[UPDATE] Voting Page Remodel

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Krysyy, May 4, 2016.

  1. I checked your logs - working as intended. You're taking too long in between each vote

    08-May-2016 00:31:38
    Voted for Empire Minecraft on Minecraft-MP.com - day bonus: 301
    07-May-2016 15:40:13
    Voted for Empire Minecraft on TopG.org - day bonus: 301
    05-May-2016 17:26:45
    Voted for Empire Minecraft on TopG.org - day bonus: 301
    03-May-2016 21:53:43
    Voted for Empire Minecraft on TopG.org - day bonus: 301
    03-May-2016 02:10:51
    Voted for Empire Minecraft on TopG.org - day bonus: 300
    On the 7th you "saved" your streak to not lose any, but that counts as a new day is why the next vote didnt boost.
    Vote again today and should increase.
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  2. Excellent work. Two thumbs way up.
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  3. The hamster never ceases to amaze me, so good job my hamster friend ;)
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  4. It uses the normal link for me on my phone, and therefore works fine. Not sure what's going on here...
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  5. I am having the same problem with that voting site, and have no underscore in my name. If I use the link without the username pre-entered I can vote fine, otherwise it takes me to an error page.
  6. Are you absolutely sure the problem is affecting you? http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/240530/vote/KaliaLlama/ is working fine for me.
  7. There is a minor difference in the links - If I click the link from the voting page, that slash at the end is not there and I get an error.

    If I manually add the slash to the link and re-enter it, it takes me to the correct page. Not sure if that is something that should affect the link working but it's the only difference I can identify.
  8. I wouldn't think that should make a difference. What if you manually enter the link without the slash?
  9. Shouldn't make a difference, but updated to add the /.
  10. I get the same error message. Maybe Internet Explorer is just picky about slashes. :p lol
  11. well, I've been hovering around a 250 vote bonus for around 3 months now (i'm slow to keep up)

    that's not quite the problem, though. The next time I vote I'm supposed to get 250 days. The only problem is that, I've hit 250 around 5 times now. The page is still telling me I'm going to get the stable voucher, lol. which would be fantastic, but I don't think that's going to be the case :p
  12. I noticed a few things that need to be fixed
    One page says fixed but you need to activate the drop down to get the voting sectionactivated. It is not similar to the other pages so I don't think everyone will figure it out.
    One voting page goes to a BLANK White page after you vote, ie no real confirmation.
    One page is very annoying and I skip it, you have to type in the sponcer's name, something I won't do.
    Does anyone ever test these pages to see if they actually work?
  13. If you can tell which they are, that'd help a lot ;)
  14. Yes actually, we do test whats inside our control. What you're talking about is the vote pages themselves, which is something we cannot fix and have no control over - please contact the owners of the vote site to get them to fix their problems.
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  15. I thought you might do that since it directly effects how people view your page process too.