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How many video games do you reckon you've beaten?

None. 1 vote(s) 2.6%
One to ten. 10 vote(s) 26.3%
Ten to twenty-five. 9 vote(s) 23.7%
Twenty-five to fifty. 7 vote(s) 18.4%
Fifty to a hundred. 6 vote(s) 15.8%
Over a hundred. 5 vote(s) 13.2%
  1. Hi, it's me again!

    This is intended as a thread to post in on occasion (no matter whether the red text is there). In fact, I have been wanting to create this thread for a while, but I didn't want to actually do it until I had a nice achievement to start it off with. ;)
    Sometimes you overcome a big obstacle in a game, and this thread is for sharing such moments with others. :) Initially I was intending to restrict posts to "I beat [some game]". However, I think it would be more interesting if we kept it broader: got past a really difficult point? Set a new world record? 100%ed a game? It can all be posted here. :D
    For now I will only put two restrictions on posts:
    One, you can only post about achievements as they've happened, not about old ones. That means this thread might not receive posts for several months, but I hope people will remember it for when they do have an achievement! If you forgot to post right when you got it but remember when someone else posts in the thread, feel free to post it anyway. That's what I often do in the bookworm thread. ;)
    Two, you can't post too many achievements for the same game. I'd put the maximum at 5, probably, although for most games 3 already seems more than desired. That means that if you only play Minecraft, you might be done with this thread quick. :p But you can also congratulate others on their achievements, of course! :)

    Now for the achievement I'm starting the thread off with:
    I beat the Special Cup in Super Mario Kart!!! A few weeks ago, I unlocked it, which was also something I'd never been able to do. However, I didn't think that was a big enough achievement, especially as another would hopefully be coming up... and yes, I was able to do it. :) The main trick: don't try to win on Rainbow Road, just try not to fall off and get 4th place. ;) For this to work, your rival must have gotten something other than second place (not first place, of course :rolleyes:) on at least one of the other tracks. If you get third on Rainbow Road and first on all others, you win the cup no matter how your rival places. :)
    A photograph of your achievement is by no means necessary, but very welcome. Apparently I managed to save a recording of the final lap of my winning Rainbow Road run. I thought I was going to start recording to record the winning jingle or something, but apparently if you save a video it saves the last 30 seconds instead. Very cool!

  2. I chose 10 - 25, mainly since it's hard for me to remember all the games I played when I was 4 years old with my Gameboy Color.
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  3. That might be the more realistic estimate for me too. 25 is a lot! But if I haven't reached 25 yet, I probably will. :p
  4. This might be the incentive I need to finish one of my grinds! This thread will be kept updated with that eventual achievement!
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  5. In Minecraft or another game? Maybe shiny hunting in Pokémon? :p
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  6. Today, after a bit under 7 hours of gameplay (spread over a few months :p), I beat Pilotwings!
    Here is the end of my nicest achievement near the end of the game. :p

    The other disciplines I didn't do so flawlessly. ;)
    But it was good enough!

    This game is amazing, one of the best games I've ever played. I would only recommend it to hardcore gamers, though, as it is extremely difficult!
    I do quite like that there are four disciplines per lesson, and you have to get a certain combined score. If you do fairly poorly on one, you can make up for it by doing very well on the three others. This system means you don't have to do anything perfectly (with four pretty good performances you will get enough points), and it also means that you do have to actually get good at things, as you cannot just try a discipline until you get it and then move on to the next; when you fail to reach the necessary amount of points you have to redo all four!
    But yeah, a very good game, very satisfying when you do pull it off. :) And complimenting the gameplay, the graphics and music are amazing too, as you should be able to tell from the short video above (in case you're confused about everything being blue: the last lesson takes place at night :p).
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  7. I don't know if this is technically considered a "video game achievement", as I'm using emulation to complete a specific task rather than play the game through itself.

    The GBA, unlike the GBC, has all different kinds of audio tables and headers for the sequenced audio. When I work on music, it's easier that I hear it one channel at a time. I use the memory editor and search for what appears to be instrument and channel information. (Long story short, and to save people a book of text haha, I look for hex values changing in accordance to what I hear.)

