Speedrunning Thread

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Do you like speedrunning?

Yes! 16 vote(s) 53.3%
No! 2 vote(s) 6.7%
Only to watch 12 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. Do you do speedrunning? Otherwise I don't see how this is relevant. :p
  2. What would be relevant is a link to their YouTube channel. It's not anywhere on their profile page either.
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  3. Big City Bunny speedrun in 6:25
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  4. 8:30 for the Easter event.

    - I have never done a speedrun before for anything, ever
    - I used a cheaty method (minimap)
    - I have not watched Mirror's speedrun so therefore I don't know the methods to use
    - I had to do the death course twice
    - The time is the timestamp on my music player, so it may not be precise
    Music is Daybreaker's 2907.
    Those all being said, here y'all go.
  5. For what it's worth, I got it down to 7:22. :p

    Audio got claimed by YouTube, so sorry for the silence.
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  6. Halloween 2021, anyone?
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  7. After combining my route with some of waffles: 5:32
  8. Those parkour shortcuts are getting impressive--EMC speedrunners are legit!
  9. Bunny Corp in 5:11, first run where I didn't get lost in the spore maze.

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  10. Got 8m55s including load time, switching SMPs and /get mail at the end.
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  11. Do you all know Summoning Salt? His videos are very long, but very well-made. He doesn't upload often, but you'll have a big backlog to catch up on if you haven't been following him. In my experience, videos on games you don't know are interesting as well as videos of games you do know.
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  12. You already know I gotta bump the speedrunning thread
  13. This year's St. Patrick's Day event was really hard to speedrun!

  14. Nice job Triphora! I'm glad that EMC players are keeping this trend alive! :D
  15. If the rules would require you to start time at the title screen, I highly doubt that it would be allowed to use a modified client that requires less clicks on the title screen. :p