Texting: A World of "Short Talk"

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  1. Texting, where's its on a cell phone, smart phone, PC, or other device, has become the primary non-verbal communication of the world today. But, people communicate differently through it than its existence.
    They're shortening their words through acronyms, like "OMG"("Oh my gosh" or sometimes, "Oh My ***"[Censored]). They ignore the proper grammar that can completely change the meaning or emphasis of their message.

    Why do most of us have these habits? Most would say they do it to be efficient.

    Are users not expressing themselves to how they're really feeling or about a particular topic through these habits?

    Or do they just don't know about how to use grammar?
    There's a reason educating buildings teach students whatever it may be; well, they do most of the time.

    Despite the fact most of us can type quicker than write on paper, why do we do this?

    I used to have them, but not anymore. Even though I don't use acronyms very much, I think this world of online communication has more drawbacks than benefits.
    This language can be confusing:confused:, and in particular communities like Minecraft, people may form stereotypes because of it; they assume that everyone understands them with terms like, SC and DC which are acronyms for "Single Chest" and "Double Chest" respectively.

    I honestly don't expect all of you to break these common texting habits, but there's a difference between using all capital letters and not or the ending punctuation mark in a sentence.

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  2. I agree. I do think that calling somebody can be better for some things, but things like an address or a long list that you don't want to remember could be sent through a text. I only use it for quick things where i can't use a phone for it.
  3. Why is the word god censored?
  4. religious reasons, some say it is using God's Name in Vain, which i do, so it could offend people.
  5. I can agree with this. As somebody who tends to attempt to use proper grammar 24-7 (still not sure why, actually), I'm not exactly up to date on half the new acronyms out there. It really can get quite confusing. As a matter of fact, once somebody said hbu (how 'bout you?) in response to a question. It took me an hour to realize it wasn't a typo, look it up, and respond. :p Yes, texting has resulted in quite a bit of lost communication.
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  6. Quite ironic given the speed of communication.
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  7. Indeed. You might think that being able to talk faster would result in more talking. Instead, this happened:

    Conversations before texting:
    Person A: Hey, Phil. I was wondering if you wanted to go out for dinner on this lovely evening. I could really go for some calamari topped with elephant blood.
    Person B: Why, thank you for the offer, Gina. I myself could go for snail nuggets bathed in rat fluids. Shall we go at eight? My mouth is already watering.
    Person A: It does sound spiffingly scrumptious, doesn't it? Let's go at seven. I can't wait!
    Person B: Sounds good! See you then.

    Conversations after texting:
    Texter A: Want 2 go 2 dinner?

    Texter B: K

    Or something like that. :p
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  8. The only acronym I ever use when I'm being serious is AFK. Even in texting, that's all I use. I am a grammar Nazi, but the reason why I say AFK is because saying away from keyboard doesn't feel right to say.
  9. I have that similar feeling towards using "AFK" instead of the actual phrase too.;)
  10. Although, this can happen in with texting:
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  11. Alice did something like this for school. I don't like talking like this because it sounds unserious. Lately I've learnt my iPad to turn btw into by the way automatically though, because it is actually faster and it still doesn't look stupid, and I'm liking the way this works up until now.
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