That moment when....

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  1. ... you're blasting through the Wild on your really fast horse and end up falling in a lava pit that you didn't see until too late.

    share yours
  2. That moment when you realize you forgot to study for the test O_O

    (I have 100+ more lol)
  3. That moment when you're mining and you mine under a lava pit.
  4. that moment you are running near your wildbase that you think noone else has been to and you just so happen to run over a 1 block hole all the way to bedrock
  5. That moment when you are reading and you realize it is already 5 AM
  6. Correction: Playing Empire
  7. that moment when you build a giant mall that costed 1 million rupees and hold a grief party the next day, ( ori! )
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  8. .. when you just finish 3 hours of work then realize it needs to be shifted by 1 block. :mad:
  9. That moment when you have no moment to share :p
  10. That moment when you're listening to Taylor Swift, Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys while reading Akinwale Arobieke (a bodybuilder who has been convicted of three crimes, is the boogeyman of Liverpool, and is also banned from said city :p) Wikipedia page at 4AM.

    I'm tired, this post makes no sense.

    That moment when you find this picture and laugh your head off while everyone else is asleep.
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  11. That moment when you realize you are building a utopia mall when its made of quartz, abd yes i am building a utopia mall. #5424. Still building! Check it out!
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  12. That moment when you are running through the waste and nearly fall into a ravine. Then as your looking at the bottom of the ravine and feeling thankful that you didn't die, you accidentally fall in.
  13. See? threads like these are a prime example why I keep coming back. And although my contrib thingie doesn't show it: why I also keep supporting (in the same color, how fitting). Alas; having that rant out of the way.

    I see where you're coming from WKramer!

    And I need to laugh when I read that (no offense! , not directed at you but at my own "brilliance"). The main difference is that I wasn't blasting using a horse, worse: I was walking out of a mine and looking at an opposite structure wondering "that lighting looks cool, where could it come from?", and 10 seconds later I found out :)
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  14. That moment when you try to open your inventory...and instead drop your enchanted pick into a lava pit. (wrong key)
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  16. That moment when you're climbing the invisible stairs above the PVP arena and slip and make a mistake and fall all the way back to the bottom
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  17. That moment when a random guy falls into your nether rail while you're still building it.
  18. That moment that you realise that statue you're making of yourself might be too big, when you fall off the arm and it takes 12 seconds to hit the ground.
  19. - That moment when you are starting a build in the nether and a ghast spawns and knocks you off into lava...

    - That moment when you are doing the same at y200+ in the wild and you forget you aren't holding the shift key.

    - That moment when you go after an enraged creeper and realize that you don't have your sword that has knockback.

    - That moment when you are fixing an iron farm and kill a villager right as a golem spawns on top of you.
  20. When you're mining and you tell yourself you're not going to die this time right before you fall in lava.