Frozen Slime Farm

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  1. *This build is owned by Forever Co. Any destruction will not be tolerated.

    Hello EMC! It's been a while since my last activity on the forums, but there's a reason to it: I've been busy preparing a slime farm in the wilderness frontier. After weeks of work, I have it finally finished for public use!

    Due to the internal impact of spoilers, I'm not posting an image of my slime farm. Instead, I'm providing instructions on how to get there. The coordinates to it are X: -140, Z: 13140.

    You can get there via the Overworld or Nether.

    *Moody brightness setting is recommened when exploring this build.

    Overworld Route
    1.) Teleport to the Wilderness Frontier's South Outpost on SMP5. From there, proceed Southeast until you find a cobblestone road.

    2.) Follow this road until you find a taiga. Then, travel east through it.

    3.) If you find a group of stone buildings, you have reached your destination!

    Nether Route
    1.) Teleport to the Wilderness Frontier's South Outpost on SMP5. From there, proceed Southeast until you find a cobblestone road where there's a Nether Portal.

    2.) Once you're in the Nether, climb the latter in the building you're inside of.
    3.) 3.) Follow the tunnel to a nether brick tunnel and travel through it. When you go down the stairs, there's a portal labeled as 'Frozen Slime Farm' as its destination.

    4.) Travel through the correctly labeled portal, and you'll reach your destination!

    I hope through keeping the glory of this slime farm and of any of my future builds until someone finds them will trigger more emotional moments for them!:)

  2. I'm on my way!
  3. Why did you list all that, then post the coordinates? You could have just listed the coordinates then headed straight there.
  4. Sorry about the incorrect order of info. I got it fixed now.
  5. Sorry but this bump is illegal (must be 6 hours from last post. 3 hours in an auction). Also do you mind if I bump the main forever co. page?
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  6. Heading out now!
  7. Wow, sounds awesome! :D
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  8. is the bulk storage with the lamp indicators where the slime balls go if it is on auto kill?
    EDIT: Affirmative: It is :)
  9. Also, could I snag one of these private storage slots?
  10. Sure.
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  11. Bump (done the proper way).:cool:
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  12. just made my way out there! awesome build! :D
  13. :/ something isnt very well lit in there creeper got me while i was reading the signs
  14. The grief is 'almost' fixed. All that there's missing is an acacia log.
  15. can somebody grab my stuff, i died out there?
  16. yall really gotta light that place better if you are gonna let people out there. too many places to creepers to spawn and sneak up on ya
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  17. Added 3 Slime Heads

    EDIT: And Afk'ed For A Good While
  18. They just want a hug :p
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  19. On my way to that place :)
  20. well, the zombie hugged me a little too hard.
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