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  1. (last post update: 26th of May, 2015)

    Hi gang!

    What is this?

    This is my new venting-outlet-to-be. I started to do some serious server hopping as of late and also found my way into many existing shops on the Empire. I really enjoy using, for example, /v +shop or /v +horse and so forth.

    I soon learned that many of you really try to get some extra attention to your shop and that isn't always as easy as it sounds. This evening I visited a shop on smp6 who's owner organized a really nice fishing tournament. Not only for the event itself, but also in an attempt to get some more people to visit her residence and shop. And that got me thinking...

    How does this work?

    Simple! I've come across a few shops which I really took a liking to and I also discover new ones almost every day (well, not really but it comes close). So instead of only pointing others to them from time to time (if applicable of course, I'm not a spammer) I decided to also do a review on some of them.

    It's easy; if I know your shop and/or have visited it more than once and actually liked what I saw then chances are high that you'll eventually will see it popping up in here.

    You'll get some free "advertisement", and I got myself a writing outlet. Win-Win.

    Can I apply, please do my shop next!!1

    In general I don't do requests. For me every shop is one like any other and deserves the same chances for a review. However, do feel free to point my attention to your shop (I prefer that you don't whisper me in-game about it but send me a forum PM instead). Rule: It has to be your shop. What counts as your shop is very simple: if you're able to just nab a product out of a shop chest then the shop counts as yours (even though you could be co-owner through means of an admin flag or access sign).

    Remember: in the end I do this for the sheer fun of it, so my main concern is that it stays fun and doesn't become a burden.

    (re)moved shops and residences

    Players get lost, residences get reclaimed, things change, etc, etc. I try to check up on the list from time to time, but if you spot a shop which is no longer there then I'd appreciate a warning (PM is preferred). If any of my reviews have the shop details (at the beginning of the post) all crossed out like this then the shop no longer exists or something else is wrong. I'm keeping the posts in place though because those can serve as a nice historic overview.

    (last update 27th May. 2015)

    Yes, there are some rules I put in place for both myself as well as for you guys...
    • This is a review thread which mainly focusses on the shop and the "shopping experience". Although I'll also put some attention on the products being sold (or bought) it's not a price comparison thread. No "this shop is cheaper than that shop" allowed!
    • If you want to point my attention to your shop then please send me a personal message.
      • The shop has to be yours. In other words: you have access to (some of) the used chest(s) in the shop. Rule of thumb: if I'd ask you to hand me an item you can simply take one out and throw it at me.
      • You can't pay to get a review. The main drive for this thread is to allow everyone a fair chance into the spotlight, so you cannot bribe yourself into a better chance of being reviewed. Also: I play for the experience, not the rupees.
    • No negativity allowed in the entire thread. Not in my posts nor in any possible reactions. I know this is also a forum rule, I just wanted to put some extra attention to it.
      • If you point my attention to your shop and it so happens that I don't like it enough to do a review then you don't have to worry about me burning it to the ground here. NOT going to happen. I probably will share with you, in private, why I'm not reviewing it at that time.
    • "I think you're doing a review on my shop, can you have it done before Monday? I'm doing a sale then and it'll help me get more attention!" ... sorry, (probably) not going to happen. My main drive is fun, so I will not accept deadlines to work with.
      • Basically; if you see me snooping around a shop paying attention to specific details and you suspect something then well... it could be the same day but it could also very well be next week before the review is done.
    • Every shop is equal to me. Sure; there are some impressive builds: a huge shop (or mall) build from lots of materials, has easy paths to navigate, and lots of item frames with details like lamps to indicate stock amounts. Cool. And impressive. And seriously: I mean that. But to me the new (or maybe not so new) player who managed to build a shop in his (cobblestone?) attic and who found a way to make it multi store by using a plain ladder is just as cool to me.
      • Its the shopping experience, combined with the offered products and the overall atmosphere which counts. Honestly; I think a cobblestone shop can be just as much fun to visit than a huge mall made out of quartz and emerald blocks. Quantity doesn't make quality!
      • Bottom line: having a huge mall or a one floor "cobble shop" makes no difference to me, both will have equal chances to get into a review.
    • "My shop still exists but you removed it!", I will check shops from time to time and when people can no longer shop (remember: the shopping experience matters most) then you risk that I take your entry "offline". You can request that I undo that, just sent me a PM.
    • I got a complaint!
    Also important to keep in mind: I'll honestly try not to play favorites but I will do so from time to time, I'm only human afterall ;)

