Evicting Negative Thoughts (Byeforever's Public Blogging 6)

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  1. Hello, EMC.
    Today was another meeting with a psychiatrist of mine! Today, we discussed about my issues with me getting upset, as in me getting sad, and eventually causing depression. I'm not going to go too much in-depth about it, but the main idea I got from her was to catch yourself on something that's disturbing me from whatever I'm doing. Then, rethink positively and/or logically. Some other solutions we came up with were comedy, physical interaction, and thinking of what's good about myself.

    I know this is some personal information that I have, but I cautiously share this information for you to benefit from.:)

    Hopefully, this was helpful to you!


  2. I'm always negative (Used to post negative post on here), figured out left handed people are mostly depressed and angry,so yeah...and k
  3. Usually, when something bad happens, I try to find a good side in it. I don't necessarily say it out loud, just try to stay positive. Sometimes it can be hard; really hard, but it really helps and can probably stop depression.
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  4. When you feel like you are the most stupid person and you're doing everything wrong it's not very easy to think positively though :(