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  1. Shop listing brought to you by

    Welcome to the Shop Listing-Support Small Shops thread! This thread and my goal are to collect a list of well built, fairly priced, small shops and new malls all across the Empire. Below you will find the criteria as well as how to submit your shop or someone else's shop that you would like to see grow and prosper.


    Small Shops and New Malls help stimulate the economy of each individual SMP by helping set the prices and provide supplies to the other members of their community. This list is to bring all of those shops and malls together, as well as help new and old members create something great for their server and help them get a better financial standing in the community. During the listing process I look over the pricing of the items in the shop, no shop on this list will ever have over priced items. Donors and myself provide funding for shops and malls just starting up to make sure they have everything they need to be successful.

    Temporarily Closed/Under Construction

    How to be Listed

    Message me on the forum, or reply below with the following filled out.

    Shop/Mall Name:
    Residence Number:
    Specialist/Mini-Mart/Mall (Explain Below):
    How old is your shop/mall?
    Have you checked prices on Empire Prices?

    Rules and Regulations

    • Your shop may not be too over priced, check Empire Prices for updated prices.
    • If you decide to become a Mall or Mega Mall, let me know so you may be removed from the list.
    • Specialist are considered shops that only sell one or two specific types of items, and/or take orders from players.
    • Mini-Marts sell a variety of different items, not just a few specific categories.
    • If you go inactive, please let me know so I can specify that next to your listing.
    • If you would like a special message next to your listing, message me.
    • Small Shops listed in yellow, new malls listed in blue.
    Request Funding

    Need funding for your new shop or mall? Message Nccoryg! With a good enough reason, you can receive up to 100,000 Rupees in funding. Fill out the form below in a conversation with me to request funding for your shop/mall.
    Shop/Mall Name:
    Time on EMC (Days):


    • Only shops who have been listed on this thread for a week+ may request funding
    • Funding may only be used for your shop, if I find you have done otherwise with it, you will be removed from the list
    • If you have left over funds send them back to Nccoryg

    #2112-Kytula's TreeTop Shop- Natural Shop, Decent Prices

    #3544-The ShellShop
    #4390-The 4390 Mega Mall

    #7236- LtCaptainMe's Shop
    #6576- The Everything Res
    #7607- Tacolover567's Shop

    #9272- SkareCboi's Mini-Mart
    #8366- Ender Promo Shop/Mini-Mart
    #8824- HKRo's Little Shop of Things
    #9397-The Redstone Shop

    #10225- The Wooden Fortress
    #11390- gunthro's Discount Shop
    #11863- Mo-Fresh Farm, a fun place to shop and great pricing on food and produce.

    #12308- Welcome to Chalkpanda's Mini-Mall! Fresh produce and items sold at the best prices!

    #14341- blazedeath8's Shop
    #15167- Medieval Market
    #15298- Very good prices, well built.

    #15171- LuigiShop

    #16337-Mr Klink's Wood Shop

    #16426-RD's Potion Shop
    #17462-Blood & Love

  2. I don't think Mini-Malls are allowed right? :p
  3. I would have to check it out. :D
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  4. Lisa_Khoel

    SMP # 5

    Res # 11863

    We are a Farm Shop - Food, Animals, Plants and more

    We opened the shop on 1/8/2015
  5. Name of the Shop: The Wooden Fortress (The shop was originally made of nothing but oak planks)
    SMP: smp5
    Res #: 10225
    Age: 1 1/2 years
    I carry everyday needs such as wood and food. I also carry potions and spawn eggs, along with sand, glass, cactus, cobblestone. It's a long list of stuff that I'm not going to throw it all into one reply xD.
  6. JaniceTheDorito
    Smp 7
    We sell Building Blocks, Food, Banners, and are about to start selling some farming items. (Is this too big of a shop?)
    Opened July 1st 2015, Renovated August 3rd 2015
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  7. You are currently 2nd on the waiting list.
    You are currently 3rd on the waiting list.
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  8. All request registered.
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  9. 14599 will be opened soon, with the best prices on EMC :D
  10. Chalkpanda's Mini-Mall updated
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  11. Server: smp5
    Res: 11390
    Type: Mini-Mart
    Age: Probably about 200 days old
  12. SMP3! come on down to my everything res(sort of kind of a mall), there is literally everything! from villager trading to live events to FREE sheep shearing, me and my employees make the best of what we serve! RES: 6576

    don't forget, if you need anything, visit /v 0blakestar0 OR /v 6576

    have a good one! ;) -Blake
  13. Both have been listed.
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  14. Server: smp4
    Res: 9272
    Type: Mini-Mart/Obsidian Xchange/Sugar Cane/Paper
    Age: Since I joined EMC
  15. Name: Tacolover567
    SMP: Smp3
    Residence Number: 7607
    How old is your shop: Recently built on the 3rd of August 2015
  16. Name of shop: Medieval Market
    SMP: 7
    Residence Number: 15167
    Specialist or Mini-Mart (Explain Below): Mini Mart
    How "old" is your shop? About 50 days
  17. I will be reviewing the newest listings tomorrow morning.
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  18. Bump, sorry for not getting to these today, first thing on my list tomorrow.
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  19. Name: All-American Mini-Mart.
    SMP: Smp3
    Residence Number: 6279
    Mini-Mart- I sell a small variety of items but plan to sell more once i get more business.
    As of now it is about a week old.
  20. I wish I had a small shop :(