The Hitchhiker's Guide to EMC

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  1. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Empire Minecraft
    (last updated: 9/9/2015)

    "EMC is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mindboggling big it is."

    If you're new to EMC, it can be a bit daunting at first but don't worry...the worst that can happen is you fall down a pit, get hugged by a creeper and drop all of your diamonds/diamond stuff into a lava flow.

    Getting Started

    If you're new to EMC, make sure to check out these useful links! Know the difference between SMPs (the servers), Town, Wild/Frontier, Nether and the Wastes!

    And if all else fails...ask someone for help!
    EMC strives to maintain a fun, mature and family friendly environment. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules, especially no griefing, stealing or being disrespectful to players or staff. The rules apply no matter where you are, town, wastes or frontier/wild. Being given build permissions doesn't mean you can destroy everything and being given access to chests doesn't mean you can raid the entire vault. Follow the rules and remember the fundamental rule, respect.

    See the Empire!

    There's lots of stuff to see and do around the Empire, puzzles, parkour, games, monuments and more!

    You can quickly travel to all of these places using the /v #### or /v name command.

    Examples: /v 16042, /v NeedsFoodBadly, /v NeedsFoodBadly 2 (if I have a second res, and so on), /v SpecialPlace (for res that are specially named)

    Remember, your inventory is instanced to the SMP (server) you're on. Use /vault to transfer items between SMPs.
    You can also get around by using custom res tags like /v +shop, +mall, +parkour, +games and more. Using the command repeatedly will take you to different shops, malls and other places using the same res tags.
    While player-created lists and res tags are a great way to explore keep in mind that these locations can change from time to time. A player may move to a different res, set up shop elsewhere or take a break from playing EMC.

    Empire Shopping/Attractions/Public Works

    Azoundria's EMC Market Search Tool
    Empire Prices v2.5-Part One
    Empire Prices v2.5-Part Two
    EMC Shops and Attractions V2
    SMP8 Public Utilities/Grinders (Frontier)
    Small Shop List
    Shell's Shop Reviews

    More Places:
    These are just a few great places you can check out in the Empire.
    There are many more, probably too many to list here. Didn't I say EMC was big?

    Empire Graveyard: Empire_Graveyard
    Empire Monument: jgtribute
    Eternia: eternia
    8Comimi's A Puzzle's Puzzle: 1347
    eatumup's Wool Farm: 1188
    RanzomZH's Smooth Stone Generator/Mall: 1728
    Nonames1_2's Public Farm: 1243
    Azoundria's Mall: 911 & 3111
    CrimRyuken's Mall: 1033
    Todd_Vinton's Mall: 2000
    Parkour: holeinone
    Playground: empire_park
    Head Museum: emc_headmuseum
    poofasaurus's Mall: 3470
    Epic Rollercoaster: Amusement_Park
    TheDarkModRises' Mall: 6655
    Memorial: memorial
    Fire Floor: firefloor
    KaliaLlama's SMP4 Directory Hub: 9308
    Mob Arena Event: mobarena
    Maxarias' Dirt Shack: dirtshack
    Creature Capture Event: creaturecapture
    MrsWishes Horse Mall: 11161
    shavingfoam's Mall: 11372
    Glowstone Maze: maze
    PVP Arena: /pvp, /v blue, /v purple, /v white, /v lime
    Impossible Parkour: 6parkour
    Massive Treehouse City: mudhut
    Empire Palace: empire_palace
    Party Maze: party
    Tacos!: tacos
    Budha1992's Mall/Public Wool Farm: 15284, /v +budha
    Candyland: 15206
    EMC Olympics: emcgames
    Koth: koth
    Sgt_Pepper4's Mall: 16870, /v +bulk
    Fairshop Mall: 17177, /v +fs
    Birthday Party: birthday
    FDNY21's EMC Museum: 18200
    Plebiasaurus's Mall: 5555
    Jelle68's Maze/Parkour: 5408

    News, Events & More
    Make sure to check the forums regularly for EMC news, special events and more!
    Both players and staff will often advertise in-game as well for special events like drop parties, grief parties, games with prizes like firefloor, parkour, puzzles and more so keep your ears open! Check the news and events forums or player posts/threads.

