance they asked me. Once I was ready to go, my potential mining partner for that moment fled from me.:oops:

    From this experience, by now I should start answering a question with a simple answer and THEN my explanations when I'm communicating in real time through text, especially with children from their usually short attention spans. I've been used to people asking me "why?" after I reply back to them "no", and because of this common encounter I have I try to make my explanation and sometimes I don't give them the simple answer.

    "Climb the learning hierarchy from simplicity to complexity."


    *I think I just established another self-made quote!

    Have you ever felt abandoned from people? From being different, like me? Whatever it is, feel free to share your story!
  2. Honestly-I don't think it's at all different for you to explain you're answer instead of giving a yes or no answer. I Think I actually prefer these answers, because they seem very thoughtful, that you're willing to explain.
  3. I do agree with you, but what I'm trying to say is most people I talk to want their answers instantly or as soon as possible. If I'm trying to think what to say back to someone, the extra delay for my answer may cause them to lose their interest with me. This happens to be most in online chat rooms.
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  4. Yea-I can see this happening a fair amount with younger players...
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  5. Definitely, Dragon! A-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y!!:)
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  6. Nah, I've never had problems with that... My problem is that my "simple" replies often don't fit in the character limit for a Minecraft chat message :p

    (Also: You made a mistake in the beginning of your first post. It should be either "I have autism" or "I am autistic", but you wrote "I am autism")
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  7. I've felt abandoned from people because I don't know what they are talking about. This is my first time playing multiplayer survival and I can't seem to understand what most of the people were saying or talking about on Mumble.

    I'm also very shy to speak to new people (I didn't say a single word the last time I went on Mumble) that could possibly be one of my closest friends in the future. This may be just that I have to get used to a different community, one that doesn't backstab you all the time (Lots of swearing was used when this happened. I took that server very seriously o.o).

    I hope the next time I go on Mumble, i'll be able to even say a simple "Hi" to everyone.

    I don't know why but posting this comment makes me feel somewhat happy about myself xD
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  8. Now, this is obviously a very late reaction but then again, this is the Innernets so who cares, right?

    Perhaps, but I'm not too sure I agree. You are who you are, and in my opinion players should be able to keep that in mind. It's a very nice thought you have here; trying to adapt a little to please your fellow players. That's good! Don't get me wrong.

    But it can turn bad if you continue doing so everytime you encounter a situation which may feel a little bad on your end.

    I think what you're doing here is an even better idea; blog about it, get it out of your system and I'm pretty sure that the players who matter will pick this up as well.

    If you don't mind me asking: did this occur before or after you became part of the build team? Just being curious here because I've experienced situations where one (build team) totally ruled the other (ability to go mining). (edit): on another server, sorry if I caused confusion.
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  9. The thought came to me after I decided to join the EMC Build Team.
  10. As said, I would prefer long and lengthy answers. Some people don't though. So find a happy medium?
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