    Recently I just found out the format of a game that I wanted to re-create the music from and recorded the individual channels to separate .wav files! It was pretty tough, since most of the memory is filled with garbage that is useless for this specific task, but I was finally able to achieve what I wanted!! ^^
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  8. Wow, that's amazing! Very cool, good job!
    I'd say it's a technology achievement rather than a game achievement, but this is probably the most fitting thread for it. ;)
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  9. Thanks 607, I really appreciate your kind words. :D

  10. I've only 100% 13 games on steam so far. I haven't really been trying to grind any achievements lately.
    Games that I've beaten but are not included because I haven't gotten all the achievements yet or they don't have any for Steam:
    - GTA V
    - Raft
    - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
    - Enderal: Forgotten Stories
    - Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
    - Borderlands
    - Bastion
    - Saints Row 3 and 4
    - Portal (1 but not 2)
    - Virginia

    My favorites among the ones that I have gotten all of the achievements include:
    - Sunset Overdrive
    - Skyrim
    - Valley
    - GRIS
    - Life is Strange
    - Slime Rancher

    I love video games but I don't have the capacity to commit to them and play new ones, so I find myself playing the same ones over and over again

    (If y'all have a Steam and want to add me, my friend code is: 201130304 )
  11. Hi,
    Ive beaten
    Nintendo switch -splatoon
    nintendo switch - Zelda breath of the wild
    Nintendo switch - Mario oddesy
    ps3 - call of duty something
    Minecraft 15 thousand times
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  12. All recently? :p
    ;) But I suppose your post is interesting in response to the poll. :)
  13. I don't think I will ever have something to share in the way you described we should, so I'll just post all and recommend a game along the way :p

    I've beaten Minecraft and Assasin's Creed Unity, when it was free to play on steam.

    Appart from that, I don't think I've compleated, or played for that matter, too many video games. Pathologic maybe? I don't feel like I've compleated that game, to be honest. I don't think you can. In pathologoc, there are only death states and bad endings. "You cannot save everyone" is it's catchphrase:

    It's a really dark game, with some of the most unsetteling aestethics and music (all of which written by Theodor Bastard) I find it absolutely amainzg, and even wrote a thread about it
  14. oop
  15. This it was back when i play cod with my group of friends. of course i am drmadfate :p. we would make it to be the last group alive on infected called of duty modern war fare 3.
  16. Here's three achievements in one!
    I decided to try to get 100,000 points in the Donkey Kong games for NES.
    I will not edit this into a video like I did with Super Mario Kart, but I will give a short summary of how it went, along with a bit of a review.

    Before I started this challenge, I had played a bit of each of the three games. After I got the idea for it, though, I wanted to tackle the games in order.
    So, first, time to beat Donkey Kong! This is the game I had played most before starting the challenge, and after not too many attempts I got to 70 thousand, then to 90 thousand points. However, at that point the game became so hard that it was very difficult to continue. Then, by accident, I found a glitch I could exploit!

    It looks like the game determines that you are jumping over a barrel simply by checking if you are on a certain pixel above it (but not too far above, or you would get points for barrels on lower girders). If you jump straight up when you are on the right pixel of a ladder and a barrels goes down it, that check will trigger repeatedly. Because of that, you get over 2000 points per barrel instead of 100. :)

    Using this glitch, I was able to get it easily! I also managed to beat the cycle of levels that I died at in my previous personal best. I considered that maybe I should try to get farther, later, as I noticed the game was still getting harder and harder, but it turned out that at this point, the game was drawing so many enemies that the sprites were glitching out!

    Yeah... time to stop. :p

    My review:
    The first stage of this game is the best stage in all of Donkey Kong (including the sequels), so that's good. I think the second is a bit annoying, but it's also quite easy if you know what to do. I like the third stage, but it can be very hard, and I was not able to earn a lot of points there.

    Onto Donkey Kong Jr.!
    I'd also got through all stages of this game before, but now that I was trying to maximise my points it suddenly became a lot harder. The first level is boring and can be tricky, and the second level has a shortcut using a spring that is extremely finicky, with some other parts of the level being finicky too. I'll edit a short compilation.

