[UPDATE] Voting Page Remodel

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Krysyy, May 4, 2016.

  1. That is way to much power for a little fuzz ball >_>
  2. This makes me think about a hamster with too much static electricity on him
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  4. If Jack keeps this up there could be a /jacktopia
  5. Trust me.. He could make it happen...
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  6. One small thing: on mobile view the vote bonus number looks kinda weird if you have 3 digits.

    Eventually, the hamster will conquer EMC from the Aikat. They may look "cute" to most people, but inside they are actually evil >:D
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  7. Awesome work Jack! Keep up the good work!

  8. Could you edit the 'if' so it isn't as close to the bonus box?
    Anyway, great addition!

  9. Great work Jack :)

  10. Wow. Awesome work Jack :D
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  11. ...you read my mind...

    If I can get it working, there's a progress bar for that stuff coming soon

    It's supposed to scale on mobile. Evidently it doesnt. Will look into fixing.

    I'm trying - CSS margins are the bane of my life atm. I had that fixed and then it decided to unfix itself :(.
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  12. I come online first and foremost to vote so spotted the nee page before the news and it's amazing! What I like best so far is that you can see your vote bonus go up, so you know it worked out.

    I'm only on 502 bonus, so no amazing high numbers to show off yet ;)
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  13. ... Only 230 here...
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  14. Then you're almost near the dia voters gear which is the good stuff! Voters gear is the only stuff I use these days ;)
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  15. Only? It doesn't have Silk Touch (obviously), so I also sometimes use my Silk Touch shears or pickaxes ;) but apart from that, I also only use my voter's gear, it's amazing. :)
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  16. I like the little changes I've been seeing recently. Thanks for taking the time to do it, Jack!
  17. Look, this works 100% like it should too :p

  18. Dang Krysyy your on a roll! :D
  19. There is a lot more that goes into selecting SS than being able to code up a fancy webpage change, although it is appreciated.

    Exactly, balance is the key. Likely not going to get a silk touch voter's item (likely being operative word, this could change at any time).
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