Rules Updates: August 11, 2018

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  1. Dear Community,

    As promised, over the last few weeks/months, we've researched and reviewed our current rules with the intention of finding where we might improve wording choices, as well as make some much needed changes.

    The following may seem like large changes, but we make these changes with the full intention of improving EMC in the long-run. It may take a small adjustment period, but we're confident the result will be worth it. Note that Staff won't be jumping to punish for some of these changes immediately because we know it takes some adjustment. All associated pages SHOULD have been updated, but if you find any discrepancies, please message me at

    Summary of changes:
    • Primary Rules Page (
      • Rewording of AFK to 'away' in #4
      • Removal of outdated information on smp6 PvP arenas to account for games server
      • Loosening of residence permission selling rules - now allowable and under same conditions of loaning or storage banks. You may participate at your own risk.
    • Auction Rules (
      • Complete overhaul of auctionable items list
        • Almost all items are auctionable in any quantity
        • Note: You may only have ONE auction active per account at a time. This has not changed.
      • New rule: No bumping auction threads.
      • New rule: No advertising auction threads in in-game chat, discord, or forum statuses.
    • Reverse Auction Rules (
      • Reverse auctionable items have NOT changed limitations.
      • New rule: No bumping reverse auction threads.
      • New rule: No advertising reverse auction threads in in-game chat, discord, or forum statuses.
    • Macros, Autoclickers, Keybinds, Etc (
      • Finalized rule limits, set forth by community discussion
        • No automatic clicking of any kind while account is 'away'
        • Definition of away listed fully as not able to respond within 3 minutes
        • No performing more than 1 immediate action per click
        • No automatic clicking faster than the set limit of 3 clicks per second.
        • No simultaneous interaction on multiple accounts, regardless of method used involving a modification of any sort.
        • Auto-spawn/respawn may be used as long as not away, and never due to a server disconnect.
  2. Are we allowed to advertise auctions with status updates?
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  3. No. I knew I was forgetting something. No statuses and no discord adverts.
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  4. What, why? I cannot wrap my head around why these rules were introduced. Just.. why?
  5. Wow! No bumping auction threads!
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  6. This will be gewd. Now I don't have to see auctions in the most recent threads constantly:)
  7. If a player is looking to participate in an auction, then they may find the auction forums with plenty to choose from. With the changes to the allowed quantities, there will undoubtedly be more auctions posted and the forums are far more than just auctions. The constant bumping of auction threads only serves to spam the Recently Active Threads section.

    The same thing goes for market chat in-game. Auctions are forum-based and with a constant advertisement spam of the Market chat with links to the forum auctions as is, with increased auction ability, measures were required to limit the spam of such channels, and subsequent degradation of intended use of in-game chat: in-game activty.
  8. Soooome of us don't know how to find an auction without it being in the side bar on the front page :(

    And I'm not sure when you're playing, but it's never "constant" spam :p
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  9. Then it's time to learn.
  10. I've spent 6 years trying to learn, it's beyond me.
  11. I think that's a great rule. It always annoyed me that you see some auctions always at the top that had been bid on to its fullest while recent auctions sink to the bottom unnoticed sometimes. It's better to see them in order or newest more so then most popular/ most bumped.
  12. I'll see what we can do about getting a shortcut up.
  13. I get it that it sorts the spam in the recent thread bar but as for the chat in the game... How is word going to go around if you don't check forums 24/7 in the Auction Thread section? I'm excluding myself here because I am on here more than I am in game. But that's really stretching it going as far as banning it from market chat because auctions are a part of the market.

    As for the rule on "Any Quantity can be auctioned" is absolutely ridiculous. It won't be me but someone will post 1 piece of dirt for 1r [FIRE SALE] on the auction block. The DC or SC rule (forgot what the limit was previously) was good and didn't need to be revised.

    2 cents here
  14. I dont know if you've seen it yet, but...
  15. That's fantastic, I just seen the recent Threads of those single block auctions lol
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  16. Nah I threw my hat into the ring with my single piece of gold ;)
  17. Ooooo ahahaha! Let these games begin!!! :D
  18. Once the novelty wears off, there won't be as many. Staff knew this would happen and we discussed it.
  19. Bumping auctions was one of the only ways to bring traction to an auction, barely anyone checks or wants to check the auctions section of the forums. If you don't want just auctions in the recent threads get people to make more threads, don't ban putting auctions in there entirely.

    People barely advertise auctions in game, the way you're talking about it makes it sound like the only thing that's ever said in chat is auction advertisements. They don't interfere with in game chat that often and can actually contribute to it.

    I'm sorry but this entire rule change just seems really, really awful. If you'd put longer time limits between bumps and advertisements with this logic I'd understand, but I just really, really don't understand banning them outright, at all. It doesn't make sense to me.
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  20. Only bumps are disallowed. The original post will appear in recent threads and every valid bid will as well. The bumps and adverts aren't necessary and if they are, the price is likely too high. We know it's going to take some adjustment, but players will learn to go to the auctions section to seek items in time.