Revived Skeleton Farm(s)

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  1. *These builds are owned by Forever Co. Any destruction will not be tolerated.

    After only a few weeks of development, I have two new public farms available for all you, monster spawner-based skeleton farms, one in a desert and another in a plains. Now, if you know me, I don't build not only for function, but also beauty!:cool:

    Like my last project, the slime farm, and for anymore in the future, I don't want to give away spoilers of the build. Instead, I'm limiting the relevance to localization instructions. Most of them are similar to how to go to my slime farm.

    The coordinates of my desert skeleton farm are -198, 70, 12815 (x, y, z). You may get there via either the Overworld or Nether. If you want to go to the other farm in the plains, head east of the desert one. You can get there via the underground minecart tunnel at the desert skeleton farm.

    It doesn't matter which farm you use as their efficiencies shouldn't be different, but each one serves users individually. Therefore, both farms will be running with at least one person within range of each of them.:cool:

    Overworld Route
    1.) Teleport to the Wilderness Frontier's South Outpost on SMP5.
    IMPORTANT: Before you start, make sure you personal difficulty setting is < 8 otherwise skeletons and other hostile mobs will be able to teleport to you essentially making the farm useless by friendliness. I would also not want to deal with creepers ruining the build because damage to my own structures I didn't cause can make me upset.;)

    2.) From there, proceed Southeast until you find a cobblestone road.

    3.) Follow this road until you find a large wooden structure at about 128, 12820 (x, z). The fenced areas inside it are for parking your horse (if you chose to travel with one).

    The staircase leading down takes you to my iron golem farm which isn't complete, and I won't finish until Mojang reworks the village mechanics that all iron golem farms relay on.

    4.) From around the wall, travel west (to your right from first encountering the wall) where you'll be approaching a desert. The skeleton farm is the desert temple over there!

    Nether Route
    1.) Teleport to the Wilderness Frontier's South Outpost on SMP5. From there, proceed Southeast until you find a cobblestone road where there's a Nether Portal.

    2.) Once you're in the Nether, climb the latter in the building you're inside of.

    3.) Follow the tunnel to a nether brick tunnel and travel through it. When you go down the stairs, there's a portal labeled as 'Revived Skeleton Farm' for its destination.

    4.) Travel through this portal, and you'll arrive at your destination!

  2. Whenever you say ByeForever I think you are leaving.

    Oh and thank you!
  3. I'm not leaving the empire permanently; I'll only be off-line for most of the afternoon before Mother's Day. My family prefers to have the special dinner the day before because restaurants get EXTREMELY busy on the Sunday!
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  4. Now i just need to be at 3 places at once :p
  5. Certainly have enough accounts.
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  6. not on empire, i only have 2 on empire.
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  7. I'll make sure to check it out later. I loved your work with the slime farm, so I'm sure I'll love this :)
  8. So is there even a spawner here?...
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  9. Yes; that's what the skeleton farm runs off of.
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  10. I couldn't find it.
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  11. Well, I'm sure Byeforever would like for it to be that way :)
  12. Meant the drop zone xD
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  13. Yeah finding the drop area is a bit confusing at first but once you find it you will feel blind lol. Just look around downstairs till you find the sugar cane and wheat farm.

    Great work again ByeForever! Should get a nether portal tunnel to bring you there in 1/8 the time, I'd help make it even. :)
  14. That could be done; the only problem is that I have to find the proper coordinates in the nether otherwise, going straight from entering the nether from a new portal will take me to a portal used for someone else's place.;)

    The other problem of the portals is that travels might not see the entire build. Usually, I would want visitors to see the exterior first then the interior.

    Finally, where do I start the hub near the southern wild frontier outpost? I mean, it looks like it's just a mess over there. . .
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  15. Well there is a big mountain right there, why not make a huge head and you go in the mouth to the portal!

    But yes I believe as long as you place the enter portal 36 blocks away from any other portal it will generate a new one in the nether. Get cords for enter, go in divide cords by 8 then go to those cords and rebuild a new portal. Destroy old and you have a perfect link from overworld to underworld. From there you just take your exit cords of choice divide by 8 and tunnel in the nether to those cords and make an exit portal with a portal on overworld already built before entering, so it guarantees a link to your portal of choice.

    Hopefully all of that makes sense, like I said happy to help with the project. But you can have your exit where ever you want, so you could back up a bit so when people exit they see the full build. Then just torch the whole area for a good distance on both sides so no mobs are a worry when walking up to it if it happens to be night.

    I helped Kyzoy with a similar project recently that involved 16000 rails or some madness. Though I believe any horse over 120 speed is faster then rails, so if you made the tunnel in nether at least 2x3 then people just take the horse out and get there super fast.

    Edit: While your at it you could also make a tunnel split off to your iron farm for whenever that is complete, that way you could just keep adding split offs to your personal nether tunnels to all your projects. :)
  16. What was happening when I traveling through the portal at my slime farm is that I was taken to a portal where Don, a road neighbor had linked to his wild base. Then when I took the portal back, I ended up in a cave near him which is what I don't want.
    I guess Nether Portals are just something that don't take much interest in Minecraft, but this does provide another method of transportation.:cool:
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  17. Yeah you have to link em yourself on online play. In single player it doesn't matter much because you typically only have 1 portal. But when it comes to portals they have a 'system' where they will first try to link to another portal close by, if non exists then it will try to find an open space near by to create one, if none found it will force one.

    As explained you pretty much need to get the right cords that match with your overworld portal and make a new portal there in the nether, then break and rebuild the original to get a perfect link to the one you want.
  18. Bump.
    I just finished another building exclusively for a nether portal. I'll likely have the portal running by tomorrow afternoon (EDT).:cool:
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  19. Let me know if you need/want help. :)
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  20. The Nether Portal to the skeleton farm is ready for use! Transportation instructions via the Nether are in the first post.:cool:
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