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  1. Hello EMC; I'm back for another guide to help revolutionize your Minecraft builds: planning. When it comes to larger projects, there can be various consequences for the creator(s). To keep track of their progress and if they had implemented what they wanted to, they may use various references. These can be on paper, text documents, models, etc. I won't be able to cover every technique in this post just because on how many there are.

    Building Programs
    Like making a temporary list for shopping, a building program is a list of the key parts in your build. It doesn't have to be too specific like the size of windows or what furniture to use, but rather a guideline.

    Floor Plan
    A floor plan is a rough sketch of the shape your build and generally the structure of it as an overhead view. The different parts of it are labeled. They often have drawn out lines to show the walls for dividing the space.

    I understand if this is short for you, but it's like this way because everyone has their different method(s) to make plans.

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  2. This is good basic advise.

    I started minecraft maybe.. 8 months ago? Since then, I've strived to learn every aspect of the game, and I love building. I've learned to build every kind of farm/architecture I've seen/thought of. And continue learning new and better ways to do things all the time! The challenge now for me is how can I build everything in one place, make it look great, and easy to manage?

    I follow those basic steps. At least 50% of my project time from idea to completion is planning, before I place a single block.

    Stage 1: Planning
    - First I list all the farms and key aspects I want in the build
    - For each farm/aspect of the build, I list key requirements like: Size, spawning/growing/breeding requirements, environment (biome), and prioritise from most important to optional.
    - I write down any other restrictions/requirements I have EG. Time frame to complete, blocks available, space/size,
    - I write down the idea/look I want for the build (which entirely depends on location, use, theme, blocks I want to use).

    Stage 2: layout
    Using the listed requirements from stage 1, I decide on:
    - Location and size (what world, what biome, what size area, what height, etc)
    - Position key farms/aspects that MUST go in a particular place (like built around a spawner, or in a slime chunk)
    - Then begin placing other farms/aspects of the build around the unmovable farms/aspects in a way that gives the ideal, most efficient production, asthetics, useability.
    - Decide on what combination of blocks to use for what parts. (Often that simply comes down to "what do i have, or have easy access too?" - Because I hate OCD mining for stuff. :) - And utilising blocks aquired in the construction is also helpful. EG. Creating a slime farm, using stone/cobble mined to build/fill in walls etc.

    Stage 3: Build
    Prepare the area if required. Make it as safe as possible. (light it up, flatten it out, remove water/lava or other things that may be hazardous)
    Begin building... - Where to start depends on what I'm building.
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