APRIL FOOLS! EMC and 1.9 combat, what will happen!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by BigDavie, Apr 1, 2016.

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  3. Yeah, trust us, we would never actually do this. This is just a horrible idea to actually implement.
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  4. Good thing we don't use spigot! :p I modified EMC's crafting processing anyways.
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  5. +1000 points to you for being the first player to state the obvious facts :D gg
  6. Thankfully it was a prank then.

    This was way too ridiculous for EMC's staff to declare official.


    Meanwhile, I was not fooled by Mojang's April Fools for this year, nor I was forced into it to the point I couldn't play Minecraft by normal means.


    Anyway, what's the *real* status with EMC 1.9?
    Is 1.9.2 a stable enough platform to build on?
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  7. Honestly, I would say this update would be the best time to resurrect the possibility of Dystopia. It would fit so well!
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  8. Whew. :)
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  9. How did Trump hack the forums? And why? This is so strange.
    I can't believe I fell for this prank this year. I should have remembered the taxes last year. :p Oh well.

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  10. Someone wanna get cut I see >: P
  11. Lol, I was surprised so many believed this too. It was a popcorn event for us who knew it was a joke. :p
  12. Oh my gosh, so many people got their panties in a bunch over this!
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  13. Possibly one of the few ideas that I supported. I mean I said it was a joke but I really wish this happened.
  14. Not to offend you, but it is very likely to believable this according to some of the recent changes to minorities in EMC like farmers. not saying that is against you(i really liked that you are balancing farming), but as non-pvpers are a minority, is kinda on the same branch of the tree(drastic changes)
  15. I'm still not going to the Waste until this day is over. What if Aikar saying April Fools was a prank and they're actually adding it?

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  16. Hmmmm, suspicious.
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  17. This was, by far, the best April Fools I've seen all day. Well done guys.

    Perfect trolling — so many people writing pages upon pages and, well, getting
    over something very, very silly that they still managed to believe. Ken M level, really. Y'all are the best staff.

    Also Bellusros thank you for existing. I was starting to think I was the only Montanan on this server.
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  18. Since when was non pvp the minority? far from it.... As clearly shown in this thread.

    EMC has 200~+ people on in evening. only a few are pvp'ing at a time.
  19. 200 from 9200(active last month)= minority according to my calculations

    EDIT: oh wait, you aren't supercell, you didn't ruined clash of clans for 3 months!, i was just silly :p by mistaking you as them
  20. Totes fell for that one. Well played, EMC. Well played indeed...