Empire Prices V2.5: Section One

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  1. Thanks for all the feedback, support, and critique. Not everyone will always agree on a specific price for an item, and that is okay this list is only here to provide a base price to work off of when dealing with the economy of EMC.

    Pricing List brought to you by

    Check out Section Two for the following categories
    High End and Special Items
    Ores and Ingots

    Below you will find the up-to-date prices on most of Empire Minecraft's items, if I missed an item or a price is a bit off please post below or let me know in a message.

    Special Emc Items
    Spawn Eggs

    (Credit to FDNY & ww2fan168 for the list)

    2012 EMC Ann. Firework:55,000R
    2013 EMC Firework: 50,000R
    2013 IDay Firework: 40,000R
    Promo Horse Incitatus: 180,000R
    Promo Horse Saltar: 180,000R
    Promo Horse Valens: 180,000R
    2013 Birthday Cake: (Awaiting Pricing)
    2013 Labor Bench: 35,000R
    2013 Haunted Head: 35,000R
    2013 Haunted Head (Has dispensed Candy): 35,000R
    2013 Turkey Slicer: 50,000R
    Promo Instructions: 150,000R
    Holiday Pick: 140,000R
    Promo Horse Rudolph: 90,000R
    2013 EMC Ann. Firework: 35,000R
    2014 Cupid Bow: 25,000R
    Lucky Bow: 35,000 R
    Maxarian Head: 25,000R
    Magical Eggcellant Wand: 16,000R
    IDay Armor (4 pieces): 65,000R per piece
    2014 IDay Firework: 25,000R
    2014 EMC Firework: 30,000R
    Freedom Blade: 35,000R
    2014 EMC Birthday Cake: 21,000R
    2014 Labor Bench: 20,000R
    2014 Headless Horseman Mask: 35,000R
    Remembrance Poppy: 20,000R
    2014 Turkey Slicer: 45,000R
    Ham Hacker: 32,000R
    Emergency Snow Clearing Device: 31,000R
    Holiday Candle: 13,000R
    Dancer: 30,000R
    2014 EMC Ann. Firework: 25,000R
    Cupid Bow: 25,000R
    Cupid Arrows (1 Stack): 8,000R
    Cupid Spawn Egg: 30,000R
    Cupid Chest Bundle: 55,000R
    Pi Day Celebration Pie: 20,000 R
    Pot O' Gold: 14,000R
    Meteor Bow: 20,000 R
    2015 Birthday Cake: 12,000 R
    2015 Birthday Cookie: 30,000 R
    2015 4th of July Fireworks: 15,000 R

    Special EMC Items

    Netherhound Egg: 50,000R
    Feast for a king: 21,000R
    Spooky Mob Egg: 35,000R
    Starter Gear (Total Collection):4,000R
    Book of Colors: 100,000R
    ICC Skin: 6,000R
    ICC Flesh: 6,000R
    Valentines Rose: 155,000R
    60k Members Items 7 pieces total: 250,000 R per piece
    Ore Buster: 300,000 R


    Pig Egg: 20 R
    Chicken Egg: 20 R
    Sheep Egg: 20 R
    Villager Egg: 35 R
    Cow Egg: 20 R
    Mooshroom Egg: 20 R
    Squid Egg: 110 R
    Wolf Egg: 50 R
    Ocelot Egg: 80 R


    Sand: 80 R
    Sandstone: 180 R
    Smooth Sandstone: 184 R
    Creeper Sandstone: 184 R
    Stone: 80 R
    Cobblestone: 40 R
    Stone Brick: 80 R
    Glass: 136 R
    Obsidian: 1120 R
    Ice: 64 R
    Snow Block: 400 R
    Gravel: 80 R
    Brick Block: 960 R
    Clay Block: 192 R
    Hard Clay: 384 R
    Mossy Cobble: 128 R
    Mossy Stone: 128 R
    Cracked Stone: 480 R
    Circle Stone: 70 r
    Sponge: 1,000 (PER SPONGE)


    Dark Oak Wood: 128 R
    Acacia Wood: 128 R
    Jungle Log: 128 R
    Spruce/Pine Log: 128 R
    Birch Log: 128 R
    Oak Log: 128 R


    Hopper: 35 R
    Dispenser: 40 R
    Dropper: 16 R
    Redstone Dust: 3 R
    Repeater: 20 R
    Redstone Comparator: 35 R
    Piston: 15 R
    Sticky Piston: 25 R
    Daylight Detector: 30 R
    Tripwire Hook: 5 R
    Redstone Lamp: 30 R
    Trapped Chest: 10 R
    Iron Plate: 10 R
    Gold Plate: 20 R

    Priced Individually

    Potion of Fire Resistence (8 Minutes): 15 R
    Potion of Water Breathing (8 Minutes): 30 R
    Potion of Night Vision (8 Minutes): 25 R
    Potion of Healing: 25 R
    Potion of Swiftness (8 Minutes): 10 R
    Potion of Swiftness (L2): 20 R
    Potion of Strength (8 Minutes): 10 R
    Potion of Strength (L2): 15 R
    Potion of Regeneration (2 Minutes): 30 R
  2. dude, if you can tell me where you can find other 60k gear at 180k, tell me. What I am saying is that there obviously is 1 or a few prices off. 60k stuff is around 230k + per (Not including ore buster which is higher than that).

