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  1. In 1.9 shears automatically have silk touch now. Here's hoping our voters shears get the update too :) but I'm the same, I don't venture into the waste or wild with anything but voters gear ♡
  2. Indeed, and also, if there would be a silk touch voter's item (let's say a pickaxe), it would mean there would be a third pickaxe, which, although I absolutely love the voter's items, seems a bit too much, and I feel like Fortune fits much better to the concept of a voter's pickaxe (or any tool for that matter). :)
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  3. And there's me, trying to create 6 more silk touch shears before 1.9, lol.
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  4. Okay, so I wasn't going to release this quite yet, but someone mentioned that having all the buttons glow gold was making it hard to keep track of which sites they'd voted on and which ones they hadn't.

    When you click on the vote button for a site, the glow will now turn silver. The glow will remain silver (even if you leave the page and come back again later) until you are able to vote on that site again (so in 12 hours time for TopG, and 24 hours time for the other sites).

    There are some important things to note about this:
    • The way I've had to add this is super limiting. It's not clever and doesn't know everything about you. Lots of it is based on best guess.
    • The time the glow turns from silver back to gold is based on the time you clicked the button, NOT the time your vote actually went through, so if you open the site but don't vote for ages then it might be a bit inaccurate
    • It is 100% just for a general guideline. It isn't definitive at all.
    • The glow status does not work cross browser/device/account (yet - I might possibly be able to fix that) - it works best if you use the same device to vote on every day.
    • You can force the glows to all reset to gold by clicking the "Reset Vote Cooldowns" button below the promo in the bottom right.
    This system MIGHT get a bit more smart in the future, but hopefully it's useful for many of you in its current state for the time being. :)

    I've also improved the spacing on the list on mobile - it's not perfect but it should be a lot better. Still looking into fixing the number's display and the margins for the counter box.
  5. This is a helpful feature i like it :)
  6. me likey shiny buttons
  7. Nice flaunt ;)

    Anyway, this is looking great! Good job, man!
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  8. (basing this on what I read)
    Most sites allow votes before the 24 hours though, if I recall correctly, so if possible, can you maybe change that for the appropriate sites? :)
  9. Reset Vote Cooldowns

    What does this button do?
  10. It makes all buttons glow gold again.
  11. Reading is a cool skill.
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  12. Aha, finally I ninja'd you :D
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  13. so is being polite.
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  14. Yes - do you know which sites specifically use different times?
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  15. Added another super useful feature - the sites that reward bonus rupees will automatically fill in the name of whoever's logged in into the box that you normally have to enter your name into. I'll add this to the other sites if/when I work out what voodoo magic I need to do for them (it's not always particularly clear), and if you vote for other people/alts, don't worry, you can still just delete the name from the box. :)
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  16. This is a great, love the updates. Nice to see what sites I've voted on and what streak I am on in a central place like that!
    I vote for my alts too, so can I have those automatically fill in their name/have the automatic feature off so that I can type in my alt names? Or will it stay as it is and I'll have to backspace and type it in? Google Chrome has my names saved at the minute so I double click on the box and use the alt name that I want to vote for :D
  17. I can stick an opt-out button on, give me a few minutes :)
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  18. Not exactly from the top of my head (only a bit), but I'll vote early today to check for you. :)
    That's awesome! Is there maybe a way you can teach me this, so I can make my own custom links/whatever magic you use to do this, to help with my alt voting. :)
    I atleast tried both, because I did still help you ;) But I have to be honest, it felt a bit "hmmm" after I posted it...
    Hahaha, congratulations :p I was on my phone, on 3G, outside in the sun though, is that a good excuse? :p
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  19. Found out myself by copying my links, so, in the correct order:





    And then change the username to the alt/other account. :)
  20. Okay, toggle added - it's in the bottom right corner.

    It's nothing particularly fancy - I basically just have to hope the site provides a way of filling in the name based on the URL. :)
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