[Suggestion] Rupee Paying On Site

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  1. You should be allowed to send rupees on the EMC site. The payment option should be under rupee balance, rupee history, profile.
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  2. Would be very useful +1
  3. I suggest we make a separate sticky thread to tell people not to suggest this, like really how many times has this happened..
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  4. This would be useful, its hopefully going to happen in the future because its been suggested over 9000 times...
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  5. This has been suggested approximately 1 million times before.
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  6. Would be great if it was added! :D +1
  7. I literally was just about to post a thread with the same idea! :p
  8. I know you've heard this several times, but I want to make sure you know how to find already suggested items. First go to this thread:
    Then look through to find the category or categories that your suggestion would fall under. Notice that this suggestion is under the Economy section.

    Thank you. Again, sorry to be repetitive, but I just want to make sure you know how to check in the future. :)
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  9. And what if someone hacks into your EMC account... They get into your rupees, and you lose all of them...
  10. Well, theoretically this could happen with your Minecraft account, too. :p But I guess it could heighten the risk a teensy bit.
  11. The EMC site is probably more secure than the server, so it just depends on your password.
  12. I helped explain why it wouldn't be so on the sites - in the other threads too

    Most websites have auto-fills ... all someone has to do is go to a computer or device you were last on...start typing a name... auto fill is like 'hey - is this you?' - bam, log in - type rupees to another account...rupees transfer (no way to tell if it was someone else - as the account itself transferred it) and that would be the end of it...

    There could possibly be a password verification (but in password verification is the same as normal passwords - and can possibly be detected by an auto fill as well)

    ... you could have a button system with - custom pins, and the placement of the buttons randomize each time... that way it isn't a manual-typing fill system... instead being, moreover, secure and a secondary password system (unrelated to the auto-fill)
  13. Could be like a PIN or security question if IP is different.
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  14. Oh, I was meaning it would pop up every time you try to pay someone - on any device... so that way if someone logs in... to your account - they might not know the pin... so that way if they get it wrong ... they only have a few more chances until it locks out - that way being moreover secure than just being strictly open to typing and sending rupees.
  15. Did not know it had been suggested didn't see it sorry.:oops:
  16. I am pretty sure it is on the tracker somewhere.
  17. If someone transferred the rupees all you would do is check your rupees log...
  18. I think this is just so you can transfer rupees when you don't have access to your computer. There is always minechat though