8/14/14 Psychiatrist Meeting (Byeforver's Public Blogging 6)

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  1. Hello EMC.
    Another meeting with my psychiatrist has happened today. I discussed with her about how I've been feeling down, including from playing Minecraft. In return, she gave me some ideas to do outside of playing video games.

    School starts next week for me, and because I'm getting closer to my lifetime career of doing graphics designing, programming, or both, researching was one of the psychiatrist's suggestions. Most video games have been intended to be fun for the players, but Minecraft to me is a pre-career. The creative processes I take within my builds should help me in the future, but I don't want to approach it without collaborations. This is my main reason why I created Forever Company, so if you want to support me, check the thread for more information and the application.

    Another big help I got from her was dealing with inferiority which I have also experienced in the Minecraft community. Whenever one person see an epic build, redstone contraption, etc., it can make them inferior to the creator(s) if they can't be as good as them. The truth is that everyone in this world makes mistakes. Whoever did the creation had made mistakes to learn from, and those who learned got better overtime. Back before I built my Endermen Farm on SMP5, I didn't put as much creativity into my works, but I have improved greatly from what I done wrong.

    Well, that's my summary of what my meeting today was about. Hopefully, I'll benefit from this and this was helpful to you too!

  2. I totally agree with you on the getting outside and the mistakes part. I find myself feeling down sometimes if something goes wrong on MC or I don't feel like playing. Going to school or playing sports or hanging out with my friends can really bring me back up. As for the mistakes part, we all make mistakes and we also have to realize that people are better than others at different things , it is just human nature. For example, I may be a better redstoner than you, but you may be better at building than me. I'm sure the second part is true, but I am not guaranteeing the first part :p

    P.S: I applied for Forever Co.
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  3. Thank you; you should get reported back shortly.:)
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