    You don't need staff to have a party...but it helps!

    Make a note of it!
    Want to keep track of all your favorite places and friends in-game? I recommend buying a book & quill (don't sign it!) so you can keep a list of friends, favorite places and other notes.

    Don't Forget...

    ...the most important part of both Minecraft and Empire Minecraft...have fun!

    *This isn't meant to be the ultimate list of everything there ever was ever but rather to serve as a gateway for new explorers in EMC. This guide is largely based on contributions by various members of the EMC community. Thanks to everyone!

    Have an interesting place (monuments, games, amazing builds, wonders of the world, etc.) or a useful link you'd like featured here? Let everyone know in the comments below! Please submit only completed builds (by exception) for consideration. Please don't use this thread to ask for donations.
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  2. Nice! But you didn't mention the only three malls I ever go to.

    /v +Budha on smp7
    /v +mm on smp6, there is a teleport to the right to the new location, not sure why he hasn't changed that
    /v fairshop on smp8

    Also, all on smps you didn't have listed :)

    I used to use azoundrias on smp9 quite a lot too but its gone now :-(
    The only mall you listed that I have actually been to is Todd's lol

    I will definitely he keeping this link handy for new players
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I'll check 'em out the next time I'm on. For now, I'm trying to provide a short sampling (not a comprehensive list) of places, public works, games and shops from across all the SMPs. I know SMP1 is a little over-represented at the moment though so I'll work on that.
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  4. That's because smp1 needs some love <3

    When I can I will edit it the res. Numbers on smp5 of the player who made a free public: flower farm, horse/donkey /mule breeding center, pumpkin and melon farm, plus more.

    Oh there's also the smp8 sushi drop and all the mob grinders that go with it, for free mob drops and iron too.

    But I do want to show my appreciation for this thread. I will be linking it to every interested new player I come across. Thank you very much ^_^v
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  5. What an amazing feature to have. I will also keep this handy, not only for newer players, but also for myself and my friends.
  6. I will have to keep this link in mind when talking to newer players. Very useful! Also, the title made me laugh. ;)
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  7. You didn't mention the rollercoaster on /v 1293. Dude, it's rad. =P
  8. Edit: Hey, I checked it out and the entrance appears to be closed, what I'm assuming is a chest to buy minecarts from has no shop sign, the exit is open but riding the exit doesn't take you on the full track line. There is a way to get into the entrance but it requires jumping from the top of your farm. Can I get a ride operator over here? :p
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  9. The owner only allows people to ride when he's online. Doesn't want people to steal his mine carts, he said. He might on later today, so if he's on, he might give you a PM if you're also on.
  10. I own the 14006 (promos) and 14002 (rare items) museums on smp7, those would be cool to add.
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  11. Made a big update to the list of shops, attractions and public works. If anyone else has more suggestions feel free to add! This is for major attractions, events and well-established/well-stocked malls with less emphasis on the stores, more emphasis on major attractions, builds, monuments, wonders and public works.
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  12. The fairshop and bulk is not stocked a lor
  13. Just something small: NutriciousBudha is the name of the account that owns the mall and wool farm. Budha#### is an alt.

    Also I'm pretty sure eternia is on smp7.. not positive but pretty sure. Aikar does have a res on smp1 though.

    There is also one of my absolute favorite attractions in all of EMC on smp7: CANDYLAND! /v 15351, /v 15207, /v 15206, /v 15350. yup a four square of cavity and diabeetus filled attraction. :D
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  14. Thanks for the post! Very useful collection of information!
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  15. In love with this guide
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  16. Very nice guide, well done NeedsFoodBadly! Also nice to see my museum mentioned up in there on SMP9, cheers! :)
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  17. I added a note for that and added Candyland. Thanks.