    Edit: Iday Armor isn't 35k per either, i'd snatch it up at that price too. Try more like 65k per

    Also Cupid Bundles are 85k around. Was there any research conducted before making this list or is this what you would like them to be?

    Are those the prices for used Incitatus/valens/saltar? There are some people BUYING unused for like 180-200k, don't believe me check 4005/

    Edit again: Max Res Vouchers at 750k? Thats a joke. A complete joke. You'd be lucky to score one at 1.2m A fair price for that would be 1.5m per.

    Diamonds at 100r?!?!? Where is a store like this????
    Freedom blades are 65k now not 35k. Ill buy all of them off you for 35k per if you'd like.

  3. Fixed, thank you. If you notice any other changes that need to be made let me know.

    And what would the Ore Buster be priced at?
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  4. Not seeing the Bliz Ard nose or Avalauncher up there?
  5. I have yet to find prices for those, if you could message or post those prices I will add them ASAP.
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  6. You may want to check out my ingot exchange on smp8 at /v +bulk. At the moment it suggests diamonds are 120r, iron is a little above 4r, emeralds about 40r, quartz frags about 14r each, gold ingots about 12r, and I'd love to buy lapiz at 7r each. Lots of shops I've seen are 9r and up. Of course this is exchange form so the prices can change, but this is current market conditions on smp8. Hope this helps your price guide.
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  7. And I've heard 300k for avalaunchers a lot lately? Someone should verify that.
  8. I listed the lowest prices I could find on the server, if the prices rise I will make sure they are updated.
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  9. Oh and to those who thinks the prices in my exchange are wrong (too expensive, or too cheap) come participate and change the prices by buying and selling. If something is too expensive then you obviously have a dc lying around doing nothing so sell it and make your rupees. If something is too cheap, you obviously have a great need and see opportunity to make your project cheaper, or just resell to another shop for profit. I do not care, it is set up for free market.
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  10. Not to rant at anyone, I've just heard people tell me my prices are too high or low at my shop lol. I'm a bit sleepy. They didnt do anything about the price opportunity either, just complained and left. Well anyway, cheers!
  11. Added Featured Shop listing, message me for the criteria to be add to the list.
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  12. Shouldn't that be 40r?

    And vault vouchers are around 12500r while stable vouchers are 8-10k
  13. Changes made.
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  14. btw ore busters are at 250k
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  15. I agree with many of the prices but some do still need a bit of work. For example, you have 60k membet items at 230k but the Ore Buster at 190k? Ore Buster will always be worth more - it should be listed at around 250k. There's a few others also, but that's just one that I'll pick up on :)

    Also, I see some items that aren't there, such as perhaps the Promo Instructions? I didn't see items like the Avalauncher or Blizz Ard Nose either (I don't expect items like Arena Blades etc on there but items like Promo Instructions and Dragon Eggs etc. should be). I think you need to list a few more items, if you don't have a price for them then you can stick (Unknown price, PM me) next to it or something. Also, you can do a bit of research to see some of the last prices that the item has gone for, that may give you a good indication :D

    I also see that you listed the Cupid Bow twice, you listed one as "same as 2014 version". I think you only need to list it once, both were exactly the same and have literally no differences and therefore no need to differentiate them. If they had different years listed on them then they need different titles, sure, but these are the same so I don't think that there's any point so things like that need to be ironed out ;)

    I see you gave credit to ww2fan168 (you need to put 168 instead of 198, I think), but I wrote many of the prices on his thread, do you think that you could give me credit also? If you see his thread then he gives me credit so that's my proof. Thanks! :rolleyes:

    TLDR - Nice thread, some good prices, needs some adjusting here and there and list needs some ironing out but looks promising if it will be updated, and I'd like credit too if possible, thanks (read above)
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  16. Why are netherhound eggs less valuable than "enraged zombie" eggs as you can still physically go out and get your own? As I mentioned on the other thread, Marlix pieces go for 100k at the moment as well. The bow isn't listed, but it goes for much more than that.

    Also, I appreciate these sort of threads in general so long as they're actually well kept up with and before I even got to the bottom I was going to mention that FDNY21 was basically the first to make an entire list since I've been here anyway.
  17. Lucky bow is still only worth 40k max, not 65k.

    Also, if you need a list of promos/special items/ special mob drops/ EMC items, use the wiki =P

    Edit: why are you using the cheapest prices you can find? You should try using the average, or most up-to-date (and constant)
  18. I was waiting for someone to confirm the Ore Buster prices. And yes I don't mind giving you credit for the promo prices as well.
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  19. I'd say the Ore Busters go for more or less 240k-250k to the right person.
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  20. If you're waiting for confirmation on items, I recommend writing "Awaiting confirmation" next to each item you're waiting on in the original post. :)
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