Love Potion No.9

Aug 21, 2016
Love Potion No.9
  • Love Potion No.9

    Type: Misc
    Released: Feb 14th, 2015
    Update: Event Item
    Obtained by: Participating in the Show Your Love Contest 2015
    February Contest
    Attributes: Soulbound
    Lore: New Formula. 95.2% Success Rate.

    The Love Potion No.9 is a potion that was released for the 2015 February Contest, Show Your Love. Over 300 players participated and received the Love Potion, which is a potion of regeneration that lasts two minutes, but it has a special name and special lore.

    After the 1.9 Update was released, some potions turned into water bottles. These water bottles still had the name, lore, and colors, but lost the enchanted look. If a player would like to switch their Love Potion into a water bottle version, or into the original version, they can do so by requesting a switch via a PM with a Community Manager.
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