APRIL FOOLS! EMC and 1.9 combat, what will happen!

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  1. I am still not liking this at all. This is going to ruin new players experience while mining, or exploring the wild/waste.
  2. This is a LOT of change... I... don't even... gasps so much new...
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  3. Nice april fools joke xD.
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  4. I want to post something witty but I cant feel my side and my cheeks burn.

  5. That is going to get deleted.
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  6. Nice joke Davie. Happy April Fools Day.
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  7. *COUGH* I'd like everyone to take a cheeky look at the date ;) Then reread this post :3 Of course I could be completely wrong and I just ruined the fun. But still... *COUGH*
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  8. I'm really hoping this is an April Fools joke...
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  9. You forgot to add that the chicken sounds the feather will cause you to emit >_<

    I think the one perk to this should be that, you become the pied-piper to any other chickens in a 30 block radius.
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  10. And so ....it happens.

    What was once a terrific place for players to come, away from the garbage tactics of Factions and PvP slaughter, is now tainted by the lure of this new update. For myself personally, I am saddened by this news, and am convinced the ONE true Server that had longevity for my needs and wants, has now an element that I no longer wish to be a part of. Is this truly the direction the Empire wants to take?

    Given the Live Map feature (yeah, I know it can be disabled), one person above (SkyStone) pegged the behavior of players that will now begin to infiltrate the Server ....causing any new Players joining, to delete it after their first Death and move on to the next Server on the list(s). Couple that with the Soul Bound stealers, and in another Economy balancing move, those with millions to spend will do so, and the "1%" will rise to the top ....modeling much of what the American financial culture has done and those who just want to play, build, and work hard will be robbed of their efforts.

    The very premise of what the Empire has stood for all these years is now, IMO, in jeopardy ... and one can only expect the mortality rate of long standing players like myself to be high .....very high. While I embrace the concept of adapting and evolving as a Server, I wonder if this particular move has been discussed, digested and examined at length for the potential fallout it may incur. Is this the kind of Server the Empire really wants to be? If the answer is "yes" .....then I would consider it a step backward ... maybe even three.

    While there has been some effort to entertain an omission from the new change(Feather) , the restrictions it places on a Player is too much of a handicap and robs the Player of the potential of all the other custom things the Empire has to offer(drops) .... which seems almost contradictory to what was, at one time, the goal and the very essence of what the Empire brought to the table as a means of standing out, or separating itself from the ump-teen gazillion other Servers out there.

    After only 5 minutes, I can think of a few ways to alter this to include it, without affecting those of us who have no interest in this feature what-so-ever. After more time, I'm sure there are other solutions. Please keep in mind, that those players who wish to PvP go to such Servers .....and those who wish NOT to .... come here, or at least they would have until this change. I would seriously consider this move again ... and what it could mean to the Empire.

    This, of course, is my Opinion. Everyone has one .... and now you know mine.
  11. Killjoy. :( I've put it in a spoiler, I hope that appeases you. :)
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  12. Everyone already knows that, but the comments are edited to remove them.
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  13. Everyone who has posted about it being a joke, their post was deleted.
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  14. Annnnd, deleted.. :/
  15. This is the part where you say April fools right? Please say April fools because this sucks.
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  16. Oh..coooll...!! This looks awesome :D I can't believe this is already happening... WOO!!! Ha..ha... I can't wait for this all happen.. in the future.. maybe.
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  17. Finally, Always hated the PvE, Can't wait for the full PvP overhaul!!!
  18. Omg I love these new updates! Lemme go kill some new players in the frontier :D More soulbound items for me >:-)
  19. ah, I love April fools :)
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