Stress & Personalities (Byeforever's Public Blogging 8)

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What have you got highly stressed about? Select all choices that apply to you.

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School/Work 5 vote(s) 71.4%
Homework 6 vote(s) 85.7%
Chores 1 vote(s) 14.3%
Failing a game 1 vote(s) 14.3%
Loss of something precious 5 vote(s) 71.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hello. Today I want to talk about a daily occurrence that we call stress.
    Probably all of us have experienced it, but for the younger people they may have never heard of it. I think this is such an important topic to address, especially to the young out in this world. Hopefully after you read this script, you'll be able to live a better life!

    By definition, stress is the mind and body's reactions to every day occurrences. We often think of stress as something bad to have, but not all stress is negative.

    Eustress is the positive type of stress. This type helps with reaching goals by energizing and motivation the person to achieve them. If you are familiar with a Minecraft YouTuber by the name of Xisuma, he had mentioned many times how much he gets motivated to succeed by his viewers. He often has eustress to reflect entertainment back to the Minecraft community.

    Distress is the exact opposite of eustress; it is the negative type of stress. It will interfere one to make accomplishments. You you might have seen stress in the form of anger, tiredness, depression, and other cases. These are only outcomes of distress, the negative half of stress. Distresses can be either short or long term. It's ideal to prevent them from lasting too long as they can lead to worry, depression, negative anxiety, and apathy, or lack of interest.

    Stages of Stress

    Stress occurs in three (3) stages: trigger, resistance, and fatigue.
    1. The trigger is the initial start of a stressor. The body's general adapt system (GAS) prepares the body for the stressor.
    2. The body begins to resist the stressor, dedicating as much energy as possible towards it. This irregular moment can have a variety of effects including: headaches, muscle aches, mental frustration, dehydration, hunger and much more.
    3. Eventually, one's stress tolerance, their point of fatigue, causes the body and mind to become tired. The energy systems have been overly used.


    Everyone has their own personalities, but I want to cover two main ones because of how they link to stress.

    Type A Personality

    People with Type A tend to be competitive, strict with themselves, and highly value their accomplishments. Sometimes, these people can get very stressed if they don't reach their expectations. They may even have unrealistic ones, like absolute perfection.

    Type B Personality

    A person with Type B can be described as laying back, taking life easy, and being uncompetitive. But, they may not get stressed over something that would be upsetting for most people, like if their car broke and they have to buy a new one.


    As soon as myself was informed with the topic stress, I knew I should be something for everyone to know. It happens every day, and can affect us and of some other animals positively and negatively. Stress is inevitable; therefore it is crucial to know how to cope with it.

    I'm not a professional by any means with this topic, so I'm fine for anyone to elaborate more.:)
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  2. Very interesting. I had never really thought about good stress, the eustress, before, so that was pretty cool. :) Thanks for writing this, I love your posts. :D While I personally can get a tiny bit stressed over school/work, my main stress comes from when people expect stuff from me and, as a result, I end up putting it off to delay inevitable disappointment. I'm working on that, though. :) I also get highly stressed over the loss of things or friends that I value, though I'm not sure what I can do about that.
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  3. I'm definitely type A. I want everything I produce to be perfect. In some cases that's good, because I always get high grades at because I put effort into everything. Sometimes it just isn't realistic though. A recent example, we have to create a music learning method for young teens, and it has to have all the theory and at least 15 assignments. I wanted it to be perfect too, so I decided to program in html (which I've never really learnt)
    I've now spent at least 5 hours and got 1 assignment done. While it has to be completely finished in a few weeks. So that's my problem with being type A. I put lots of effort into everything, but my standards are so incredibly high that it still isn't enough. And that makes me stress a lot. Sometimes I'm stressed at least half of the day, and that's extremely exhausting.
    As for the poll, I never really get stressed about dying in video games, though what does get to me is when I'm trying to make something. For example, I'm making my own track in a racing game or my own song in a rhythm game. Then, when things don't work, I do really stress. The great thing of the internet though is that I can just go on a forum and ask someone to help me with my problem.
    But anyway, I'm still young, and I hope I can grow in things like this(and I'm sure I can, because I've changed for the better a whole lot in 3 years!).
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