    At this point I was not having fun anymore, and I decided to look up a video of the game. I found a video of someone that got over 222000 points in a single playthrough. However, he did not maximise points, he just got through the game. I thought this wouldn't work, because I remembered the game becoming seemingly impossibly hard when nearing the 100k mark in Donkey Kong. But apparently that wasn't the case in Donkey Kong Jr.
    And in fact, when I stopped trying my best at level 1 and 2, and focused on getting through them (which included not attempting the shortcut in the second stage), I got to 100 thousand pretty easily. :) I did use one strategy to farm some extra points, but it was not very effective (I barely got more points out of it than I would get out of the time bonus).

    I have some more videos but I don't feel like sharing them; I think it's enough to say that in the end, the game did get very difficult, especially the first stage, but this happened after I reached my goal. :)

    My review: level 1 is pretty fun when trying to get through it, but boring when going for max points. Level 2 is a pain, and not fun. Level 3 is alright, and level 4 is pretty cool.

    And then the last game was Donkey Kong 3.
    This game, however, does not use the same engine as the previous two games, and it is actually a lot easier to earn points in it. This is illustrated by the player gaining an extra life at 20,000 points in Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr., but at 50,000 points in Donkey Kong 3 (this only happens once, not at every twenty thousand/fifty thousand).
    I got 100 thousand pretty quickly, and in fact got far over it. :p
    I'm sure I could get much more points if I tried, but I don't fancy doing so, as this game is more of an action game, rather than a platformer, and what I like about Donkey Kong is the platforming aspect. The game also seems rather easy, and yet it's very easy to die. I mean that most levels can be beaten very quickly if you just go for it. You can also get a powerup which makes it extremely quick, but after getting it it doesn't respawn until you die, so you can only use it four times per game. It does carry on to the next level, though, it just expires after a certain amount of time. In my 'winning playthrough' I lost two lives early on and used the powerup as soon as I could get it (I think you have to, actually, I don't think it's possible to save it for later), and I actually managed to beat quite some later levels without the powerup. That makes me think that now that I know how the enemies behave, I could beat quite a lot of levels. But I don't really feel like it. Because here's my review:
    This game does not feel at all like a Donkey Kong game, as it is not actually much of a platformer. It feels more like a Game & Watch game. The biggest problem is that the best way to beat levels is to just button mash while watching out a bit for enemies. There does not seem to be much strategy involved. Also, the powerup is OP, and lets you beat levels within a figurative instant until it runs out. The game's not much fun anyway, and the levels are quite similar, so it's boring too. What I do like is that the farther you get into the game, the more different enemies you'll see, whereas in the original two games, all enemies that exist in the game are present during the first run through the stages.
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  17. Super Mario Bros. 35 was released yesterday! I am pretty good at Mario games, so I thought I would be able to do pretty well in this game. A lot better than at Tetris 99, at least. :p
    It took me quite some time to get used to the controls, but after an hour I got 3 consecutive wins. :D
    I haven't got a screenshot of that, unfortunately, as I didn't know it was possible to see your performance history (and you can't see it very far back, so I cannot take it anymore).
    I am aiming to get better at the game, but other people will also get better and most noobs will probably either give up on the game or get better, so this feat might not be repeated. :p
    I thought it was quite an achievement, though! The last player standing out of 35 competitors for 3 games in a row!

    Edit: I was able to repeat it, once. ;) On Friday evening I had two consecutive wins and then quit as it was bedtime, and on Saturday morning I had two consecutive wins as well, which makes for four. :)

    I have not been able to get another streak of 3 since, though. The top players are already a lot better! I'm getting better too, but when I go all-in I am not consistent enough (my last game I got 15th, because I jumped into a pit early into the match :p). So I have to hold back a little, and count on my strategics to win the game. Because I've played the special round so often now, that I am quite the strategic, planning out when to go for coins and when for time, and what level to go to after 1-2! :cool:
  18. Remember when I said it was getting harder to get win streaks in Super Mario Bros. 35, but that I was getting better?
    Well, I did indeed... I watched Kosmic's videos for more knowledge on the game's levels, and discussed tactics in a Discord server about Super Mario Bros. 35. Moreover I just played a lot, and my skill has actually improved quite a bit. I'm still careful around platforming, as one mistake can be the end of your game and your streak, but I am able to take a lot more risks with enemies, by getting big bounce combos, for example, or by defeating Hammer Bros without use of the roulette.

