[UPDATE] Voting Page Remodel

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Krysyy, May 4, 2016.

  1. The hamster is at it again. Less than 48 hours after making awesome upgrades to the Appeal system, he has remodeled the Voting page.

    Cool new features:
    • Vote bonus displayed on screen
    • Pretty and glowing vote buttons
    • Bonus rupees written out instead of stars
    • Summary of what rewards you will receive with your next bonus increase
    • Some snazzy graphics
    • Possibly more to come...
    Stay tuned for what other crazy things this hamster might do.
    (FYI, something changed in the API that is allowing him to do all these things, so that's a thanks to Aikar as well)

    Check it out:
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  2. Yay! This is sooo good! =D
  3. Jack, you're amazing. Can't think of anything else to say :p
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  4. Nice touch :cool:
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  5. Yeah! I can agree Jack is the best! :D
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  6. Wonderful revamping, Good job Jack.
  7. ooh!! So pretty. :) Thanks Jack!

  8. I'm slowly falling in love with JackBiggin.
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  9. I like the new stuff, but this is kind of depressing.

    The curse of being past vote bonus 300 :p
  10. Can we have a JackBiggin Appreciation day?
  11. You'll still get these ones every so often. :)

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  12. Nice, I dig it!:D
  13. Make a section where one can see what their next major voting is, how many votjng days are/is needed to get that bonus, a snazzy picture of that item, and a list of its enchants. And maybe add another section where it lists what one gets for their next day of voting.

  14. JackBiggin found out about our plan...
  15. Nice, I get lots tomorrow at 400 :p
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  16. <3 u Jack, Thanks:p
    Edit: I went from 31 down to 30? Wee wooo Wee woo
  17. wow my vote bonus is only 648 show off xD lol
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  18. Wow jack this is great man
    But so much from out of me where wat u got some time off from life
    Not that I'm complaining cause I love it
  19. Kinda depressing...

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  20. Jack , you're amazing
    Now why haven't you been promoted to SS yet? :p
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