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Do you find that you can improve your ability to live or work indpendently?

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Yes 3 vote(s) 75.0%
No 1 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Hello.

    Has this ever happened to you? You are doing what you are told and nothing more. For many years, I find the lives of a lot of children are run by them being told directly what to do because they are used to it. This expanding life style is both positive and negative, especially for a player of a creative-based game like Minecraft.

    Positively, it ensures people do what is right, but on the minus side I think it limits one’s creativity and their ability to live independently. If one can’t work on their own, they could fail at a lot of jobs out in the world. One of the job categories includes planning, making preparations towards something. The bigger of whatever one wants to do, the higher the more recommended planning gets.

    But, this doesn’t mean everything you do can’t be spontaneous. Adjust how much you plan ahead to yourself or if you have any, other workers. However much one should plan ahead depends from person to person.

    If you can’t get yourself thinking how to improve yourself and/or other, here are some example scenarios that could happen in Minecraft.

    1) Experience points, often referred to as ‘exp’ or ‘xp’, are an essential for enchanting and repairing items. An ideal source for experience would be an enderman farm. Now, they are multiple approaches that can made to building one.

    A: Test in single player world in creative mode different ways to farm endermen and find what’s the most efficient. Then, get a rough idea on the cost to build it in survival mode.

    B: Search for a tutorial on YouTube and follow it step-by-step.

    *As you can tell, option B would be less work to do.
    But, what if the video doesn’t say anything about costs?
    What if the design becomes ineffective in a later version of Minecraft?

    Try answering these questions and any others you have to yourself.

    2) The ocean monuments that were introduced in Minecraft 1.8 are composed of mostly blocks known as prismarine, with variants and sea lanterns. From what I know, there aren’t much known uses for these new blocks. In a case like this, I tried building with them on my own.

    I did this same approach to red sandstone; I analyzed how it would work with different block combinations.

    This post and many of my other ones appear that they are commanding you to do something, but I intend them to impact viewers more than what they say.
    These aren’t for one to follow word-by-word. I want people to be ‘thinking outside the box’.
  2. With my parents, I usually do as I'm told - After I do what they ask, I usually just stay on my computer.

    As for videos and such - I might watch MumboJumbo, Sethbling, and ACTennisAC occasionally ....but only for a general idea... as for redstone itself, I usually make my own designs on singleplayer and come up with my own mechanisms. :)

    Making money (rupees) is not a problem... if it's too expensive to buy, i'll either go mining or get some expensive material and sell it to help buy supplies.
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  3. Good for you! You're lifestyle seems very close to my own!:cool:

    There should more people like us in this world, but the question is: how can we?
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