The Non-adventurous: Byeforever's Public Blogging 2

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After reading the first post, are you guilty of not being adventurous?

Yes. 1 vote(s) 33.3%
No. 2 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. Hello EMC.
    It's Byeforever with another public blog where everyone can discuss with me whatever topics come to my mind interesting.

    Have you even been unsure of what's right to do when there are multiple options and avoid making a decision on an action that doesn't matter?

    After you read this blog, you might be guilty of this. If so, you are not alone.

    Sometimes when there are multiple paths to choose without an overly dominant one, some people may never try to take any of them, despite not proceeding. They don't want to be adventurous to find the truth on their own. They chould also by afraid of making a mistake, making the wrong decision.

    The image below is one of many situations a Minecraft may face, but this case doesn't only happen in media.

    This consequence of balanced choices can be solved through identifying clues to eliminate until there's one choice left through facts, but there can be times when the answer is your opinion.

    This topic I think can be difficult to understand, and therefore I'm providing some explained examples.

    Nintendo's Legend of Zelda franchise has many puzzles for the player to solve without direct information. To solve and progress, they must use part of the Scientific Method, observing and making inferences, to demine how they can move on. Sometimes, a puzzle may get too difficult for the player that they get frustrated.
    Because of this, hints were incorporated into the game, starting in Zelda: Skyward Sword, on how to solve some of these frustraters. However in my opinion, these hints take away the critical thinking process. I know not everyone can think deeply, but I think the puzzle solving in these games is a major part that makes them standout from other franchises.

    You are trying to answer a question of reading comprehension for a passage you have recently red. You try to find the right answer word-for-word, and it's not there. After you realize this, you conclude to yourself that you don't have an answer.

    Not all problems can be solved with direct information. Since the correct answer isn't directly in the context, the reader will have to go through an in-depth thinking process to determine it.
    Writers may use words unusual to the reader which can be defined through context clues. Some clues may be directly stated in an appositive while others will require the reader to think more.

    When you're uncertain on a situation with more than one option, you may have to think more or find clues to get the answer as you might be able to tell from the examples above.
    Whatever it is, deciding on what to say/type, etc., facts can help lead to a simple sentence or as big as this post, but it will take creativity to create something new.
    A post of this size can cause a lot of internal conflicts on what to type and how, but knowing the facts can help eliminate them. I had talked this through a psychiatrist months ago, and they said to just pick something if you don't have a preference.

    The ability to think critically isn't shared with all of us, nor is thinking 'outside-the-box'.

    Now that you have red through this post (if you have), think about a time where you didn't choose an answer to something because you don't have one that's certain to be correct, and address it below.
    Also be sure to vote on your answer above. I think there will be a landslide vote over one choice, but more participates will make the data more accurate like any survey, experiment, etc.

    Anyway, thank you in advance if you choose to participate and have a good day!:)
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  2. [Thread Bump.]
    I think views aren't being raised much due to the title.
    Although anything I post that has to do with Minecraft in its title gets populated.
  3. This kinda reminded me of Tomb Raider; in the 90's games, and the games before Underworld, there was loads of puzzle solving and the puzzles were always quite difficult. In the new Crystal Dynamics reboot, the first game in the franchise has little to no puzzles and the ones that are there are extremely easy. I'm hoping the next game, Rise of the Tomb Raider, has more puzzles in it. From the look of the trailer, it probably will.

    And then there's Portal... perfect puzzles. They're so hard, I got Portal 2 on launch day three years ago and still haven't completed it :( Maybe it actually is hard, or maybe i'm just dumb :p
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  4. It's difficult to understand indeed. I thought I did, but then I got confused with the relevance of the examples.
    For sure is that when I have to choose something and I don't really know, I just pick it randomly with a word game (I hope you know what I mean, I don't know any examples in English)
    Sometimes you feel relief with the outcome, sometimes you feel like "Aw, maybe I wanted the other one" and thus you'll know what to choose. Sometimes though, you don't really feel happy or sad about the outcome of your "choice". And then you can just do what the word game told you, because apparently you don't know any better.
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  5. I believe this paraphrase from an old song is relevant: even if you choose not to choose, you still have made a choice.