    And now, onto the reviews...
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  2. What: Clare's enchanted book shop
    Where: Residence 16029 on smp8. Also accessible using: /v claremuss while on smp8.
    Specializes in: Enchanted books which are to be used on an anvil to enchant items.
    Interesting details: Has a beacon (2) which provides Speed II and Jump Boost II.

    The entrance to Claremuss' shop, meeting up with her here was pure coincidence...

    What better way than to start this review thread with a picture of the shop owner in her very own shop? Honestly you guys; this wasn't planned (I'm 100% sure that Clare is going to be quite surprised) but that makes it so much more fun. For the record: none of my review visits will be planned. That would be unfair in my opinion and totally ruin the surprise element.

    Enchanted books?

    There are 2 main ways to enchant items in Minecraft. The first is to gain access to an enchanting table (preferably one with enough bookshelves to reach level 30) and then take your best shot at it. If you're lucky you'll get good, high level, enchants. But if the odds are against you.... Always fun to end up with a diamond sword which only got Unbreaking I. After you spend 30xp levels on it of course...

    The second way is to use an anvil. Its not just for renaming items, using enchanted books allows you to place the exact enchantment onto your tools which you want to have. Guess what? Claremuss' shop can provide you with exactly what you need here!

    Pay attention to the item frame; it tells you that in this section of the shop you'll find enchants suitable for use on armor...

    Shop sections

    When you visit Clare's shop you'll quickly discover that its divided into sections, see for one example my picture above. It will tell you exactly what kind of enchants you'll find and that makes locating the right enchantment all the more easy.

    It doesn't matter if you're looking for efficiency, unbreaking or perhaps the very popular silk touch enchant; chances are very high that you'll find them here.

    Fun fact

    Did you know that the Empire allows you to keep and repair that "uberly enchanted tool" at the maximum cost of 39 XP levels? No? They do!

    In plain vanilla Minecraft an item can become "too expensive" when trying to repair it. You're bound to discover this if you (ab?)use creative mode to build yourself "overpowered" items (no offense; that's what I call them) and then try to repair them in your regular survival session. And for the record: I'm not judging, how do you think I discovered this, eh?

    The Empire does things a little different. If a repair would go over the 39 limit then it'll be automatically reduced and capped at 39 (see the official statement here).

    Meaning? It did cost me a few diamonds and 39 XP levels, but my favorite diamond pickaxe (Efficiency V, Unbreaking III and Fortune III) is now good as new again.

    First floor

    Easy to overlook (I did during my first visit) but Clare sells more than merely enchanted books...

    Clare sells more than merely enchanted books. The first floor holds a nice diversity of items which could be useful for any player. From ender pearls and golden apples (foreground) right to more trivial (but still invaluable in-game!) items; like the crafting table in the background.

    Public services

    This is going to be a recurring section in my reviews, and although I promise to look carefully I can't rule out the possibility of me overlooking something.

    Having said that...

    I think it's only fitting (and therefor worthy to mention) that we can also enchant our items in Claremuss' shop...

    The top floor of Clare's shop features an enchanting table, as seen above, with enough bookshelves to easily reach level 30. If you need quick enchanting then look no further ;)


    The pool, free to anyone who would like to fish here...

    If you just got to Clare's shop and turn around (or go left and then left again) you'll reach this pool. The house seen on the right is where she likes to idle sometimes (so the signs told me) but anyone is free to enjoy him or her -self here.

