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How many video games do you reckon you've beaten?

None. 1 vote(s) 2.8%
One to ten. 10 vote(s) 27.8%
Ten to twenty-five. 8 vote(s) 22.2%
Twenty-five to fifty. 7 vote(s) 19.4%
Fifty to a hundred. 6 vote(s) 16.7%
Over a hundred. 4 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. I've finished these two games recently. Which brings my perfect games total up to 9 on Steam.

  2. Nice!
    The Newgrounds game looks quite unique.
    I was supposing Tengami to be a sequel to Okami, but it's not. I found that ookami is Japanese for 'wolf', but tengami doesn't seem to mean anything.
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  3. The Henry Stickmin game was quite fun to play through. I definitely recommend that people try it out!
    Tengami is not related to the game Okami. It's a 3D pop-up book style game where you control a man and do short puzzles. The graphics and music are great, but I found the story elements lacking.
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  4. In February, a European platformer got added to SNES Online. I love platformers of all kinds, but I hadn't played any European ones in a while. And this is one I had never even seen before! :D

    I beat it last week. :)

    Very fun! It took me 8 hours and 15 minutes. I used the Switch's save-state feature to save the game state between playing sessions, as it is very hard to save your game in the game. I got a full game over (you have 15 continues at the start) once, near to the end of the game. I didn't mind having to replay it though, as this time around I got a lot more of the secrets. :) 81% is quite good, I think!
    I might play the game again later, as I enjoyed it a lot. It is sometimes frustratingly hard, but it is really charming. I probably won't try too hard to 100% it though, as it is impossible to replay a level. If you miss something, you'll only know after finishing the level, and then you have to start over the entire game. :p
  5. In expectation of getting an N64 game and Rayman 3 on my birthday tomorrow, I decided to beat Rayman 2 a few days ago!
    I had got stuck in the second to last level a while ago, and while watching a speedrun at GDQ, got to know that it was the second to last level. By now I had fortunately forgotten anything I learnt from the speedrun, but I did have a written walkthrough to help me if I got stuck again. :)

    And I did it! :D

    This is quite an impressive game. It is rather challenging. I would recommend it to hardcore gamers. :) I am not intending to 100% it. I got a bit over 60% now, and collecting everything seems really hard in this game, and maybe tedious too. Let me know if you did it! :)
  6. a bit more than this. I definitely completed some games before getting steam

    bonus points to whomever recognizes all the games there :D
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  7. I just beat Dewy's Adventure!

    (The picture's not too interesting, but I wanted to share one :p)
    This is quite a good game! :) I got to know it because it has some tracks on its soundtrack that are, um... unique. Have a listen. Rainbow Smile.mp3 On, these tracks sometimes get requested ironically. :p

    I got curious though, and wanted to try the game! It's mostly motion controlled. It's a Wii game, and you hold the Wiimote horizontally. By tilting the Wiimote, the world is tilted, and the main character moves (some stage elements are also affected by this, but enemies aren't). You also use 1 and 2, 1 to attack and 2 to jump. You are a water droplet, but can also raise the temperature to change into a cloud (which lets you use lightning to stun enemies) or lower the temperature to change into ice. The temperature changes also (usually temporarily) change things in the stage.
    It's really a very sweet game! It is very charming. The worlds and the characters in it really have a lot of personality. The gameplay is fun too, although it can be rather finnicky.
    I am hoping to 100% the game, though! The object is getting an S rank on every stage and boss, and I'm already well on my way... I think. It's hard to gauge, as it is not improbable that the stages I've already got an S rank on are precisely the stages that it's easier to get an S rank on. :p All bosses seem very hard to get. For both the regular stages and the bosses, you need to complete the level within a certain (unspecified) time limit (and for the regular stages you also need to rescue all 100 'Eau'), but while the levels allow some leeway (especially in cases where I can find shortcuts :D), the bosses seem extremely tight. But I'll try to do it! :D I did find a guide on gamefaqs of someone who did it, which I can consult for advice if needed. :)
  8. aye! I love Guns of Icarus! I hate how dead the servers are but it's so much fun!
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  9. I beat E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial for Game Boy Advance.
    I have never played the Atari VCS version of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, but this one lives up to its name. It's really bad. xD
    There are 10 levels, and all of them are playable. The controls are very awkward though, and the levels are really boring, and often very long.
    But hey, I beat it! You can play it on different difficulties, but I'm not sure what I played it on. Normal, I guess? I'm not intending to replay it on Hard, or replay it at all in this time. :p