APRIL FOOLS! EMC and 1.9 combat, what will happen!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by BigDavie, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Wanted to add a big thanks to the staff that nicely executed this one in my absence.

    Happy late April fools from Mrs.Moose!
  3. I knew it!hahahahahaaaa
  4. I was dealing with my wedding. A dual March and April news will be out this week.
  5. Ahh, ok, thanks!
  6. Great prank. Almost fell for it, but I checked my calendar after I saw the site had "hacked by Donald Trump" or some variation of it on every page.
  7. And this is why I love EMC. It keeps things interesting.
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  8. Oh what it's a joke that's too bad I was getting ready to have the fight of my life.
  9. Thank god for that =L
  10. I did not realize it was April 1st at first, in my defense!!
  11. Barring a few people who flipped out this was fun to the last post; really guys we may not agree with everything they do but the devs aren't stupid one of big selling points of EMC is that it is free of pvp.
    On the upside I'm considering keeping my new mafia boss persona.
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  12. Just a test to see if my reply to quote chrome thingy is working :p
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  13. As I had said many times, I didn't think this was serious. Though the responses clearly show that the EMC community doesn't find it funny to joke about such things. I wouldn't be surprised if we even lost some new members over this one.

    On a side note, it is interesting and saddening that there were people who actually supported this fake update. I hope its just another example of how people like to follow the leader rather than think... well I'm not to happy with that either but I can't have everything can I.
  14. I fell for it, I'll be honest. Lol GG Mods and Staff. I was already planning my tactics for the waste. XD
  15. Your profile says otherwise:
  16. Huh, some people actually fell for this?
    I thought they were all playing along :p
    Anyway, nicely done, then! ;)
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  17. Some people were playing along & some people were fooled.
    Keep in mind quite a few of the people who were "supporting" this update were just playing into the joke (yes some people were actually disappointed and I find that a little disturbing but their the minority). If EMC was serious about adding global PVP I would be gone in a New York minute; I despise pvp with every fiber of my gamer body.
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  18. I was fooled no doubt good one Aikar :p
  19. Yes. I quite enjoyed playing along. My first post was a "What the heck, EMC????" thing, but before I posted it I realized it was a joke, so I played along as killer of the newbies.
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  20. It's a shame I missed this (was actually looking forward to April 1st, but oh well: maybe next year) but I just read the first post and couldn't stop laughing :p

    You owe me a coffee Davie ;)

    I do have one slightly critical comment to make:

    Well, that was fully your own doing and/or "fault" :p

    Normally the community pretty much regulates itself, there'd be plenty of players who'd add a voice of reason (yourself included). But (forcefully) remove those and yah... You get this result.

    (edit): Now please fix the forums again :)
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