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  1. Hello again.
    On December 12th, I opened an ancient link to the beginning of gaming for me with Pokemon Omega Ruby. Despite my selection, I played the original Pokemon Sapphire from over a decade ago.

    Last night, I was trying to play Terraria which plays similarly to Minecraft. I got depressed after about an hour of gameplay, and this makes me think I'll be having a similar deal with Minecraft like it did in the past months.
    Yes, I fell like withdrawing from this supposedly never-ending game played by millions of people, but I know there's more to come for it in 2015.
    Now I'm wondering: am I losing my sense of progression in Minecraft and similar games or something else? I don't want to abandon them, but I can't play them without getting depressed.

    To you as a community, what do think will help me stay active with you, especially after Empire Minecraft achieves 1.8 officially?
  2. A fair but also very difficult question to answer. Because of the simple reason that we all experience the game in a different way. A classic example being one player who can get him/her -self totally lost in singleplay survival while another player can't resist to use cheats or change the gamemode entirely after 5 minutes of gameplay.

    Another problem for me is your status. I see you're part of the build team and I assume that this means that you have access to creative mode on one or more servers. I can well imagine that this can also heavily affect the way you approach the game these days.

    So having that out of the way...

    The best suggestion I can come up with is twofold. First and foremost: ever considered taking a (small) break from it all? More than often stepping away from something and then looking at it again after a while can really help you look at things from another perspective. Its what I often do when I'm stuck with some problems while scripting or programming.

    Note that I'm not suggesting that you simply stop logging onto EMC at all. Instead, for example, you could try to do some things differently. How is something I obviously can't answer. I could imagine to stop using creative for a while, or to shift your attention to other ways of building, stuff like that.

    But whatever you do...

    At the risk of sounding negative here; but I would strongly suggest that you don't try to force things upon yourself. In the end this is still a game, and something which should give you at least some pleasure or amusement in whatever it is you're doing. Once that stops, and other approaches also don't work...

    I think its also important to keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. You also need to keep the option in mind that there may come a time where you simply want something completely different and basically get a little bored with Minecraft in its entirety.

    As suggested above; taking a break could help freshen your ideas, but its still something to keep in mind.

    I hope this can give you some useful ideas...
  3. What! Your the best builder I know!! Your projects and builds are amazing! If you would like suggestions as to what to build, I can give you a list of ideas!
  4. Took the words right out of my mouth. And that doesn't happen too often.
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  5. Excellent effort! You were able to really point out some key problems I have with Minecraft.

    Quote 1

    For the first quote, I can say that I definitely take Minecraft sometimes outside a form of entertainment. Statements I have said in the past could have been key hints to my first problem to address. I extremely rarely use common, opinionated reasons or comments, like " it's cool", "awesome", "amazing", etc. Originally, I didn't want to use highly opinionated and common words because I felt like they made me feel unprofessional.
    But, if you view some of the most notable and successful YouTubers in the Minecraft community, Docm, Xisuma, Etho, and many others, they use cool, awesome, and other common words associated with opinions. And from these three names I mentioned, they have said the comments they receive motivate them to continue.

    In the end, I shouldn't limit myself so much. Instead, maybe I should do what I like.

    Quote 2

    Moving on to the second quote, I can relate to this quite well. For a long time of me playing Minecraft, I have felt limited because I believed most of my ideas will be in jeopardy from future updates to the game.
    I had an idea of building a massive castle for an iron golem farm, but after reading about Minecraft developer Jeb changing the construction analysis of villages, I didn't want to take the risk.
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  6. My experience with games is that after a while the get less intressting. and something else get more intressting and attention. i use some games. off corse games is a wrong name for a world. that i live in for 7 years. but also there thing happent and drama appeared. did jumped into other project, using that for around 7 years to.

    Its simple what already is say. you need to do something else for a while to refresh the mind, get new ideas. new energy. i have that sometimes with minecraft to. because your doing always the same things. mine , build, kill, and sometimes buy. but is still fun because its more easy to build then in the other project there no heavy thinking needed.
    You cannot play day in day out the same, you get a burn out.

    Take a break reset the mind and you get more fun in minecraft or new ideas.
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  7. I think you were over exaggerating. I can't withstand a multi-hour session of one game.

    I'm not talking about doing extremely long sessions for Minecraft. I'm asking how I can maintain the interest and motivation to play it at all.

    (P.S: Try to communicate formerly. Otherwise, people may not understand or even pay attention to you.)
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  8. Voxel's first language is not English, but at least he's trying. Just keep that in mind.
    Also I don't think he was over exaggerating as people do spend multi-hour sessions in games all the time. Once you get busy doing something you enjoy, the time flies.

    To keep interest and motivation maybe take a break, or and I'm not advertising or saying "OH QUIT EMC" but maybe go find a 1.8 server or single player and explore and play with all the new stuff added. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, then take a break and play another game. Sometimes I don't even want to game and I spend my time watching anime or tv shows I enjoy/want to check out, etc.
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