Byeforever's Public Blog -Self-psychosocial Discovery!?

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  1. Hello, I'm Byeforever.
    Are you enjoying your time? Have you ever felt so negative that you wanted to perish?

    Over the course of this year, I've been feeling pessimistic about myself and crying with no idea why it happens. But today, I have brainstormed and possibly discovered it!

    Minecraft, as most of us know it, is a video game that's very unique from the others. Players have the freedom to do what they desire (except disobey the rules of servers). They can make a machine, a magnificent structure or environment, etc.; the ideas are endless with imagination. As you may know, I build ascetics throughout SMP5, but sometimes, for some people like me, building, and other creating processes, they feel like a waste of time even though they're constructive.

    The question is: why I'm I felling like I have been wasting my time being apart of this great Minecraft Community?
    The answer: Maybe I haven't had a sense of progression.

    A lot of video games provide an 'applause' when the player makes an accomplishment. Whatever it is, music, sound effects, etc., they tell the player that they should be proud for what they have done. Minecraft doesn't have many applauses, but they can be created. Some people can think of one within their mind and react to it, but I'm not apart of that group.

    This self-study could be totally wrong and really be from my own choices to think on the dark-side.

    *After reading the information above, what's your advice for me?
    Will this lead to optimistic thinking or not?
    The future will say it all.
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  2. I guess I'll tackle this one then. Honestly Byeforever, you are a very impressive builder. When I joined EMC I pretty much lived at your enderman farm. And your slime farm? Thing is beautiful. I think you put a lot into what you do and what you build but don't really get much out of it other then a few thanks. At the same time though that's kinda what Minecraft is all about, just building but not really getting anything out of it, it's all in good fun.

    If the rewards don't feel justified to the work put in, maybe it's just you getting bored of Minecraft? I have taken many breaks from MC over the years. Maybe it's time to just take a break? Or play Minecraft in a different style like minigames or something along those lines.

    That's all I got. Just remember that it doesn't really matter what other people think or the reward, it's about how you feel about what you have accomplished or done. You can't be happy with life until you are happy with yourself. :)
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  3. I think the highlighted text in the above quote could work for me!
    In surprise, I've been dis-following Coach Dean Smith's philosophy, not particularly the main portion, but the idea of not thinking about what you'll get in return.

    If you don't who Dean Smith is, he was an American basketball coach in North Carolina. During his career, Dean wrote The Carolina Way where he explains about how his philosophy, "Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together", helped his team. This can be applied outside of sports too and therefore are life lessons!
    Dean Smith is still alive today retired from coaching.

    Thinking about it, I have considered Minecraft as the predecessor of a future career, not for fun like any game. I now understand how it feels like I'm limiting myself on what I can do in this game. For a place of freedom, I shouldn't harshly limiting myself.
    I wonder if there are any other notable creators forgetting they're working for the fun of it.

    Also, I may also be jumping to conclusions such as building something new or creating a similarity to a creation like this (video below), will never happen, but really I'm the one to chose if I want to make it happen.

    Even for what I have done for under a thousand people, my abilities aren't final and probably will never be even after 2020.

    Anyway, thank you, VERY MUCH, for making me think!!:)
    You, have been the most helpful person I have ever met online!!
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  4. [9 Days later]
    I guess I identified more about myself.
    Another cause of my negative feelings is being unable to achieve a main objective due to making unrelated decisions.
    Over my time away from Minecraft, I've been playing Terraria instead which is similar to Minecraft. I find it to have connections to many other popular video game franchises, including ones I have played for years and continuing.
    Playing Terraria, I had enjoyable times with it, but like almost any game it hasn't been 100% optimism for me. I think a typical gamer who experiences my frustrating moments would swear/curse out-loud or cause other external conflicts, but I didn't.

    I don't know for sure when I would want to come back to Minecraft yet, but I'm not abandoning it. It's a matter of if I'm in the mood to play it. Version 1.8 has some interests to me now, and more features are still in the works.

    About Terraria:
  5. Why not join a wild community? The social interaction can act as a stimulus for good work.
  6. I'm now back to playing Minecraft, but I'm still blockaded from what to do at this time. I found the upcoming blocks in 1.8 to introduce new building styles, but I won't get be in the hands of EMC for who knows how long.

    A lot of the time when I approach something in life frequently enough, I feel like it's my only option which isn't true. Minecraft is a game with the freedom to create; it offers us to make something in our own way in cubes.
    I had viewed it as a too simple game. Graphically, you could say it's limited, but not for all of the topics in its community.

    {Let's Plays, Redstone Contraptions, Aesthetics, Modifying, etc.}

    Don't think too simple that you're worthless, but not too complex to the point you're stressed-out, overwhelmed, etc. Find the right level for yourself.
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  7. Hi Byeforever,

    It is very unlikely that your feelings have anything at all to do with Minecraft. What you describe is something you need to be discussing with a doctor.

    Your sense of self should never be so tightly connected to a video game, any video game. Games are to enjoy, to entertain us, and sometimes to interact with other people.

    I wish you well and hope you get to feeling better soon!
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  8. Right; my self-esteem doesn't link towards a video game. It's probably just how my brain works with identification.