    Did I mention that Clare also sells fishing rods? :)

    Summing up...

    If you're looking for enchanted books then this is a really nice shop to visit. So far I visited here to get an "overpowered" pick axe, get myself a 'sneaky' silk touch pick axe and recently I bought some extra enchants to apply to my soon-to-buy "god armor".

    Although your mileage may vary, as is the saying, it has so far been my experience that Clare usually has her stock really in check.

    So yeah; when you want to enchant your stuff then 16029 could be a very good choice.
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  3. I really like how you review shops of all sizes and your positive attitude towards it all. Great job!
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  4. Well I don't know what to say other than I'm honored and very flattered! Besides this being about my shop it's a brilliant review! I did laugh at the first photo as I was coming down the stairs and saw you outside! I had no idea what you were doing at all! I saw you upstairs too just gazing out the window at one point and figured you were just afk on my res lol!

    It's a great idea to review shops this way as I'm sure many people didn't even know mine existed until this post. I can't wait to read other shops and malls that you review! Great work and Thank You so much again! :)
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  5. What: Max102003's new shop
    Where: Residence 3401 on smp2. Also accessible using: /v max102003 (turn right) while on smp2.
    Specializes in: Food items & some building materials (just added paper!)
    Interesting details: The store is right next to Max' house.

    Max102's new shop: free dirt at the entrance!

    While I was minding my own business on smp2, my home server, we suddenly got a comment from Max:

    That aroused my curiosity, so time to check it out! I'm usually interested in new things, especially after having accomplished some of my own.

    As you can see in the picture above Max' shop is located right next to his house, where he sometimes afk's (or so I think). Being a relatively new player (first sign-in 6 days ago, at the time of writing) Max doesn't have a huge diversity of items (yet?), but enough to grab my interest. Seriously: if you need some food before heading out into the waste or wild then I think Max' shop can be a good choice.

    Also interesting to note is that Max really keeps an eye out for business opportunities; initially I wasn't really interested in buying items until I noticed that he also sold sugar cane. Thing is: I've been experimenting with villagers this evening and one of them was interested in trading me one emerald for 28 paper. So I bought Max' entire sugar cane stock, turned it into paper, gave that to the villager and well... Max: you got in-game mail (see /mail) :)

    Now; Max saw, thought and now he's also selling paper. Which I'm very likely to buy after writing this review :)

    The shop owner, Max, standing besides his offered goods...

    This time meeting up with the shop owner wasn't a coincidence because I basically accepted the invitation to visit his residence.

    And may I also point your attention to the floor pattern as well as the glowstone lights?

    I could be way off; but what I see here is a relatively new player trying very hard to build a shop with all the resources he has and also paying attention to details. And that immediately got both my attention and the urge to put him into the spotlight.

    SO yeah, I enjoyed this shop and since it's still the weekend... A review was required :)

    I know Max already has plans to expand on his shop and I really hope he'll succeed!
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  6. What: lottie1664's mall/shop
    Where: Residence 10314 on smp5. Also accessible using: /v lottie1664-2 while on smp5.
    Specializes in: Wool and basic items.
    Interesting details: Enchants items for 100r. *

    The entrance to Lottie's shop...

    Welcome dear reader to an unplanned review of yet another Empire player shop.

    When I get bored, which happens very seldom on the Empire, then strange things can happen. At the end of my day of playing last night I decided to hop onto one of my favorite servers (smp5) and well; do something a little crazy:

    [04:45:42] [CHAT] T ShelLuser: so, time for a dangerous question; who has a shop but has trouble getting it into the spotlight? :)
    [04:45:55] [CHAT] T lottie1664: me its at my 2nd res
    [04:46:14] [CHAT] T ShelLuser: on this server? ;)
    [04:46:19] [CHAT] T lottie1664: yup
    [04:46:28] [CHAT] T ShelLuser: well, lets check it out
    [04:46:36] [CHAT]  » Welcome to lottie1664's mall/shop!
    Yes, I like enthusiasm like that. Trust me: I know that it may have sounded pretty weird: "Hey would you mind if your shop got into a review, I think a few people might like it!". If it were happening to me then I probably couldn't help wonder how long it'd take before I'd be asked about an admin flag ;)

    What I immediately liked is that it's not all about selling for Lottie; she'll even buy stuff!

