ICC Head: Cow's Canvas

Oct 31, 2015
ICC Head: Cow's Canvas
  • ICC Head: Cow's Canvas #01

    Type: Misc
    Released: Mar 10th, 2014
    Update: Event Item
    Obtained by: Finding the #Selfie room/area on Cow's Canvas and showing a screenshot of you and the sign reading #Selfie to ICC the quickest
    Lore: Congratulations on being the first person to find the #Selfie room on Cow's Canvas!
    This Head was given by IcecreamCow to Importerer on March 10th, 2014; Importerer found the #Selfie room at Cow's Canvas first on January 17th, 2014.
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    A second Cow's Canvas was created on March 10th, 2014, which was won by B4DMAN5IMON. He received his Cow's Canvas Head a considerable time after this date.
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    When created by IcecreamCow, players had to scour the Cow's Canvas, formerly located at /v cowscanvas on SMP3, until a player found a room or area with a sign that reads "#Selfie." If a player did find a #Selfie room, they had to go into F5 mode and take a picture of themselves with the sign, which they then had to post on the Cow's Canvas thread before anyone else. The Head is a renamed and lored IcecreamCow Head.

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