PvP Arenas

Feb 7, 2017
PvP Arenas
  • The PvP Arenas consist of twelve regular arenas and four other fair PvP arenas available for PvP battles. The PvP Arena can be accessed by typing in the command /pvp in-game on any server.

    Groups have a /group pvp command, which toggles team-attack while in the PvP Arenas.


    When players wish to PvP, they will simply need to right-click one of the signs near the entrance of the PvP arena to teleport to one of the available spawn locations. Applying to both fair and regular PvP, death within the PvP arenas will result in a 30-second timer starting that you must wait out to be able to rejoin any of the arenas. Teleporting out of any arena at any given time will start a 60-second timer that you will have to wait out to be able to rejoin the arenas. If you are in an arena and have not been hit or attacked in the past 15 seconds, PvP timers no longer take effect, so you can teleport or die naturally and be able to immediately re-enter an arena.

    There are four floors to the arenas. Players can travel between the floors by using staircases or by using the teleport signs next to the staircases.

    Items and armor do not take durability damage, and you will not drop these items when you die. Arrows, potions, and other consumables will be consumed after use.

    You are able to purchase quality-enchanted armor and weapons at the PvP arenas.

    PvP Arenas(top)

    The PvP arenas consist of three floors of regular arenas, and one floor of fair arenas - a total of 16 arenas, each one unique in play style and design.

    Floor 1
    Blue Arena - "Shipwrecked" (designed by Luckygreenbird)
    Black Arena - "Frustration" (designed by Uber_Corq)
    Red Arena - "Dinner is Served" (designed by ItsMeMatheus)
    Purple Arena - "Under Siege" (designed by BurgerKnight)

    Floor 2
    Cyan Arena - "Feral Ruins" (designed by crystaldragon13)
    Light Gray Arena - "A Bug's Life" (designed by Eviltoade): 20% static damage (not fair)
    Orange Arena - "Boom Town" (designed by Blackstone71)
    Magenta Arena - "Aikar's Inferno" (designed by Aikar): 10% static damage (not fair)

    Floor 3
    Light Blue Arena - "The Deep" (designed by Uber_Corq)
    White Arena - "Operation: Arctic Storm" (designed by Uber_Corq)
    Yellow Arena - "Indecision" (designed by Uber_Corq)
    Pink Arena - "Sky Islands" (designed by Uber_Corq)

    Fair PvP Arenas(top)

    Fair PvP arenas are different from the regular ones. When you join a fair PvP arena, you will not be able to have any buffs. All weapons deal the same amount of damage, independent of their enchantments. You are able to consume food, but arrows are not consumable. You can also block attacks in fair PvP, reducing damage by 50%.

    There are four fair PvP arenas, and each one has different static damage levels (that means all weapons do the same damage). The fair PvP arenas and their static damage levels are listed below:

    Lime Arena - "Playground" (designed by Dramanya): 20% static damage (2 hearts)
    Brown Arena - "Block Fort" (designed by Uber_Corq): 15% static damage (1.5 hearts)
    Green Arena - "Labyrinth" (designed by Uber_Corq): 10% static damage (1 heart)
    Gray Arena - "Vertigo" (designed by Uber_Corq): 5% static damage (1/2 heart)

    Player Heads(top)

    The PvP arenas are a great way to get other players' Heads. When killed, a player has a 15% chance of giving their head to the player who killed them, provided both players have both the [Drop Head] and [PvP Drop Head] Player Settings enabled. If the killer does not have their Head Drop setting on, but the player who was killed does, the head has a chance of going to the slain player.

    Use the following Player Settings Commands to toggle head drops. Both settings have to be set to "on" for Heads to drop.
    • /ps set drophead on
    • /ps set pvpdrophead on


    Some official Empire events are occasionally hosted in the PvP arenas. These events include Staff vs. World, Kill That Chin, and the occasional Wacky Wild Wednesdays events.

    View theEvent Hub for a schedule of events.


    Despite the addition of these arenas, players are reminded that PvP outside of the arenas is still against the rules. Any PvP-related actions outside of the arenas will result in an in-game punishment.

    Take part in events on EMC, host one yourself or visit a special Empire residence.

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