    Lottie's shop sells and buys a nice variety of wool in lots of different colors. You basically walk through a corridor (as can be seen on the pictures) and end up in three different rooms where several chests and shop signs are to be found at both sides of the room.

    And as can be seen in my first picture there can be little doubt as to where the entrance is (some shops really seem to be struggling with that) :)

    Now, Lottie's shop maybe small but she does her utmost best to help her customers best as she can, and I think that really deserves some credit. For example; she does not sell ores and such, so what to do if you were looking for that, or something else, and can't find what you're looking for?

    Clearly seen are the shop signs at the side of the room as well what to do if you can't find what you need...

    That also quickly caught my attention and when I first saw this I knew I had come to the right shop for another review. This really convinces me that for Lottie the customers comes first. Even if that means informing them about another shop. That really shows commitment and deserves some respect in my opinion. And as you probably know the shopping experience really comes first for me.

    So if you're in need of wool and happen to be around SMP5 then I can well recommend going over to /v 10314 and visit Lottie's shop!

    This review was made before the 1.8 update so some things, like enchanting, could have been changed in the mean time.
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  7. Fascinating guide. I've never been to ClareMuss's shop (I've certainly heard of it!) but the review you did of that shop may just be the motivation I need to get down there and shop. I love how you do all kinds of shops and not just the mainstream megamalls that everybody already knows. This thread has shown me a lot of cool little shops that I probably wouldn't have ever known about if I hadn't taken a look at this thread. =)
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  8. This is awesome! :)
    I was browsing the forums, but didn't know what sub-forum I should check. So, I asked my little brother to say a number between one and about twenty. He said thirteen, which meant Products, Businesses & Services. At first that disappointed me, because I thought nothing interesting would be in there. Then, though, I saw you had made a thread in there. And I knew I was gladI went to that section ;)
    I love this thread, keep on going!
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  9. Thank you so much Shelluser! I loved the review! Thanks so much! I hope i get some more customers (and rupees :D lol) now!
  10. What: Junya's shop / mall
    Where: Residence 4255 on smp2. Also accessible using: /v junya6 while on smp2.
    Specializes in: A wide variety of items; from regular blocks to fast horses.
    Interesting details: Has started a 'zecret' project ;)

    The entrance to Junya's shop

    When you're visiting Junya's shop you'll quickly learn that he provides a lot of different items, see for an example the entrance teleports which provide access to the horse shop, the general item shop as well as some public services and a 'secret' project (it's not really secret, but simply new. but I like my version better) ;)

    You can navigate through Junya's shop using the several teleport pressure plates which you'll find throughout the shop. These make it very easy to quickly find the area you're looking for.

    An interesting detail can be seen on the left. Where some other shops use item frames to show the product(s) which you can buy, Junya choose to show the actual block itself. So you, the customer, will know exactly what kind of block you'll be buying and how big its going to be ;)

    Also good to know is that Junya's shop is selling and buying. So if you're a player who is need for some rupee's then you should definitely check it out after your mining trip.

    Junya in his shop, busy attending to his customers, as can be seen in chat ;)

    Finally, the shop also provide some public services. Something I actually prefer in a shop. After all; a shop is a place where you buy stuff, and if it happens to be diamonds to repair your armor then having an anvil nearby to use them is simply a very helpful extra touch.

    As could be expected the public service area is just one quick teleport away....

    Public service area; here you'll have access to a crafting table, enchantment table and an anvil...

    And there you have it!