    For those who don't play the game: every Friday morning, a special battle starts that lasts until Monday morning. In the regular mode (which is available all throughout the week), everyone can pick a level (of the levels that they've unlocked), and they are played in order of the players' rank (so that harder levels tend to be later in the queue). In the special mode however, there's a fixed set of levels, and depending on the special battle, these can be shuffled or always in the same order.
    This weekend's special battle had two things about it that were new: for the first time, it always started on the same level (on previous battles, even if the order was fixed, the starting level would be random), and for the first time, the player started as small Mario and with 0 coins.
    I loved this idea, and I also loved the level lineup! Fun courses, with lots of cool tricks to pull off, but no hard platforming. And no Lakitus. :p

    So I thought I might finally have a chance at getting a 10 streak. :) I lost my streak twice, though, the second time of which I rage quit, because it was because I jumped into a hole. I figured I wasn't going to get it anymore, but then came Sunday... :D
    One of the nice things about this special battle, and special battles in general, is that it's generally quite short. This particular battle is also not as exhausting as a regular battle, because the majority of the players die within 30 seconds (because of starting out bare-handed), which means there's a lot less going on on the screen.
    Because of this I was able to play 10 more matches, today.

    And by playing things safe and having a set strategy, I was able to win every single one of them. :D


    I'm really happy with this. :)
    I got rather good at this battle, so I think I might be able to keep it going for longer. But there's not much of a point to it, and it's ending tomorrow morning anyway. I also think that I will start going for high coin scores from now on. Because sometimes, in order to win, you need to use the item roulette a bunch of times at the end, which costs a whole lot of coins. I don't care about this, as I was going for wins, not coins. But many other top players do go for coins, so they are at a disadvantage against me, because they don't want to spam the roulette... and if they do win, they get very few coins out of me. :p
    Oh well, I'll see what I do! I should like to unlock the rest of the levels, first, as I'm missing a lot in the later worlds. :p

    Sorry for the long post! I just felt like writing this... even though nobody here might play this game. :p Although it does have a whole lot of players! Probably because it's free. :p
    I do have a lot of videos of the game as well, but I don't think there's one in particular that I'd like to share, here.

  19. I beat Atlantis: The Lost Empire. It is a platformer, which the GBA has a lot of, but it's pretty unique. It's not good, in my opinion, but it is bearable. The most interesting thing is that the main character runs super fast, and there's no option to just walk—you're either standing still or running at an insane speed (or speeding up, slowing down, jumping, falling, climbing... but you get the point). The game also has some other cool platforming, the most impressive one being the ability to hang onto some objects and build momentum by swinging your body (that is, the body of Milo) back and forth. It is a bit awkward to use well, though.
    It has 10 levels, some of which are pretty long, which makes them tricky to get through.

    As you can see, I did not 100% it. I am not intending to either.
    The issue is that you have to do the levels in order, and moreover, that lives lost, are lost forever. There is a password system, so you can continue from your password whenever you want, but if you start out the game, die twice on the first level, then beat it, you will have just 1 life on that password. I'm not fond of this decision, and realised it fairly late during my playthrough, at which point I had rather few lives to spare (there are some extra lives here and there so if I had quit to title whenever I knew how to beat a level, to beat it again without dying, I would have had a lot more for the later levels; not that that would have been of a lot of use, as I don't think there is any difficulty curve in this game).
    Oh well, it's certainly not one of the worst platformers I've played, and it was unique. :) If it had infinite lives I might have replayed it to get 100%. I have no idea how hard that would be, though. It is not unlikely that some collectables are hidden at places you can only get to by a blind jump. This game has quite some of those, which is rather bad if death is punished so harshly.