The Struggle is Real

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  1. lag lag lag for free
  2. It is an exact replica. Minor improvements made of course (material change and that's it)

    Nice to have my own personal villager trading res. Been needing too many materials.
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  3. Pff, what a troll. :p It adds two at a time, too, for some reason. Very easily clears out your entire client chat history!
  4. When your typoing skills suddenly improve yet again...

    My hands are too cold to type properly. :p
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  5. When you try to escape a nether bastion in style (35 seconds)
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  6. Been away for a while, here's my struggle:

    Recently I decked out my server machine with modern hardware and NVME storage. That and a 10gb ethernet card for it and my main machine.

    I was upset that I did not get a 1.25 GB/s transfer rate!! I will definitely lose sleep over this tonight! (No not really lol)
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  7. Anybody else occasionally see a message that makes them feel old?

  8. Horses still feel new to me... :oops:
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  9. Not to me! Nor do the new biomes. ... oh.
  10. When you have a meeting that you take into account for your planning, and then when it is supposed to start you find out it was cancelled less than 12 hours ago...
    Edit: My day went along fine. :) It meant I had extra time for other things. ;) (but of course I will have the meeting later, and then I'll have to take it into account again, and lose the time there... but oh well)
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  11. Remodeling my furnace array is going great
  12. the speed at which you load back in is phenomenal though ngl, that gif would be a lot longer if it was mine
  13. lol people forget them all the time. i wouldn't be surprised if someone played a version younger than 1.6 that they wouldn't know about them.

    Fun fact, your more likely to encounter a shiny pokemon in crystal than you are to breed a god speed horse in MC.
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  14. I agree about horses. To this day, I still do not know how to breed them to get a faster offspring. One of those niche things I guess? haha
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  15. How about breeding for slower offspring?
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  16. The most evil thing you can do to their offspring, bwa hahaha!! >:3
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  17. That is, in fact the same problem xD its also incredibly low odds to breed the extreme other. I had ran calcs for a plethora of tests, and yeah, youd be extremely lucky to get either of the extremes.

    Hehe, it feels nice that i own a pair of the slowest obtainable horses (technically on like permanent loan).
  18. I was borrowing a 47.22 up until about a week ago, didn't manage to breed any slower than that
  19. Not bad, btw I will clarify that the absolute minimum naturally occurring speed is 45, so thats not that far off.