    If you're in need of items, or simply looking to sell some, then Juny's shop on smp2 is definitely something to keep in mind. /v 4255 on smp2.

    Oh, that 'secret' project you ask?


    Juny's latest project, what it is? Your reporter doesn't know ;)

    I honestly don't know what this project is about, but I still liked the environment. It almost looked as if I was teleported into the Frontier and near a sculpture of some sort. Of course the darkness helped to create that atmosphere, but even so; I liked it so figured I'd also share this small tidbit ;)

    Sorry for the delay, I have been busy, EMC has been distracting me, and I also ended up starting to write only to stop again. Right now there are 2 more shops on my todo list, one of you already knows about it; the other player is going to be surprised ;)
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  11. What: 18005 (aka Gizmo_PigAlt's shop)
    Where: Residence 18005 on smp9. Also accessible using: /v gizmo_pigalt while on smp9.
    Specializes in: Enchanted books.
    Interesting details: Has a beacon which provides a constant speed enhancement.

    Entrance to 18005

    There are more shops which specialize in the same item, in this case: enchanted books. And all have their own uniqueness and specialties, as can be seen here...

    Some weeks ago I got a nice request from someone who pointed my attention to 18005 and mentioned the enchanted books. After checking it out I had quickly made up my mind about the review; the shop really manages to give you the impression as if you're walking around an old bookshop.

    You may know the ones: where you'll actually find dimly lit areas which contain older (or less commonly bought) books. The kind of bookshop which can actually look a little creepy in certain areas, but with that "creepiness" if you will also comes a bit of mystique and mystery. At least in my opinion.

    You guessed it: 18005 really brings that feel alive. Yes, it's "a shop which sells enchanted books" but I really liked the atmosphere which the used lighting gives:

    Is there someone watching me from there?

    And before anyone comments: I realize that this area is simply unused (at the time of writing anyway). Even so; as said before: I still think it adds up to the overall atmosphere. And I like it!

    Although 18005 also sells other items, one example can be seen in the screenshot above, the main focus is enchanted books. When you just step into the shop you'll reach a teleport section which can take you exactly to the area you need. So; enchants for your a certain armor piece or maybe enchants for your weapons or other items...

    Clearly visible: the several enchantment sections. Also notice the regular tools/weapons/armor on the left.

    I guess it's easy to guess in which country the shop owner lives :)

    Once you selected a section you'll be quickly taken to the area from where you can buy the enchantments you need:

    The several enchanted books; notice the use of the bookshelves, which really gives it a "bookshop feel".

    So yeah, easy to navigate and you can quickly find the enchantment(s) (or other tools) you're after, while still managing to give you a good impression as if you were in a bookshop.

    Also good to know is that the shop provides a public enchantment area as well. So if you bought XP bottles you can immediately use your XP to try and get the enchants you're after. And don't worry if you fail: because the right book is already waiting to be bought by you.

    And before you simply teleport away I can recommend to take a little more effort and walk out of the shop to have a look around. Because the building really looks amazing on the outside as well:

    Easy to see where I've been ;) Also notice the two aligned beacon beams.

    SO there you have it. A nice, big, bookshop which fully specializes in enchanted books. As you can see in the screenshot above: all you need to do is remember 18005 :)
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  12. Thank you very much for that wonderul review :). Ill just point out a few things all those 'dark areas' which are unused could be coming into use very soon :)

    Thanks again!

    P.s - the pillar of hoppers isnt part of the building :p Was just to filter alot of items i had into storage below.
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  13. You're very welcome. And I fixed the comment about the hoppers "just in case".
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  14. What: Budha's Huge One Stop Shop.
    Where: Residence 15223 on smp7. Also accessible using: /v nutriciousbudha while on smp7.
    Specializes in: Trying to provide everything there is to buy.
    Interesting details: Has self-made music, done by 'programming' noteblocks.

