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  1. The new voting page is so convenient, I actually voted on all sites today! haven't done that in a long time... Thank you!
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  2. Well, looks like it's successful, Jack! Great!
  3. That's helpful, thank you Jack! That was a quick fix :D Great updates :)
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  4. i guess to improve the "when you can vote on a site", i can expose the last time the user voted on each site :3

    then the furball can show accurate data there.
  5. this is so cool:cool:cool
  6. Hopefully is this of any use :p

    topg - 12 hr

    serverpact - less than 24 hours, same day (the netherlands, 12:45 AM, 11:15 PM)

    minecraft-mp - less than 24 hours, same day (the netherlands, 12:45 AM, 11:15 PM)

    minecraft server list - next, local day (the netherlands, 12:45 AM, 12:25 AM)

    minecraft-server.net - dunno, hadn't voted here before

    minecraftservers.org - less than 24 hours, same day (the netherlands, 12:45 AM, 11:15 PM)

    minecraftservers100 - less than 24 hours, same day (the netherlands, 12:45 AM, 11:15 PM)

    mineservers.net - less than 24 hours, same day (the netherlands, 12:45 AM, 11:15 PM)

    minestatus - broken lol

    minecraftservers.net - broken too lol
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  7. My names auto added to each page? Hello, Wonderful!!!!
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  8. i like the new graphics and stuff but there is one thing i don't like very much. you see this page used to have a link that you could click while logged in or logged out: https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/voting-information-bonuses/

    now unless you log in you can't click it. Or at least i can't seem to find it without logging in. now this might seem trivial but i do NOT log in to vote. actually i don't log in very much at all tbh and i don't see myself changing that. but i still like to be able to check what voters gear i may or may not be getting in the near future for my alts and the friends i vote for. is there anyway for a certain hairball to put that link back on the page so i don't have to log in all the bloody time. please :)
  9. Jack.. yer one amazing hamster. :) .. and I love this: Sorry it's so big. O_O
  10. Nice page but a bit of an issue with the Minecraft Server List link. When i use it i get a 404 error as it seems not to like the username at the end.

    If i change the link...

    from: http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/240530/vote/Ian_C/

    To: http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/240530/vote

    It works fine, and as no one else has posted this it leads me to think it could be the underscore in the username.

    EDIT: having just tested without the underscore it brings up the page correctly but obviously with the wrong username.
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  11. I noticed new changes on the page in comparison to yesterday and got 2 points of criticism.. Minecraft-Server-List.com no longer works for me, the button redirected me to lots of pages /except/ the voting site. I'm sure it's not me because I've been using this site for the past weeks, only now do I get issues (on mobile).

    Speaking of which.. I'd also recommend not overdoing it with the page features. The longer loading time on mobile is already noticeable, any more and things can become plain out annoying when your connection is acting up.

    Just my 2 cents obviously.
  12. I've used that site yesterday evening on my desktop, worked fine. Clicked the link on my phone like 2 minutes ago, still fine. Not sure what's happening here then.
  13. That's me overlooking which bits are/aren't visible when you're logged out - it'll be fixed tonight.

    Argghh, that's annoying. I'll see if I can work around a fix for if you have underscores in your name, but if I can't, I'll disable autofill for that site for users with underscores in their name.

    Unless you're voting while logged into an account with an underscore in the username, that's on your/their end. Mobile ads can be a little weird with redirects sometimes, so potentially that's part of the issue?

    Any slow down atm is mainly due to the fact the code isn't particularly optimised at all yet - no point doing that until all the features are in. Note that you can still use the links before any interactive stuff is loaded - they're intentionally loaded first.
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  14. The new username-autofill feature is really handy, but I actually feel kinda dishonest now clicking this button...

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  15. #JackMadeUsLiars
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  16. I was excited! I loved how it was gold glowing and then when you voted it turned white. I would sometimes click the same voter server twice and have to wait then x out. But I managed! This makes it way way easier and more manageable. I hope there is more to come I get excited over little things! Have a great weekend!

    Peace & Love

    Skitz <3
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  17. I like it . A little derpy but I Know that will go away. GG
  18. this is cool :3
  19. Love the new voters page. Great job Hamster. :)
  20. I think my vote bonus is stuck....voted the past 3 days and been stuck at 301.....halp