Speedrunning Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by jewel_king, Sep 2, 2020.


Do you like speedrunning?

Yes! 18 vote(s) 50.0%
No! 2 vote(s) 5.6%
Only to watch 16 vote(s) 44.4%
  1. Heya!
    As some of you know I enjoy speedrunning, and im sure there is others on EMC who do as well
    Feel free to post about EMC, MC or any other games speedruns here

    Il start this off with my current best time on the Parkour Spiral V2
    In this run I do not use slime glitches, which is a common way to cut time off in this map,
    Any shortcuts are allowed
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  2. Wow that’s quite impressive
  3. That is incredible!! I feel dizzy now.
  4. Impressive, How many times have you ran that? :D
  5. I started running it 3.5 or so days ago, ive finished it 20 or so time. 99% of runs I restart before getting to the end cause my time isnt where i want it to be, So times ive stepped on the pressure plate to start my time.... couple thousand maybe? I haven't counted honestly
  6. wonder if this would fit on a 60x60 residence
  7. I like watching Dream speedrun, too bad he's been taking a break from it.
  8. Anyone who is good at speedrunning already has my respect. The amount of effort that goes on into getting the perfect run, or even an acceptable one, is just mind-blowing. (Don't get me started on TAS.)
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  9. This is amazing Jewel! Your runs are so smooth. A true God of parkour, and Minecraft for that matter! Keep it up!
  10. o_o I was very surprised to see this thread on EMC! I did not think anyone on EMC was interested in speedrunning besides myself, and certainly not you. :p
    Did you watch SGDQ2020?
  11. rofl, good to know there is at least 1 other person here who does :p
    I didn't watch it, for the most part I have just been doing MC parkour speedruns and EMC Events

    What do you speedrun?
  12. Nothing, I voted 'Only to watch'. ;) I did route three obscure games, of which I was the first to submit a run for the first two, both of which were beaten later by others, and of which I have the world record for the third one (but nobody has run it since I did, even though several people ran it before).
    But Joy alluded to TASes, and I think that would be something I'd be interested in... I like coming up with tricks to use, but I don't like grinding runs to very slowly get better. I want to accomplish things at a regular rate. ;)
  13. Yay! Don't want to know how many attempts this took :rolleyes:
  14. Wowsers. I am truly... undoubtedly... impressed.
    Well done Jewel!!!

    Next project: Building that onto a residence :eek::rofl: :lmao:
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  15. I am currently the world record holder for any% speedrun of a very obscure game I love. Night of the Full Moon. While it's not much competition, feels good to be a world record holder somehow :p
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  16. That's cool! It's quite a new game, I see. And short too! Or is that because of big skips, intended or unintended?
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  17. He makes it look easy! ;)
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  18. l i t e m a t i c a
  19. It's "new" I guess compared to some, I've played it for years. It's very short, if you know what you're doing and the optimal strategy to win. Most likely not meant to be turbo'd through it, since it's a card-based strategy game, but some strategies are literally brainless.
  20. New map! This one is Alooooot longer. This time can definitely be improved but as each run is over an hour i was only able to do 4 full runs today