    To be honest I'm not fully sure anymore why I ended up in this particular shop, it was in the middle of the weekend and I think that I was anxiously looking for some iron to buy. In bulk. Unfortunately, as mentioned, it was the weekend which is also a period where I can get easily distracted. Like in this particular case: I spend most of the time making screenshots and never got around to buying anymore iron ;)

    Budha's shop, I'm tempted to refer to it as a mall, is huge. And when checking out the residence information I quickly spotted a familiar player name who has container and use access, which makes me convinced that this mall is a mutual effort.

    But what makes this mall stand out for me is the attention for details. And not just that: this mall was made to be used and enjoyed, and that's what makes shopping here such a special experience.

    The weekly sale; come back later for different items

    Getting players to visit your shop is one thing, convincing them to continue visiting... That's often the real challenge. Something which Budha somewhat addresses with what you can see here; the weekly sales. I like the idea of selling something which will eventually change over time.

    Navigating through Budha's shop is really easy. You just make sure to find the right teleport pads which is very easy because all of them are clearly labeled so that you can directly see what area you're going to visit. And when you're visiting those areas you'll notice that this isn't just a big building which basically re-uses the same design all over and merely changes its products. No, far from it...

    One of the regular looking shop sections.

    As you can see; the section above is something you might expect to see in a mall. A specific pattern of blocks, maybe a little bit showing off with the expensive diamond, lapis and emerald blocks (although you got to admit that it really looks very nice). So the other areas are like this as well, right?

    Well, no....

    Take the enchanted book section for example, which you can see above. You can see that the scenery has changed quite drastically. Instead of diamond and emerald blocks we're now walking though a sort of nature-rich area; all we see here are leaves. Personally I think it really adds up to the atmosphere; also notice the bookshelves which have been overgrown by vines.

    But I suppose one could also argue that the ground pattern really isn't that much different from before, and I'd have to agree with them. But there's more ;)

    If you simply need some basic necessities then rest assured that Budha can provide as well. For example, how about saplings and other plant products? Well, simple:

    The mall greenhouse, for all your plant needs...

    Not much diamond and emerald blocks to be found here, now its time to put on your boots and not to worry about some dirt and clay ;)

    As you can see this area looks nothing like the previous ones. And I really like the diversity!

    If you're wandering around the mall and you suddenly hear a catchy music then don't try to remember which music disc is playing because I can tell you right now: that's not a music disk. When you check out the main shopping area you'll quickly find an intriguing button; time to press it!

    The fun part is that this isn't just a bunch of music playing, no, it's also trying to arouse your curiosity and "reward" you for it. And I don't mean a reward in the likes of physical items, but the reward of satisfying your possible curiosity.

    Because if you try to follow the sound and to find out where its coming from then you'll get a really special treat. Not only do you get to see the build which makes the music, you also get to see it in action too!

    Under the main floor are the noteblocks which play a very catchy and peculiar music, notice the active repeaters on the foreground...

    Needless to say but for me this really adds up to the overall shopping experience. Which is something that becomes obviously clear: this isn't merely a shopping area or mall, but also a build which was made to be enjoyed.

    Need more examples?

    Well, we all like a skin competition every once in a while, right? Guess what; Budha's One Stop Shop provides once again:

    And that's not even mentioning the villagers which we're able to use and the really cool looking building itself. I can definitely recommend to step outside for a moment and look back at the building from the outside, its really something else.

    SO, summing up...

