That moment when....

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  1. I am falsely accused!

    (great going Aya, keep him distracted from that auction! :D)
  2. find unused smilies on the EMC forums!
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  3. Huh, I knew about those (although alien, devilish, geek, giggle, poop and sleep don't seem familiar to me), but I didn't think they'd be on the EMC website! As I said on Discord, I was under the impression that they got added in a paid update to XenForo. It is very hard to find info on this emoticon set, though. It always has been, and now that XenForo has yet another (totally different, larger sized) emoticon set it seems unrealistic to find useful information. :p
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  4. How did you find these amusing smilies?? o.(o)
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  5. This needs to be bumped. :)

    That moment when you realize paying someone 75K an hour maybe isn't the best idea...
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  6. turki drop a slicer
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  7. You watch a video by a relativly large youtuber that litterally does not have any vieuws jet;

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  8. And then you go to the comments section and look at the likes/dislikes... 24 likes, 8 comments, 0 views is quite common in my experience (or somewhere near there)
  9. One like by me, no comments. I should have included that, though this is also the first time I am seeing "no vieuws," I check youtube once a day at most, the chances of something like this happening to me are small. :p
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  10. I've never seen this happen!

  11. Wasn't sure whether this should go here or into The Struggle is Real. :p
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