APRIL FOOLS! EMC and 1.9 combat, what will happen!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by BigDavie, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Is this an April fools joke? I'm not sure but i guess we will find out soon.
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  2. *clears throat* First of all if you delete my post I will report you ne hesitation boo. Second off I don't care, If you're a staff dont delete post just cause they are having their opinion on this new combat it is aginst staff rules to delete it. Third off Nye My freinds of EMC..This is Flipping redonculous ,Redonculous...Allow me to word this nice ly Why are we going to put PVP in Waste lands??? WHY! Isn't that what the SMP SMP6 is for??? SMp6 is home to pvp not the waste lands.....This si making most player quit shops die and more and more EMC turns into a Meham filled server.
    -Thank you for your copperation.
    DOnt delete this post ill report you idc if you're a staff.
  3. hehee i hope they add back in all the deleted posts after they admit the hoax - should be a whole new kick to read
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  4. I've noticed people talking about deleted posts in this thread, and I was wondering why I wasn't getting alerts about posts, and it turns out the post I made this morning is gone. Poof. I really don't know why. I didn't say anything that would have offended anyone. All I said was this has to be a joke because of players making chicken sounds when holding a feather is silly... :\

    That aside, could the flashing screen thing please be removed soon? It's actually making me feel sick and making it hard for me to browse the forums.
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  5. Who else kinda likes the part where it flashes better than the normal part?
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  6. If it stayed dark, then i would like it. Its cool! but that it changed constantly is hurting my eyes
  7. Hey mods... Explain this.

    That is in the forum html code...
  8. I think there should be a new wild like a pvp free and you can claim land ect.

    also about the pvp what if you have a really laggy internet and on sec you frozen the next thing you died and you lost all you stuff and if we get this update I feel like there will be more people leaving empire and less people joining. :(
  9. I don't think you need to look at the html code to know what this is all about. Angry and confused people should check their calendars carefully.
  10. To be fair, I think that may be the dark thing that flashes every once in a while. (But yes, this is clearly a prank)
  11. im not bout to pay for protection, you pay me ;)

    *clucks around*
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  12. Still hasn't changed the spelling error.... troll and grab the popcorn and do nothing I see. Lol
  13. Ok. The fun is over. I am really surprised so many really believed this....


    I am saddened that so many of you actually would believe we would do such a thing :( We put a lot of effort into our image.

    As a reminder: never believe anything you read on this day, no matter how well played it is. We intentionally deleted the april fools posts to help play into it more to make it even more believeable (18 pages of negativity and no mention of April fools, "Surely if everyone responding thinks its real it must be real".

    Thanks to the staff for coming up with this one :) I've had the fuzzy background stuff planned for over a month heh.

    Keep light spirit on next years now :)

    Also... Old timers especially should know, if the community was upset over something, you know I would of been part of the conversation and trying to resolve peoples concerns!

    But cmon people, this one was so obviously a prank >.<

    We will also be un-deleting the deleted posts now.
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  14. First to like.
  15. Nice one EMC staff
  16. Can we remove the glitchy annoyingness from forums please?
  17. This post was the April fools... Trump really hacked EMC!
  18. *Hat tip to EMC Staff*

    Went from 18 pages to 25 just like that!
  19. can you make a feather that does that though as a promo?? XD
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