    If you're looking for something and haven't had much luck in finding it then you might want to hop over to /smp7 and check out nutriciousbudha's One Stop Shop, on residence 15223!
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  15. Hey this is great thanks so much! I really did put a lot of effort forth and had lots of help from my two best companions/friends on emc, And im still working on getting all the items some of them are really hard to come by tho
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  16. Thanks for the great review shelluser! While I had little to do with the design, I tried to help with some of the concepts and offered lots of criticism XD. I haven't spent nearly as much time AT the mall as budha has but with having donated something in the rupee ballpark of around 300k stuff to get it going and terrorizing budha the whole time he was building it, I definitely feel like a part of the mall myself... Which is what I have always refered to it as, a mall... a super mall actually :D Budha is pretty impressive and has been adding more and more to the mall ever since it first got up and running almost a month ago. I can't count on two hands the amount of times I received /msg gawadrolt come see what I added to the mall. So I'm sure we can only see more additions and fun stuff added by budha in the future. If you haven't seen the advert before: Don't forget to /v +budha for a one stop shop that will provide for all your needs. WyntyrReavyn has also been a big part of the mall, especially in the past week or two.
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  17. That sounds quite great! And on smp7, too!
  18. I've been slacking, but I'm not one to just give up on something either. But sometimes I do need a bit of a break, which I'll take and then simply use to work out my diabolical schemes :D More seriously: its about time for this thread to get revived, and the way things looks now I might also have come up with a fun eastern egg (which might be better known / recognized over time).

    What: SMP5's WoolMart. Made by Kyzoy and NZScruffy.
    Where: /v +woolmart on SMP5. Or: 11288, 11289, 11436 and 11437.
    Specializes in: Wool (duh! ;)).
    Interesting details: Buy wool, sell wool or just get the wool yourself.

    I tried several times to get everything loaded, I failed. Only the street has holes, not the rest....

    Sometimes you come across a shop which is so special and unique that you really have no other choice but to review them. Unfortunately I was in a little dip at that time, but fortunately they're still here. SMP5's own Woolmart!

    What is Woolmart? Well, obviously the place to go to if you're looking to buy wool. Or get wool. But this is where things get a bit wooly: if you're looking to make a few rupees then for sure: this can also be the perfect place to go to. Or maybe you're just looking to save money? Well, Woolmart got you covered there too. But do keep in mind: a little moderation goes a long way. Always think of your fellow players too.

    Woolmart is basically one big shop, spread out over four residences, and they provide wool in every possible color you can think of. Just find your way towards the edges of the main square and the wooly walls will quickly show you what kind of color to expect. The optional buy and sell signs will do the rest.

    Woolmart shop signs

    But wait.... There's more! If you place your order now they'll be able to provide you access to a free sheep for shearing! That's right! Free access to some beautiful and lovely cuddly creatures which are just waiting for you to treat them to a nice time and relief them of all their warm clothing :)

    Erm, I think I'll leave that story angle right there :D

    More seriously: Remember those wooly pads with a pressure plate on them from the first picture? What do you think happens if you step on one of them? Well... This:

    Sheep everywhere!

    There are a lot of sheep here. And if you look closely in the (far) background you'll see a wall with all different wool colors on it. That's not just a rainbow colored wall for decoration, that's a wall which can teleport you to another sheep pen if you're looking for wool in other colors too. All you need to do is bring your shears along with you:

    The sheep shearder is here ;)

    And the wool you get from this? Well, as said before.. Either you quickly store it and use it yourself, or you can also chose to go back upstairs and sell your spoils to one of the many sell signs. That eventually helps the Woolmart to keep going. I heard from a very reliable source that:

    "WoolMart was created to be a public service rather than a "monopoly" of players' money. The shop is player-run, meaning that I put very little wool into the shop, and the stock usually depends on the players."

    There you have it, straight from the sheep's, err: horses. Errr: builders mouth! (I so couldn't resist that one :D).

    So if you're in need for wool (which redstoner doesn't from time to time?) and you're looking for a quick and easy place to get it then keep WoolMart in mind. Shear those sheep, get or sell that wool but... Don't forget to hit those sell signs too from time to time. Even if you only do so as a means off showing some appreciation.

    This is one special store!
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  19. Nice review! I hope you'll be doing more again.
    I like how such a specialty-based shop has gotten so successful. Seems like it's all organised greatly.
  20. Some shops don't exist anymore :(

    ill sent u a list.
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