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  1. Combatting Change

    Released: February 29, 2016

    EMC Updated: May 30, 2016

    Change: one of the norms to all life. The Earth has never been the same, since its creation: 4+ billion years ago. From ancient fish — to present day humans, organisms have adapted to an ever-changing planet. Those unfitting to their environment and don’t change — parish, where its an individual or an entire species. Today, over 7 billion people inhabit the Earth, and everyone of them are or have experienced “change”.

    Over the past year, a very controversial ‘change’ occurred to “Minecraft”. In Update 1.9, combat was overhauled. A significant amount of players were against the new mechanics. Some refused to play “Minecraft” 1.9 onwards. Others completely forfeited from the game. Anyway, people had to change — by change.

    Change is inevitable. — That statement has never changed, since Earth’s birth.

    We humans evolved over millenniums of eras. Life today is not the same as it was in the last century. Technology has changed and that changed lives. And new technology is spawning far more frequently than past decades. Your smartphone or computer or laptop can go outdated in under a year by technological advancements. “Minecraft” has changed and so has its community from birth in 2009, to full release in 2011, to today — and continuing. Minecraft 1.11 is approaching and will change how we players play.

    If I could give one universal life-changer by Minecraft 1.9, it would be:

    Accept change to happen.

    --- “Life is never consistent, but change” (Docm77).

    Hopefully, you’ve change by enlightenment and motivate to change by change, because change changes you. :)

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  2. I sincerely like this. And not only because of the underlying stuff (try not to read between the lines) but more so because of the initiative... And when I finally learn how to spell initiative right in one go.... :D

    Seriously: awesome post FM!!
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  4. Very well worded. 2 thumbs up!
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