Life with Brain Fatigue

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  1. Hello, earlier today (if you're reading this post from day 1) I had discussed with a psychiatrist about me feeling depressed. They believed it's been caused by brain fatigue which has similar symptoms to depression itself.

    Brain fatigue occurs when a particular part of the brain has been processed very frequently while there's little activity within the rest of the brain. Have you ever wondered why your parents, or other people of close relation don't want you to play video games, watch TV (television), etc. for long periods of time? I think they want you to maintain a healthy mind.;) Doing the same activity for too long sessions can lead to brain fatigue.

    How can it be treated?
    Answer: Try to do more activities that will activate more of the data in your brain.

    Potential Rewards:
    Become a Smarter Person: - My psychiatrist told me in a past meeting that you can get smarter overtime.

    Increase in Confidence: - This idea I have comes from the fact you aren't likely to underestimate yourself as much.

    Like changing habits, this process will take time as in weeks or more. But it can change your life from feeling like you're in a small world to getting the true effect!
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  2. Maybe this is why I feel so lazy, shy, and depressed 90% of the time. I wake up, eat breakfast, have a bath, get dressed, do hygienic things, browse the internet for 10 minutes, play Team Fortress 2 for an hour, leave, go to school, get home, watch YouTube videos, help around the house, listen to music and then I play more games.

    My days are always exactly the same :(
  3. I can understand how you're not happy, except for school (unless if you don't like it).
    But, thank you for telling me anyway! I find not many people lately sharing their thoughts on my latest threads, like this one:
  4. Do you play or have played an instrument?
  5. I don't play a musical instrument, but I do know that music that can emphasise symbolism and emotions, like artwork.
    With the right combination, art and music can work better together than alone!
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  6. Thank you! This could potentially help me.
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  7. ikr
    Playing music is definitely a good way to stimulate areas of your mind. When I play my horn in band, my mind and emotions all are focused towards playing whatever piece we are playing. By doing so, I can release all my stored up emotions that I never release into the music to make the song beautiful. I really suggest you begin playing a wind instrument (you can put more emotion into a wind instrument) to help combat your problems.
  8. Music games :p
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  9. I have precise timing skills from action video game franchises, especially from Mario platformers, to play music, but it's unlikely to become a career.
    I'm also unsure if I'll be able to be creative with it. In Minecraft, and starting in Terraria as well, I have tried to build creatively. Lately, I've been brainstorming solely so hard that I get overwhelmed and can't make a decision. For most autistic people, like myself, analyzing deeply is how I often do problem solving, such as with this reply.
    With all of these difficulties, the final products usually have superior creativity to visitors.
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  10. Music games...
  11. The video triggered my pride to improve, but at 100% accuracy there is no improvement that can be done from what I know. Sometimes when I find or judge someone superior to me, it makes me pessimistic about myself and life. At the time I'm typing this post, I feel like I'm about to cry.:(
  12. I have a similar problem with thinking. I only really have to deal with it when it comes to strategy. I am a very good strategist, however I over think what I am doing and get anxious about the millions of possibilities in what I am doing. I always manage to lose sleep over it and my nervous habits (incessant pacing and fidgeting) kick in.
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  13. Huh. Maybe this is the source of my problems. Actually, it's highly likely. I'm going to do my best to change this in my own life. Thank you for posting this. :)
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  14. Am I the only person who noticed that you have essentially processed this task as a quest, like in WoW? You even included rewards in the OP:

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  15. Don't worry about the vid, it just a legend at the game how ban himself since his eye sight was getting worse...
    The game time to learn,the top players only play the game and have playing for 4 years
  16. I must have severe brain fatigue. If that even matters...
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  17. SAME!
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