Horse ManEwwEr

Jul 31, 2017
Horse ManEwwEr
  • Horse ManEwwEr

    Type: Misc
    Released: July 17th, 2014
    Update: Event Item
    Obtained by: 80k Member Drop Party 2014
    Five of these oddly-named Podzol blocks were dropped at the 80k Member Drop Party on July 17th, 2014. These blocks are purely a collectible, renamed item. There are currently six in existence.

    Before the 80k Member Drop Party of 2014, the first Horse ManEwwEr was dropped randomly at the SMP1 Town Spawn by IcecreamCow, a former administrator and one of the founders of EMC. This was caught by a member of EMC, and until July 17th, 2014 was the only Horse ManEwwEr in existence.

    EMC has a variety of custom-coded items for many uses.

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