APRIL FOOLS! EMC and 1.9 combat, what will happen!

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  1. As you know we will soon be updating to Minecraft 1.9. While there several changes the biggest change is combat. In order to make full use of these changes Empire Minecraft will no longer restrict player on player combat to the PvP arenas but allow it throughout the wilderness (both frontier and waste). Town will retain the PvP restrictions. We know that some players would rather not participate in PvP and have devised the White Feather. This item whilst carried in the off hand will prevent any player from striking you. You will also automatically have your difficulty set to 1. To help PvPers determine who is unwilling to fight players carrying a white feather will make the chicken sound.

    Can I PvP with lava buckets or flint and steel?
    No, using these methods of PvP is cowardly.

    How do I get a white feather?
    Combine a normal feather with yellow dye.

    Will I lose my items?
    Yes, to the victor goes the spoils of war.

    Even soulbound items?
    Of course not, unless they have soulbreaker item.

    Soulbreaker, what is that?
    This will be a new enchantment that can be bought as an enchanted book for $10 and applied to any weapon. This overrides the soulbound effect of you defeated foes items.

    But I don't want to lose my things.
    Either get better at PvP or buy Soulbound+ enchanted books.

    Soulbound+ is that a better soulbound?
    Yes it is. It acts just like soulbound but can't be overridden by Soulbreaker weapons.

    How do I get Soulbound+?
    All current items with Soulbound will be upgraded to Soulbound+.

    So what will have soulbound?
    Soulbound will be a new player applied enchant that will be available to be bought as an enchanted book for $5.

    Enough questions. I hope you will enjoy new an improved combat on EMC.
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    If someone who is good with the formatting of posts could tidy it up and make it look official that would be great.
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  3. Nice One BigD :)
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  4. Hmm
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  5. ohohohoho! Nice. Yes. YES <3
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  6. Chick chick chick chick chickeeeeeen! I love this, it's fab!
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  8. first ^^ All of this sounds great :D
  9. How is the white feather obtained?
    Also, I think it is a bad idea that the white feather lowers your difficulty to 1. It should stop PvP but not set your difficulty to 1.
    And this is exactly why it is a bad update. This basically hands over the wild to active PVP people.
    PvP was optional before, and I think this update ruins either the friendly aspect or the mob hunting aspect.
  10. Seems pretty cool:)
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  11. Whoo! It's about time. Now to just wait for the new players to go out into the wild and kill them.

    In fact, anybody want to start a group? If we disallow anybody from going into the wild, we could own the wild.
  12. The white feather is obtained by combining a feather with yellow dye.
    Since you are too scared for PvP fighting mobs must also be too scary. Difficulty 1 will stop mobs attacking.
  13. Guys... April Fools?
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  14. If this isn't an april fools joke i quite the empire. i joined for the non pvp aspect of it. If pvp is turned on in the wild / waste i quite.
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  15. I have a feeling Davie will shout "April fools!" by the end of the day...
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  16. Hmm, I am not sure how I feel about all of this. This is turning to a PVP server.

    So new Voter's Gear will not have Soulbound+? So new players can lose their voter's gear?
  17. No. I enjoy fighting mobs as they aren't too hard, and when I fancy something hard I go on a higher difficulty.
    Players are harder to fight as you need to invest in gear and they are actually people and can think for themselves.
    This better be an April Fools thing, otherwise I have another incentive to quit.
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  18. Voter's gear will have Soulbound+
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  19. Is this a April fools joke?
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  20. It better be :confused:
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